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December 14, 2016
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July 26, 2000
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December 12, 1950
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sI F+,~u.sa9'6iWiuJ9HE . Ta ,.,1 CL 'i ii.3> O F"IOL -~Lj CNlY 25X1A ved For Rele4rfE /Q L7ZLQX{ V7R006301 D3-S1O. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. 4 OU.NI Y Czechoslovakia SUBJECT New Developments for the Czechoslovak Air Force; Tfilit ry Airport, Brno--Linen PLACE 25X1A ACQUIRED 25X1X rV E OF 25X1A INFO. DATE DISTR.. NO. OF PAGES ,12 !XX 30 NO. OF ENCLS. 5 (7 pages) (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. New bombsights, which can also be used as gunsights, have recently been introduced into Czechoslovakia. These sights, of unusually great precision, are made by the Zeiss Works in Jena. Czech fighter planes are now eauitaped for use in close combat with new 20 mti and 37 mm guns which operate on the same basis as the rocket guns produced by the Germans during World War II. The rocket explodes after travelling a distance of about 400 yards and the 'resents in turn explode when they come In contact with a solid body or with other fragments. During the exploslor, y7.17ot smoke can be observed,, 2. About 600 single jet fighters have been delivered to the Uzeuaossuvax. aru as of May 1950. The planes -re being produced in the Eastern Zone of Geri y, probably mainly in the former Junkers factory in Dessau. The factory there was not damaged during the war and is said to employ about 126,000 workers The following three types of new planes have been observed at close range on the ground at the Brno-Linen airfield (P50/N40): a. Type "A" (See Attachment III) Improved heavy Messerschmitt fighter (Ms 262-"Sehwalbe"). This plane can be used as a light bomber. Engine 2 turbines and device for additional rockets. Wing span Length Maximum speed Maximum cruising altitude Fuel capacity b. Type "B" (See Attachment 1V) Maximum speed 'Maximum cruising altitude 17 in., 12 m. About 540 mph. About 26,000 ft.* Fuel for about 1 hour in the air. Two engines About 520 mph. About 30,000 ft, Ci..ASSIFICA T10N " TTCO."JTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY STATE jYj NAVY NSR13 OISTRIBUTIO4 ARMY ;f AIR # F61 ~ i. Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-0 1-1 - ecaument No. ____ __-____..___ Np Change In Class. Q [] Declassified Class. Changed Tot TS S Lt t tlOA na. are, Approved For Release 200 JOONTROL -- U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 9F X I A c. r:~rpe "C" (See Attachment V) Single--engine jet fighter Wing span About 11 in, Length About B in, Engine 1 jet engine with device for auxiliary rockets for starting and climbing, Maximum speed 750 mph. Maximum cruising altitude 429000 ft. The raw planes are flown mainly by Czechoslovak pilots and are painted a special blue-green color, the paint being similar to nitro-varnish (sic). As the weather changes from sunny to cloudy, the color also seems to change, thus .,mking it very difficult to sight the craft in the air. A number of theses planes are also located at the airfield at Vyskov 050,hh7l) and Olomouc (r5085). The > i1itary airport loc?z.ted at Brno-Linen nt present accoimodateaabout 70 planes In 9 hangars. f The aircraft are used for training purposes and 25X1 B for military air patrols. Facyl:.ties are at hand for repairing all types of aircraft now at the field? The a_'.rfield, although not equipped with runways,, is suitable for landings even after long rainy periods. New underground hangars for some 50 aircraft have been under construction since the beginning of 191+9 (see Attachment I), and this project is to be com+pl ted by the fall of 1.950. The hangars are supposed to be bomb-proof and p: a,nes will be taken in and out by elevators. Underground bomb-proof ga.sol _ne storage tanks with a capacity of 16..00 0 gallons are also being constructed. The construction is to be completed by duly 1950. Eight V L (sic) anti-aircraft guns and an observation tower with searchlights and r :.chine guns afford ,anti-aircraft defense for the field. Nine Vbsser:> 3c"mitt Me-109Fs and five Foci -WWuif F"bd 190s are available for patrols in the area of 01e ove and the Austrian border. At least two and generally three planes go into the air together daily. The Military Air School for elementary training is to all outward appearances under the command of the Czechoslovak military headquarters of the airport, but Soviet officers are the real directors. About 18 - 20 Soviet officers weariig Czechoslovak arrq uniforms with the rank of first lieutenant and higher act au instructors. There are about 20 Czechoslovak officers attached to the school. Training lasts from six to twelve months and one company of ebouxtt 20P men is trained at a tine,, Attachments: I - Nrno--Linen Airport, with keey~. 11 - Brno-L1sen Airport III .. Fighter Type A IV - Fighter Type B Fighter Type C Coment: The cruising ceiling of this plane is given on Attach nt III as 1200CO yards. ,I~N~ ~c:0' TNOL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006300350005-3