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December 14, 2016
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June 26, 2003
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December 5, 1950
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approved For F - 0frW1 f Ef90&R=%Mt'0457R001i ff00{ (4 O N O AT0 , ..-R' G(-s.ny (Russian Zone) 25X1 3.113JECT Shipments of Liquid Fuels and -ins meals from the DDR ='L CE tC QUIRE.D 25X1 ,-'ATE O ? s O. '.'-3LCC??.`T.s19 tl1POill::f,:10;3 a cyti:971:~::,\TIQ!!AL RBR.ftC~ taa TRli >lWWD O7i.T3ri TdlTNlt: Tots nn"11G OP THE C6PFONffiCE AP,S $A A.. C..:1s AND e.^.. ft3 dmrl cb. FT8 ?29O OR TF7$ RtVfiLmoll va t7: C, -N7PF.:77S V! AIM tR AWI362 TO AM L'?IAOTHOR12130 PGCS6tlft ER PRO. 25X1 he following is a list of The shipments of liquid fuels aid chemicals from he DOR from 1, 1 5 , to 28 Augus :, and 20 to 30 sent e mbe s 5 0 " Date Wo:, sat' Tark Cars August 7 30 2 9 August i5 `20 August 16 W2 August 3 130 August i8 ~; f: ?5 August 1 3 1-3 13TATIE ARMY I thanel Diesel oil Fardi.dehyde Gasoline Die,ei oil Far ldehyda Pa r'aldehyde Gasoline Diesel oil. Paraldehyde GasolineDiesel oil Pars ldehycie Craao1infx3 Diesel Oil Paa11% ldek?e dr. Chemicals Me "h ano 4.. gg .ets 01. rfi .3. herr ia:a .P' .hano-11 Aviation gasoline Ethyl gasoline Diesel oil Paraldehyde Methane: Aviation gasoline Pe t rr. leunk Diesel (oil Ethyl gaso ..1ns.3 Pare ldeh'yls C:LNJ i- f(iFll fUiV~+'iCs` a MSRB REPORT CD NO. CIA LIBRARY I 25X1 DATE DISTR. 15 )L.IC 5C NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 44 M SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION B est Stettin Poland Best Brest Br*at Pf.l d Beest. Bras s t B. -re Brest Brest Brest F~Y'st i 3echoelovakia Br*st Best 8: 1 ?eMt Hrest Brest Brest Pre s t Br st. r--4 Ian B:5t B.'es4 25X1 August 30 :38 96 35 318 Approved For Release 2003/08/11: CIA-RDP8 =F f~~,~ Ag Approved For Release 3/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457ROO6400350 13- 25X1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2 iia of Tank Cars 27 August rnnt in.Eaed ) Gxe.soline Poland. 6 thanot Isopropyl alcohol Brest Brest 28 AiAlA t 51 Gasoline Brest 4 Paraldehyde Brest 20 September 21 Methanol Brest 35 Petroleum Aviation gasoline Poland '13rest 112 Diesel oil Brest 14 Paraldehyde Brest 21 Septembea- 137 Aviation gasoline Brest 50 Petroleum Brest 50 Diesel oil ;`led Any 10 PP, raldshyde Barest 22 September 17 Methanol! Brest 70 Gasoline .Red Army 94 Diesel oil Poland 21. Paraldehyde Stettin 23 September 30 Methanol Brest 4.4 Diesel oil Poland 35 Ethyl gasoline Brest 9 Paraldehyde Stettin 24 September 30 Methanol Brest 35 Ethyl gasoline Brest 40 Diesel oil, Brest 26 September Gasoline Brest 27 September ii 4 Diesel oil Methanol Poland Brest 35 Aviation gasoline Brest 79 Ethyl gasoline Red Army 97 Diesel oil :Poland 28 September 7 Methanol Brest 30 Aviation gasoline Brest 35 Ethyl gasoline Brest 18 Aviation gasoline Wolgast 91 Diesel oil Brest 29 September 9 Methanol Brest 112 Aviation gasoline Brest 64 Ethyl gasoline Red Army 85 Diesel oil Poland 30 September 9 Methanol Brest 50 Diesel oil Poland 108 Aviation gasoline Brest Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006400350013-3