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December 14, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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November 15, 1950
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Approved For ReleCso"F* TlAtDP82-0045.7R006200560007-9 CLASSIFICATION S /GOr ROL - U. S. OFFICIALS omx 25X1 A V` 1~ PPKITPAr l Tm7 16( 1 IPC Ar-%rMr v ? ! Dnt?T nin q INFORMATION RE-PORT CD NO. COUNTRY Ge ny (Russian Zon )This document is hereby regraded to DATE DISTR. 15 November 1950 CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the SUBJECT 8th Volkspolizei Be $ ie October 1978 from the 1 ec NO. OF PAGES 2 or of Central Intelligence to the in Dessau-Kochstedt Archivist of the United States. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. xt Review j;4;M IWO 25X1A 25X1 X NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1A 1, Prior to 10 September 1950 the 8th VP 13ereitschaft wa:s 1 a Dessau- Kochstedt VIII ,2,4 06) and commanded by Vi Rat ~aolk (fnu) . personnel of the Bereitschgft included VP Rat `>ehulz, (fnu), depiity commander and 1'K-Leit er; VP at Ichroeder (fnu), and VP Meister Kohlfeld (fnu), of the operations section; VP Rat Schroeder (fnu) and Konmiissar ;'ansch (fnu) in charge of radio training; VP- Lat Lorenz (fnu), in charge of it 'antr7,r train- ing- and Kommissar Jaschek (fnu), also of the training, section; VP Oberrat Vogt (fnu), SED secretary, and Kor..rmissar :dernor *"ark, FDJ secretary of the PK section; VP Rat Kuehn (inu), co!rr arriinl; officer of 1st Komi: ando; VP Oberkormmissar Sturm (fnu), commanding officer of the 2d Kor ando; VP ::at 1art-iny ('nu), commanding officer of the 3d Kor.7rmanclo. 2. The personnel of 3d Kcmnando included VP Rat Sensing (fnu),. deputy com-ran er and PK-Leiter; VP Komrlissar Schaefer (fnu), operations officer; VP Komi scar ltoetzner (fnu), director of training; VP '?eister Gottstein (fnu), supply chief; VP Komr:issar Reidomeister (fnu), commandin ; officer of 1st Abt ilung; Vr, I'eister Mueller. (fnu), deputy cor.r.?snder and F'K-Leiter of let Abteilung; VP ?,'eister Schmidt (fnu,, assistant commander of 1st hbteilung; VP Oborkerm- missar Iloppe (fnu), commanding officer of 2d Abtoilung; 'Iauptwachtnoister Lange (fnu), deputy commander and PK-Leiter of 2d Abteilung; VP Komrrissar .'iaja ( fnu , assistant cowander of 2d Abteilung; Kommissar 7.erwick (fnu) , command- ing officer of 3d ,ibteilun ;; Lfommisc3ar Lecker (fnu), do-,uty commander and PK-Loiter of 3d Abteilung; and Kommissar Fillbrich (fnu, asristan.t commander of 3d tibteilung. 3. The special radio course at the Sth Bereitschaft ended in mid-August 1950. ith the exception of 20 police, the graduates were reassigned to Dereitachafton in the Soviet Zone of Germany. 4. The 8t': E 1Bereitschaft was in communication pith the HV1t (;'ain Administration for Training) in Berlin by teletype but not by radio. 5. The new radio manual was seen for the first time in early September 1950. It al:p :eared to be almost identical with the German Ar> r manual and included directives of the Dcut: Cher Amateur ndodienst (German amateur radio trans- mi.ttin procedure) (DASD). ET/CONTROL - U . S. OFFICIALS OI!dLT Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560007-9 Approved For Rel 7,t00~910~60007-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1X 6. The reorganization of the 8th VP Bereitachaft in Dessau-Kochstedt started on 4 or 6 "eptember 1950. The unit was equipped with Soviet submachine guns on 18 September 1950. * 25X1A * Corarent, The Pith VP Bereitschaft (Radio) was repeatedly confirmed in t h e { a N Yasorne, Kochstedt, pprior to August 190. IT Raete Vaollc (fnu), Schroeder (fnu), (operations), Kuehn (fnu), and ";artiny (fnu), were 25X1 X mentioned in previous reports 11mever, VP Oberst i3rclmann . (fnu) was previously identified as commanding officer of the flere itschaft and VP Oberrat Dombrowsky (#: nu) as MX-Leiter. See 25X1A mCRRET-CONTiDL US OL' FICTAM ONLY Eta Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560007-9