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December 1, 1950
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Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440601-7. mope (Soviet-Occupied and USSR) OB Situation of Soviet Ground ?;orce INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1A DATE DISTR? 1 December 1950 NO. OF PAGES S FIpENTIAL SON !0.OF ENCLS. o (A U8R) i_ISTED BELOW) R `UbNT SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. TU13 DOCUNewT CONTAINS IWP6F3~.ATtC APF8CT114 TI efATi06AL D815UR8 01* TIS8 UNITED STATSO wITNrN JOE C91rA U G OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT SO U. $. c.. as Apo $2, AS A61KNDEtt. ITS TRAMBF413910M 01: THE FSE 1ULATlOR of ITS COTTU 4TB so ART GAUP1P.R TO AN UNAUTOOR18$R I ROU 113 PRO- i CLASSIFICATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. 25X1A 25X1A 25 1 25X1X The strength and disposition of the Soviet -round forces in the Sovict- occuried countries of Europe remained constant during the weeks prior to mid-September 1950,, It is still believed t'r-,It 2 line division,-., 2 artillery divisions ,, and 9 A^.' divisions are located in the Soviet zone of Germany under V e Group of Occupation Force. Germany (GOFt); 3 line divisions and perhaps 1 AAA division in Austria and ,estern Hungary under the Central Group of Forces; 3 line divisions and pot'haps AAA units in Rumania and. Past Hungary and 2 line div .si oas and 1 AM division in 1'omerania and Silesia, possibly under the northern Group of Forces. 25X1 25X1 Iiq IV Arty Corps Fig 6th Arty Div T An A,5_1', Div (6th (ids?) An Engr Regt 53d Central hepai.r Shop path Central :.spa _ir Shop 123d Tank Repair Shop 600th nation Sux)xplyr .Der., This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL In accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intell' ence to the Archivist of the United Apgg9ved Fo Next Review Date: 2008 1. toT'orts received during the period, from 1 September to 1 October 1950 confirmed the overal:i. 0a situation of Soviet ground fortes in the Soviet Zone of Germany up to the second half of Septo nber l9 0 2 . The following units and rear services installations in the Soviet Zone of Germany, with location,, and date of observation, Lucre con- f i rmed between 1 September and 1 October 1950. a. GYIQ Units of tiheTSGr oua of Occupation Forces Gernlany- (COL a THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION hAT'IF; ;TI", area 'iDLITZ aaLtLIid- OBisi.-- C:Cr; +'rrU1L~u~rN CONFIDENTIAL Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82- l5 August 15 August End of August 18 August 1.2 September 2 September 6 September 10 September 1. September Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457ROO630044OOO1-7 . . 25X1A CENTS INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Main Clothing Depot - Main Medical Depot 820Ration Supply Depot Vain Fuel Supply Depot A Repair Shop Quarter mnaster Depot b. El.ght7 Guards_AM 11q 39th Gds Mtz Rifle Div 60th Gds !tz hegt F (TERS E.DN ALDI~ FRANKFU1 T/0der Y EL EiU 3 September 12 September 10 September 5 September V/ ILDAU 7 September "C4Ti!F;TdEE"'ECK/ 5 September Elbe 'UD0R-; ",'.'ADT HALIE 13 September 19 August c a Third Shock Army 136th Cads '}Iv Tank: SP Itegt BURG 6 September 890th Indep Engrg Bn T'ANG E',U-" lT B' V. t) E 5 July Hq 19th Gds T''ecz Div ,ytEENSDMUF 10 September 62d Gds Mecz Regt WJEN `IJORF 1 July Hq IX Mtz Rifle Corps SCH1. ERIN September 199th Gds Gun Arty Regt WISMAR :September 74th (7) Tank SP Regt SC 1V%-H1N September Hq 11th 1ecz Div PFRIZBEIRG 12 Sep ~embe r dQ First Guards Mechanized Any .th Gds AAA Div DRESDEN- 10 September e, Second Guards Mechanized A rav KOENIG I3HJ KA!.1ENZAi1E ECK- area Hq 1st Mecz Div NEEURUPPIN iTZ :3 ~. I90i31133' 12 July 9 September 37th Mecz Regt y~ ] ` D JBEF.i,IZ 31 July 3d Tank Ian of the 37th exec z Regt Df,~EB EI ITZ (?) 31 July 219th Tank Regt DOEBERITZ 26 August f. Third Guards 1 echanizcd Army Mecz Ar d Gd Thi LUCKSIA ALD E 31 August my s r TIq 91st Gds RL Refit TPL I3IN 1 September Hq 11th Gds ARecz Div JUFTER130G 26 August 49th Ode Mecz Regt JUET RDOG 26 August 469th Gds Kura Arty Regt JUETEIZ1300 22 March 70th Mecz liegt COT'lUS 31 August A 11v 'rank SF Refit of the 9th IAecz Div SPI EM ERG (?) 8 September g, Fourth Guards Meehanized-Axr t E L S ust 27 A r1q Fourth Gds MIecz Army EBER r A D ug Hq 6th Gds Mecz Div B M113 26 August 63d Gds Tank Regt BRAVDENBUT G 1 September 248th Gds RL Fan KRAMPNITZ 19 September T ovements a 3a a. The mot; ement of be elements of the PJA Div of the F our th Gds Mecz Army from FRI KFURRT/Oder to EBER 7'. AID!,,, starting; on 2h August 1950., waa13 confirmed by additional reports e~ r ns~, Wt, - - CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457ROO6300440001-7 Approved F 006300440601-7 CE RM INTELLIGENCE AGENCY r3 D 25X1A b, About two light AAA regimentsof the unidentified AAA Div of the GOFG, possibly the 32d AAA Div, moved from the billeting area of .tengrabarr- Uagdeburg to Kuestrin--Kietz in mid-August 1950 e They were prtzw assigned the mission of protecting the Oder River Crossings. Field Exercises and Training- ,4c, Division Training. a d All divi:t. ons which had gone to troop training grounds were conf.i imed up to * mid-September 19x"0 o Although no definite information on -the training procedure is available., it is believed. that training at at least regimental level was completed in the course of .:;eptembor 1950. Some reports contained indications that units would return to their home stations from the troop training grounds after the end of September 1950. ;''or example, a rep:,ort frcm Bernau stated that the post bakery returned and resunned operation in mid-September 1950; a report from Camp Born at Letzlinp,, Heath said that troops wculd start leaving on 25 September 1950; and a report from Saalfeld mentioned the arrival of an advance party of a component unit of the 39th Cds ?'t?; Rifle Div on 8 September 1950. bm No large-scale maneuvers outside the troop trainin ; ,round--., involving elements of more. than one division, were observed prior to rrid-Septem-- ber 19504 At the end of August 1950, it was reported that a third end- loading ramp was quickly constructed in 'c:Lzig to facilitate the uril.oad- ir. of tank units from trains during; the period. from 23 to 28 September 19506 It is considered possible that troops will again hold large- scale fall maneuvers in the Bur`GGenthin..Brandenburg=Belzig-Zerbst area, as they did in 1919 c o The rotation of tank and SP artillery elements of divisions of both the First Gds 1ecz Army and the Eighth Gds Army for tactical training cycles at Letzling HIeath, observed since 22 July 19'0, continued throughout August and the beginning of September 1950! confirmed elements of both the 21st Us L ecz iv anti the 57th s L z Rifle Div,at Letzling Heath and the presence of elements of the 220th liv Tank S' Re{ t of the Eighth Gds Arr and elements of the 11th Gds Tank Div of the rirst Gds V%cz Ar r0 the 8th Gd I'lecz Div of the First Gds I; ecz Ari r and the Xth (ids Tecz, Div of the Eigph.th Gds Army were pre- viously reported from. Letzling; Heathy it is believed that the tactical training cycles there affected elements;6f all divisions of the Eighth Gets Army and. the kirst Gds rrlecz Army. Other hitherto unidentified unite from Jueterbog; and. Satzkorn, Mich were unloaded at the Letzling, Heath detraining points of 1,11olmirstedt and Colbitz between 19 and 25 Aubust 1950, may have been headquarters units of both the Third Ode :.Mecz Army and the Furth Ods r,Mecz Araq. da According; to numerous reports, most of the elements of the let izecz Div., the 9th Gds Task Div and the 12th Gds Tank Div of the Second Gds Mertz Army, the 10th 008 Tank Div of the 'ourth gds F ecz Army, and the 91Lt`!,a. Gds +tz Rifle Div of the Third Shock Army continued training at their posts during August and September 1954. But they also detached some units for short oeriods of training; in other areas a Specifically the following. information supports the above: (1) As in June and July 1950, component units of the 1st Necz Div were also entrained at the Dallgow Joeberitz railroad station in August 1950, presumably for short training cycles in the s'serder-Miarkendorf and =,.ltengrahow maneuver areas, from where trains roturnin;.? to Dallg ow Doeberitz r, re observed in late August 1954. CONFIDENTIAL' Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 g-dow 188'a Approved F ease 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457 01-7 C PNTRAL INTMLIGENCE AGENCY (2) Several reports indicate that elements ofthe 9th Gds lank Div from Neustrefltz and Neubrandenburg held major field exercises in the area north of 1irow and at P ueritz Lake during the first half of August 1950. Reports on rail movements indicated that elements of this division went to the Luckenwalde training, area on 21 August and returned to their post on 26 August 1950 upon completion of short field exercises o Units of the 9th Gds Tank Div fran Neu;strelitz and N;eubrandenbur, left for field exercises on 19 September l950 and the days following. Only guard details remained in Neustrelitz. Another report indi- cated that the units started a field exercise? allegedly lasting five days, in the area south of Zehdenick on 21. September 1950. (3) Trains moving from Jueterbog and Altengcrabow to Neuruppin in late August 1.950 presumably carried rocket launcher and mortar cornponents4i the 12th ids Tank Div' which returned to their post upon completion of a short practice period in the Jueterbog and the Altengrabow areas (14) Since motorized columns of the 10th Gds Tank Div were seen in the Luckenvialde area in late August 1950, and since a train carrying tanks of this division traveled from Rathenaw toward Brandenburg on 7 September 1950, it is believed that component units of the 10th Gds Tank Div held short training exercises in the area south of Rathenow and in the Luekenwalde. area in lava August and early September 1950. Five trains going from. Rathenow to Satzkorn and one train bound for Altengrabow in late August and early September 1950 may have also carried elements of the 10th Ode Tank Div. Otter component units of this division were engaged in field exercises at the nearby Doeberitz troop training grounds at the end of August 1950. (5) Component unitsof the 914th Gds Ttz Rifle Div held field exercises in the area south of aismar and in the area south of Schwerin- Ludwigslust at the. end of August and the beginning of ;eppt?mber 1950. e. Other field exercises, primarily involving elements of the 207th xltz Rifle Div from Stendal and Gardolegen, were conducted in the area south of Salzwedel in late August and early September 1950. Tank exercises in the area west of Baruth in early September 1950 were presumably hold by troops from the 'lTerder.-Markendorf maneuver area, fa Since a rocket launcher unit was seen on a train going from Jueterbog to aeuruppin on 24 August 1950, and since rocket launcher elements of the 11th Gds Tack Div and the 8th Gds TTecz Div were observed on a southbound train passing through Dessau on 26 August 1950? it seems possible that rocket launcher elements of several divisions may have been concentrated at Jueterbog about the middle of August 1950, possibly to fire for record. 5. Special Exercises a, GHQ artillery units and headquarters artillery units of armies 25X1 eler?entsof the two GQ?G artillery divisions and headquarters artillery units of the Third Shock Array were at Alte:nngrabow at the end of August 1950. Several reports indi- cated that artillery components of the unidentified AT Arty Brig, possibly the 3rd Gds AT Arty Brig, of the LXXIX l tz Rifle Corps from Bernburg were rotated to an artillery range, presumably Altengrabow, during the second half of August 1950" Followin , the return of artillery units of the 30th Ode Gun Arty Brig of the unidentified Arty Div to their Potsd22.rn post from Altengrabow in mi.d-Au?;ust 1950, the entire brigade moved back to the Altengrabow range on 6 September 1950, possibly to remain there until about mid-October 1950. CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 Approved CIMURQL 1NT UIGENCE AG ' 1'CY -'5.- b. AAA units. AAA units were still. observed arriving;; at, and departing from, the Wustrow Peninsula up to mid-September 1950. On 17 September 1950, for example,, AAA components of the 2d Gds AAA Div were observed on a n'vustrow-bound train. c. Engineer units. Xan ineer components of the 207th :!'t2'. .rifle Div and of the 36th Pon Bridge Regt of the GOFO were confirmed at the `'Uttkau engineer training area in old--August 1950. 25X1 25X1 nginoer elementsof both the 19th s !?ecz iv and he s tz trifle Div were at Bittkau at the end of August 19550. Upon completion of their training at the Jungfern Lake engineer training area of the Potsdam post, all elements of the unidentified engineer regiment of the GCFG from the Delius Kaserno, j--o dam, moved to the Elbe River for further exercises at the beginning of September 1950. Elements of the 57th Gds Mtz Rifle Div held engineer exercises at tti'irla on the ~:erra River in mid August 1950. It is considered possible that the Eighth GdsArmy divisions staying; at the ISindel troop training grounds sent their engineer components to 1111irla for special training,. 25X1 6. No changes in personnel of the Soviet units in the Soviet Zone of Germany were observed during the period covered0 However, an order issued by the Berlin regional railroad headquarters indicated that seven 17-boxcar shuttle trains had to be made available between 19 and. 25 eptember 1950 The boxcars had to be capable of long-distance rc.1ns, winterized, and converted for the transportation of troops. It can therefore. be expected that nem recruits from. the may arrive in the Soviet Zone of Germany at and after the end of `%eptember 1950. In that event, it is believed that the recruits will primarily be personrpl of ihe 1910 Which ,d s inducted in the in ay and June 1950,1 1 Should the incoming recruits include personnel of the class, too, they presumably will be lower-grade secondary school graduates. It remains to be seen whether, simultaneously with the arrival of the recruits, trained troops will be sent back to the for demobilization. There are certain indications that this might be so. Groups of about 40 so idlers each arrived in. Bad Freienv aide from a troop training grounds on 12 ,eptemher 1950, and the Cottbus railroad car maintenance shop was ordered to equip 200 boxcars, that is four trains, for the transportation of troops. The trains. were officially designated as "demobilization train,". So r report on the Soviet supply installations in the Soviet Zone of Germany is forwarded separately. :r `I'ransporta? Lion. 9,a Because, of the h,eginning of harvest shipments'i_n convunction with unreduced soviet demands on transportation space for troop movements and reparations deliveries, the transportation ci twition during the reported month " ;as rioro cri'iie. than in August 105 , ). Transit tra.`..fic acrot:i^ the six border c-ro:-.s'- CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 Approved For W20 1 Ff -1 -004 0001-7 25X1A points on the Polish border and Bad ",chandau on the Czech border continues to be normal. 10. The stocks of locomotive coal on hand at the individual railroad station continue to rise. 25X1 25X1 e constunption of fuel and lubricants revealed that an average of 18020 rietric tons of hard coal and brown coal briquettes is being used daily, 11. Construction projects. a. The construction of a railroad line bet wen Loewenberg and Ebers- waldo, a distance of 1O km, is planned. Survey work is already in progress. The new line, which bypasses Berlin to the north, would establish a new East-=jest connection between Frankfurt/Oiler or lCuestrin, and IHaniburg via V.(ittenberg. b. The reconstruction of the important wing?1e--track cross connection between Frankfurt/Oder and ifuestrin is progressing. Except for the bridge across the "Old Oder P1 north of Reitwein, this project is completed. c. The Neisse River bridge near Guben is to be closed because it is no longer considered to be safe for traffic. Traffic is to be re- routed via the Forst border crossing point. d. The parts of the railroad bridge across the Peene River near Karnin which are not in use are being, dismantled for use at some other place, This brid?e is on.the dismantled Ducherow-Swinemuende line. This indicates that reconstruction of this line is not planned in. the foreseeable future. 12. a. The reorganization arid/or reduction of the locomotive columns opera ing for the Soviets was confirmed by further information. b. Special rout lines and coaling stations were agreed upon for the Soviet transit traffic through Poland, insofar as it is handled by German locomotive colu ris. This traffic will henceforth be restrict- ed to three roates which lead via the tuostrin--xietz, Frankfurt/Oder, and Guben border crossing points. c. Grain shipments from the U.S.S.R. to the Soviet Zone of Germany were handled from the end of July to the end of August 1950 bwr the employment of special grain shuttle trains. It is believed that these grain shipments are for the supply of both the occupation troops and the German. population. d. Loading facilities such as loading ramps, cranes, loading tracks, aps proach roads etc'., in the Cottbus railroad district had to be report-- ed. This Is a purely military measure. It is believed that similar reports had to be turned in all over the zone,, however, this has not yet been confixzzed. 25X1 1,731 railroad tank cars were available in the sovie one or errnany' on 17 Aug7ust 195)0. Of these, approximately 3,000 are reportedly reserved for th shipment of benzine and beizol. Because the turn-around time of tank cars is so long, there is a shortage of this type of car, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 V 4- 0-1 Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 25X1A C p , II4 1GENCE AGENCY AUSTRIA - WESTERN HUNGARY Training Areas? 13n Reports from several military posts indicated that the component units of both the 13th Gds Mecz Div and the 95th Gds Mtz Rifle Div which had moved to the Doellersheim troop training grounds were, still there by the end of August and the beginning of September 1950. It is pos- sible that some elements of the 13th Lids Mecz Div may have returned to their posts in mid-September 1950. 14. The AAA componenth6f the GIIQ AAA unit, possibly the 23d AAA Div or Ref-t, in I orneuburg were still at their post in mid September 1950. No information has been received from the Apetlon training area,. 15. rR.eports on the 17th Gds Iftecz Div in Western Hungary have not been re- ceived. 16. The Soviet troops observed in the Slatina (R 33/B 2) area on 20 July 1950 had been engaged in field exercises in that area under the direc- tion of two generals. They were later entrained at the Rosiorii de Vede (R 33/33 70) railroad station, most of then leaving eastwares. The troops, whose identity is not known, may have belonged to the Soviet division which i, carried in the Constants area. 25X1 174 the arrival of several thousand Soviet troops in Goedoelloe (Q 48/11 73), 12 km northeast of Budapest, at the end of August 1950. The report failed to give any indications as to the type, assignment or previous billeting area of these troops. Therefore it is not known whether they were replacements or new units coming to Hungary, possibly from the ~.ta.S.R. Since little information was re- ceived from Rumania and Eastern Hungar 25X1 180 A new railroad ferry across the Danube River was opened between Calafat, Rumania, and Vidin, Bulgaria, on 1 August 1950. The. ferry establishes a new railroad connection between the two countries. Its reported capacity of 30 railroad cars surpasses that of the other railroad ferry between Glurgiu.. Rumania, and Ruse, Bulgaria, by 50 percent. The new railroad ferry can handle 10 to 12 trains in a 21.4 pour period? POLAND 25X1 19. I 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sxoviet trop s had left the ust 1900 barracks for an unknown destination in m d- u:r 25X1 Soviet troops arriving in Lodz on 3 July 1950, it is consic.ere possible that a small Soviet unit may have Ueen located in Lodi; :gin the sum :er of 1950 and left in the middle of August 1,050. 0 1 about 25X1 3,000 Soviet troops wi. tanks arx7 artillery arrived in the air: ce area from Dre:=t Litovek in late August and early September 1950. The loca- tion of soviet troops in the Siedlce area is not unlikely 25X1 Soviet troops in the area of the Brest Litovsk railroad station and yards at the end of August 1950, bu they were no longer there in the middle of September 1950. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 V 14- Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7 C 9RAL 13!3~,~?,~LLIG C E AGFNG I, D CONFIDENT,. 27.. A report on the ammunition depot at Kot jenau (0 52/B- 6$4), Silesia, specified that the depot was subordinate to a high-echelon headquarters in Liegnitzw 23a At the. beginning, of July 1950 several railroad cars were made available. at the Luckenwalde railroad station ate? placed at the disposal of Lieutenant General V.A. ?itrofanov, C nC of the Third Ods Tleez >niy. On 10 Jeptembor 1950 the Soviet newspaper TrA reported on a speech given by Lieutenant General "itrofanov in Len nwrad on the occasion of .Armored Forces Day. It is pos- sible that ritrofanov may have been reassigned to the iiq of the Leningrad IT in July 195o. 25X1A 25X1 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300440001-7