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December 14, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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October 19, 1950
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4Ir1LLJ1g I Approved For Releas TOPIC RReii,forcdr nt and Alert of Grenzoolize1 Units EVALUATION see below PLACE OBTAINED 21A_. DATE OF CONTE. 25X1 A '')r-V-1A ""?~~` 19 October 1950 DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPARED REFERENCES 5X1 A PAGES REMARKS_ ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) fit is ocumen is e e r~gTWW--T0 CONFIDEN TiAL in accordance with the Director of Central Intelligence to the 25X1X 25X1X W 1. 25X1 A 25X1 A 25X1 A 2. itBflARY On it was learned from personnel of the Gronzpolizei unit in $arkersbach (N 511r. 46) that the f orrmr German Armed. Forces NCO school in ;truppen (N 51/iF 47) would be cleared of civilians to furnish accommodations for a Grenzpolizeikoraandantur to be established there on (1) On it was learned that the Greftzpoizei personnel in the Frankfurt/Oder (0 53/V 63) area was being reinforced. The Frankfurt/ Oder Grcnzpoli.zeikommandantur was located in the former building of the Regierungspraesidiun (administrative district headquarters) at l Koe bergerplatz. It was staffed by Oberpolizoirat '::eiske,.. (fnu)g: 28 years of age and a registered SND nether, and three Polizeiraote. :eiskko was rocontly appointed chief of the Kommandantur and thus became the superior of Polizeirat i3ahrow (fns), 40 years of age and a member of the S D., ho had )r?eviously headed the Gronzpolizei in that area. 33ahLrow was appointed chief of a Grenzpolizeikormaando. The rronzpolizcl 1-asos in the Frankfurt/Oder area., besides the KoY;mandantur in the city itself, were located in Finkonhoerd (0 53/V 62), Ziltendorf (0 53/V 72) and Fuereterr- berg (0 53/V 71). (2) 25X1 A 3. On it was learned that young girls in the Frankfurt/Oder area were recruited for the Volkspolizoi. They were to replace male VP personnel to be employed in special assiments. 25X1., b. It was learned on in Niesky (0 52/A 92) that,, coinciding with the cancellation of leaves for all civil employees of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) the xronzpolizeiabschnitt Suodost has been placed under category I alert$ effective (3) VP per- 25X1A sonnel in the Gersfold (L 51/H 50) area has also been placed under cato- ;ory I alert. 25X1X 5. since all VP personnel in Bernau (N 53/Z 96) have bean 25X1 A 25X1 A restricted to the post and have been alerted since (4) The mre subject-to a routine of 24 hours of precinct duty and 2 hours GLASS IFICATIC'\l :iF : T/C ~a1TR7l,/US r) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560009-7 CONfAD f NTIAL 25X1A ET/CONTROL'US OFFICIALS ONLY _ 25X1X W 6. 25X1A 25X1A 7. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X M 100 25X1A 25X1A iL 25X1A 12. 25X1A 13. 25X1 B 25X1 B at home but ready for duty in response to an alarm. According to an unofficial announcement,, the state of alert wa;; to last until 18 October 1950. VP personnel believed that the alert was in connection with the October 1950 elections. On it was learned that the Grenzpolizeikornndo in Gerstungen had been reinforced by 20 police, the Komiando in Lauch- roeda by 20 police and the Koranando in Abteroda (L 52/1159) by 9 police. The reinforcement had been ordered to prevent any atteriots on the part of "Jest Germany to influence the October elections in the DDi.L After VP personnel conducted major raids in all localities along the zonal border. This was also an effort to prevent any propaganda from .test Germarg Tbirty-six police who raided Grossensee at 1 a.m on arrested 28 persons and delivered them to the Gerstungen Kon1t andantur. The police also increased its control activity along the Obersuhl-Iierleshauwen autobahn since _ Six VP checkpoints were set up and tnanried by personnel of the 25X1A Koa: ndanturen in Lauchroeden and. Garstungen. Increased patrol, activit has also been observed along the zonal border since 25X1A The Grenzpolizeikomrr 3os in the i rka (L 51/H 66) area consisted of two to four 9 n Gruppen, the Kormnando in Gerstungen having three Ck uppen, that in Untorsuhl two, the one in Berka four? that in Abertoda four and that in Lauchroeden four. (5) The Landratsamt (building of the Kreis administration) on ittelstrassep Nauen (N 53/Z 45), was vacated in The building was later 25X1A occupied by 150 to 200 police who were said to have been recruits groin through a training course for assigxetrent to the Grcrizpolizei in Nauen. Three groups of 30 to 35 police each were observed almost daily marching out for field training. The police recruits carried model 9#3-K carbines while the training personnel were equipped with pistols, compasses and maps. One platoon ass recently.soen on bicycle; and with dogs. (6) In early it was learned that the two VP Kommarxla ituren in Gerstungen and Lauchroeden had each been reinforced by 20 police. The new personnel were detached from the Grenzpolizcibereitschaft in Sondors- hausen, on tho loaves of all VP personnel were cancelled. It was said that the ban on leaves would last until Lower- echelon personnel were told that the )rest nce of everyone was required to thwart any :','out German propa;anda efforts aimed at influencing the October 1950 elections in the DDIR. Police officers were barred from taking leave for an unspecified priod. All VP personnel on furlou h at that time were recalled. On the officers in charge of the Kornrnandos controlled by the Grenzpoli.zeibereitscha.ft in Gerrhach (L 511II 63) were surzoned to the Boreitschaft headquarters to report on the situation along, the zonal border and to be briefed on measures to be taken against :'lest German propagandists attempting to come to the DDR prior to the October 1950 elections. On a VP cal', a major and two senior lieutenants, riding in and a soviet colonel and two captains,, riding arrived at the VP Grenzkommax ntur in Gorstungen. All of 'icers left about 11 a.rn,, and went to the. Soviet kmewlatuM ,gesso. they stayed until. 12.-30 p.m. Si9& T COUTROL/U i OF ICIAL 3 ONLY CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560009-7 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560009-7 j ~ flttt,,,I~S 0 ?LY 3LT/C',T-2 7L,/U.,~ 3 25X1A 25X1A ~omments~. (1) The- unz s men Toned, probably belong to the Grenzbereitscl aft of Land Saxony in Pirna. (2) A arenzboroitschaft of Land Prandenbur, is known to be located in Frankfurt/Oder.. See - Koi! nd .wituren of this Gronzlx,-raitschaft are believed to be located in Finkenhoerd, :iltendorf and Fuerstenber,;. 25X1A (3) The VP unit in Niesky probably belongs to the Gronzbereitschaf t of Land Saxony in }iautzen. (4) The Grenzloolizei personnel in Bernau probably belong to the ld ng um Berlin Gronzbereitschaft in-Blumberg. (5) All, localities mentioned belong to the area controlled by ? the ~Grenzbereit- schaft of Lanrd That in ,a in Dermbaeh Se 25X1A jg . a (6) The Grenzooli zei personnel in Nauen probably belong to the Rira; urn Berlin Grorizbereitschaft in Falkensoe? (t1' ai 1r1 T,`, 0; SiXI, ,t1 /U~J: I:'1..lL/~{ f.' ~t.7 } ~i 1V1.'l. b.aJ !L Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200560009-7