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December 14, 2016
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April 16, 2003
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October 25, 1950
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CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY soviet NO.-] TOM Soviet ~};: -, ,,,a -sovo ,car . ,2L fre mpeny -.-_,_. EVALUATION sec belot ---PLACE OBTAINED DA TE OF CONTENT f~ enteiri ry to 16 Octo`E; r_ 950 DATE OBfAINE REFERENCES -f 25X1X 25X1 ,_..-DA'rE PREPARED- Oc- okrO.r:`'~aG , ,.r..,.... PAGES . .~EI'++ICLOSURE S (NO. & TYPE) -._...._.-,,_ REMARKS -...__. fnn ~_v...~......, SOURCE 25X1 1. `'ro n. 26 September to llG October 1950 a total of 8, `0 boxcars 9 each carrying 30 soldiers with closely cropped hair., passed thr. o'.agh Kuestrin-Kictz and proceeded toward .,'nrbig (1) 2 , Petwoon 8 and l1t October 19,0 a tot ;ai of 272 et ty boxcars went through `a erbig toward Poland via Kuestrin. Kietz to pick up troops., (2) Soviet rail shipments between 10 and 15 October included: ahi Rn, nt 111.9 baKcars with troops; 39 boxcars with ammunition Sixtyfive tank cars with c7asoline Thirty--four tanks,, 27 rocket launchers Forty rocket launchers 25X1 Kuestrin towaa: Cottbus via Frankfurt/Oder Dispatcher Consignee (1) ?rest Litovsk tv Velten via Frankfurt/Odor Brest Litovsk to Dannerrivalde via Frankfurt/Odor )rest Litovsk to Jessen via Frankfurt/Oda:r Brest Litovsk toward with troops,,34 tanks Cottbus r:ia Frankfurt/ Oder Eluven boxcars Berlin-Rum mlelsburg to with troops tanks 35 (:Frankfurt/ Odor l04 empty boxcars F'ran.tfurt/Oder toward converted for trans-- border via Kuestr:Ln from Magdeburg and 1.6 from Erfurt portation of troops; .'8 of the cars came This document is hereby re aded to { CONFIDENTIAL in accorda a with the letter of 16 October 19 8 from the Director of Central In~ !gence to the e tes. (1) (5) (2) 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Archivn'A0P dVteZi Fo Release 200 08/11: CIA-RDP82-00457R006300680012-9 Next Review Date: 2003 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 ? CIADP82-00457R006300680012-9 i,UPtil ~ ~HL25X1 SECR 25X1 A i ,ken boxcars Frankfurt- Odor to u .a. =.h undetermined Fuersteriber g enz-go 25X1 Con'ments a 25X1 A ~'~. i trains with troops which arrived in Kuestrin from the east on and after 25X1 A 26 septenber 1950 were run under the shuttle transportation program which a3'uartezcx on that day. As,;~unning that each train carrying mili tary per; onnel had about 50 boxcars, 17 or 18 such trains are believed to have entered tho Soviet Zone of Germany during the period from 26 Septernher. 14, October 1950. The influx of troops was also covered, by other sources reoortin from Frankfurt Oder between 26 September and 10 October 1950@ 25X1 A . The fact that the troops crew the train had closely cropped hair clearly indicates that they were -nactrui.ts" stock through Kuestrin prior to 14' (2) The eastward ? cvement of empty rolling Octnher 1950 indicates that tho Influx of recruits was to continue,, Data on t:::,i`? ,v trains r ol.l.y ng east via 4uestrin were suer li ed by other sources cover- the period from 29 epteriber to 1 October 1.9500 25X 1A 25X1 'F- ~ cofi..r*:s the let ten r. ?xi_n fie 1 suv> 1;r depot prior to 15 October 1950. rorfimas the Jesssen math ordnance shop and distributing point prior 25X1 l October 1950. tits Dannenwzildce ordnance and a :iuni- i.~::s.1 ara shirnentr were observed. on the Prest Litovsk-F'rankfurt/O er line by her source in June and Jaity 195~Oo 25X1A (:5-) P`'r.",,simtebl shipment of a ta' nk unit Y.-lade de in connection with maneuvers. 25X1 (6) the previously reported from Fuerstenber g 0 25X1 a supply installation there, they 620th nation , upF y 25X1 in 9'rank fort/Odor prior to 15 October 1950, 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006300680012-9