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November 9, 2016
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April 30, 1999
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November 28, 1950
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:'3c> _ : ia/Ar Ant i.rie, 25X1A ACE. - a :QU RED N FO. (rd TO CIA LIBRARY DATE 01ST . 28 T, 0V 50 NO, OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPPLEMENT TO yLl 25X1X 1, Investigation in Argentina has failed to develop evidence of any unusual novement tourard the Bolivian border of f'ovim.iento Nacional Revolucionario 011R) exiles residing in Argentina, as they were reported 5X1 X 25X1X to be planning to do~* some 1 ex?.. es, er25X1X and identity unknown,, have returned to Bolivia from Chile and Uruguay as a result of the decree of general amnesty recently passed by the Bolivian Congress, 25X1X.: Approved For Re le TF9 . O iOBGPMI RCD; $'-00457 ~,. ,sew section to be built Uric? J. be called "Paso por Tarija." CONFIDENTIAL Argentine Bolivian 4 .elc tions Prior to 26 October 1950 Hernan Silos Zuazo,, proriinent MR exile, was arrested by the Argentine .police on 9 October 1950 e Carlos 25X1 X Thar wren, a leader of the an ._ Aron, anti United States and anti-Communist Argentine national ists, is ignored in Bolivian circles in Buenos Aires to :'cave been in contact recently with 12TR exiles in the Argentine capital. its Colonel Ignacio Saucedo, Military and Air Attache of the Bolivian &abassy In Buenos Aires, is reported to be on very good terms with the brother of .va & eron, Juan Duarte Incomin ordinary mail addressed to the Bolivian Embassy is still censored by Argentine authorities, and Bolivian newspapers are still not admitted to Argentina. This is done by order of the Argentine Minister of Interior the Yacimientos Petroleros Fiscales Bolivians (YHB) plans to invest more money in the oil fields of Camiri, Guayr y and Sanandi.t , 3olivia., in the near futrre, The Argentine ?overnment, through the Co i ion 3?'i.xta do Conexion Vial Argentino.Bolivja n ., wants to complete the construction of the railroad between Yactilba, Santa Cruz do In Sierra, Laid Sucre, Bolivia , as soon as possible. The Comision is also expediting plans for the construc- tion of the international highiwray, Rio Berme jo, to Tarija and. Potosi, The' "'' xee 25X1 A ITATE ARMY AiR ~Thhi Art doct^:e,jt is hereby regraried CON to FID}_i`F ir1Ai. in accordance with the letter of 10 Cctobcr 1973 from the Director of Central lneiii,ence to the Archivist of the Un:ted States. Next Review Date: 2003 Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006200700003-7