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December 20, 2016
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July 30, 2007
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February 11, 1999
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Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300650001-3 GLASSIF,iCATION :i?.T-COa;T.HoT. S D r Tr AL' OUNTRY Cor':any ('30 y; Et Lone` REPORT TOPIC_... 3oy._ct I ail 3hl ~r"nt~h P't~n1?-^?ri+ ,moats 25X1 MVALUATION LACE OBTAINED_- ---- - 25X1 DATE OF CONTE 25X1 DATE OBTAINEn DATE PREPARED 1 .dovesber 110 - 25X1 oEFERENCES 25X1 PAGES 3 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) IREBMARKS ~-- ----~ ~ --~--- j 25X1 L ah .pnents observed in i'rania?urt/0der between 19 and 23 %cto ::r 1950 included: Shipnont From To and Date '.even boxcars, 11 flatcars Kuestrin to Ouben 30 gondola cars rind one 19 October tank car -.r ith troops troops; shuttle -train 19 October Fifty-five boxcars with Kuestrin to Cottbus nifty-seven boxcars rith From the direction of Cottbus to :.hers aaldo 20 October Seven boxcars, 21 ,;oncola ?rcnI iurt/Odor tovrard cars, 10 flatcars and it Berlin tank cars with troops 20 October Diesel oil; Brest Litov k to Dresden-Friedrichstadt 20 October One tank car iith Brest Litovsk to Vclten motor oil; 20 October goods and 3 cars; 20 October One boxcar tith nilitary Drest Litovsk to Velten Seventeen now truc1 Three. boxcars iith medical instruments Drest Litovsk to Chem - nitz Iiilbersdorf 21 October wake 21 0cto er CLASSIFICATION s Ur` I T T This document is hero regraded to Director of Central intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next review Date: 200& No Change WON, eela I Mass. Ch i 9 Auth.: Date: Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300650001-3 Approved For Release 2007/08/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300650001-3 CONFIDENTIAL hTT-C0I T1 OL/ir5 O `l'l:CI1'.L o1a' ' 2 SUM. ent One boxcar with military goods No boxcars t:rith ri3.litax^y Two boxcars with military roods ? Thirty-eight boxcars and r'ucrstenberg to Fucrstenwal do 21 October Brest Litovsk to tuellrose 21 October Brost Litovsk to Berlin-Rurelsburg 21 October Gerdauen via Kuestrin 20 t ondola cars troops to rrankfurt/Oiler, where the troops rero unloaded and moved toward Berlin.. The empty train left towarq Cottbus. 22 October. 1{'ifty-three boxcars with troops From the direction of Guben to sbersvralde 22 October One tank J.borsw;aldo to %o wrrton- 22 October One boxcar with trousers >ischofswerda to Berman 22 October Fifty- five boxcars with troops Lieborose toward :',erbig 23 October One boxcar and 24 flatcars Brest Litovsk to ruersten- r th t--Urn s walde 23 October ':`pro boxcars and 2 gondola cars Brest i itovak to Dannoiwrald with undetermined cargo: 23 October Comments , (1)ira. nos of'- similar composition were also observed i r tober 1950, coming from Oerdauen ?.nd proceeding; to.Pxd Cottbus. 7" ~ It is notices,;lc, however, that these trains ;rare composed of boxcars for troops as well as flaatcars end gondola cars suited i'or the transportation of vehicles and materi- a-l, flatcars being p aAicularly suited for car- jin` tank-s. Since no reports indi? catod that the trains carried w,:-ole units, it is bell eved that the boxcars were also utilized in Gerdauen for the traaisportatmon of recruits and- the flatcars and gondola car for supply shi entr, of arras nnc' a nents. ," - ? ^ i nrrAirinr-n Ger::nny could Le detected: (2) $hipmonts that recruits on agiu c-trains pos , Lble that shuttle-I,rtainV 5ovix; t Zon