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December 14, 2016
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May 28, 2002
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November 17, 1950
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Approved For Releasd'2802/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 Mtlwro~TT1FNTIAL _^ CLASSIFICATIO 'y~- , . COUNTRY eriaanv (f"Ovixmt "ma) Topic-'.~.Y?V ?~.1.1 'Inc] .0 i..ov~??icmth 'l Yi 3"~"IF? if3~'I` P'~'. ~'A1io ;'1 Y" f, Ra7^Y7LI (17T 25X1X 25X1X EVALUATIOP+9?..~ -PLACE OBTAIfED_ -- 25X1 DATE OF CONTENT 25X1 A ~....r.~._....~ .,~ - __ DATE OBTAINED __._DATE PREPARED ? iTrrv~rlYsrr l ti~;(l ewe ~ 25X1A REFERENCES PAGES_ ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)- REMARKS SOURCES. 25X1X 0 25X1X 0 1. On 24 October 195.09 fifteen railroad cars with ration .ou; plies: ' rere unloaded at the ration supply depot on Geor 2ich-terstrasse, Frankfurt/ Oder. Three railroad cars with cammod r eat wore unloaded on '' .thenorver- strasse on the saao day. 2. On 25 Octobr:r, a shipment of fifty now, trues., cocain; from be direction of Cottbus, passed t trough FranY ? Oder. Its destiny Lion could not be deteminod. On 29 October, the assen blin" of 25 boxcars for the transi ortation of soldiers was observesd, at the loading; ramp of the eastern railroad station, Yrankfurt/Odler. On 30 October, thirty five boxcars were assembled for a troop train in 1 roienvia de o (1) On 30 October, a shipment of twonty four 5O-mi AA guns on ou rriggor-type mounts, without prim movoro, was soon at the Frrzr~I~fuaA /( er-~Ost rat? - road station. 5. The leave train which arrived in i ran,.furt/Odor from Brest Litovsk or. 30 October was occupied to capa ity. pout 90 percent of the occupants were officers wearing new uniforms and havin:.g little lu;age with then. They loft on trucks for barracks in t'rankfurt/Oiler. (2)- 6. On 25 October, a train of 51+ boxcars with soldiers, co=:oinw from the direction of Oubcn, passed through 'ankfuxrt/Odor and -proceeded toward Cottbus. (3) 7. On. 26 October, a train of jO boxcars occupied by soldiers loft K stria toward the C. .C OR0 (1) A shipment of 50 overhauled trucks went from Ammeadorf to Brest Litovsk on the same day. II. Military shipments observed between 29 and 31 October 1950 included: 25X1 B 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/08: CIA-RDP 25X1 B Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 25X1 B 25X1 B 10~, 25X1 25X1 B 11. 25X1 B 25X1 A (1) (2) 25X1 A sec it is therefore .-)occiblo that the westbound leave tra: ins nay also have carried now arrivals from the ~.Jw'~o '~a" The lard e number of off corsviho arrived in 1'ra.nkf urt/odor on 30 October were probably assigned from 1Franl-kfur?t/Odor to units in Uric, oviet one of 0 rmany... 25X1 (3) Possiblyy, shuttle-train, I accor"'in to another coerce was seen on the Fa: i_?'cenber - `Jueterbo; ~- usz~ c;rr. ~ r is line on 26 O ctc,la ;r 17 0 carr'yi-x- recruits in 12 boxcars. (4) It is ,possible that the influx of recruits : wish s E ar e on 26 ,,Ptorbor 1Z0 nay have ceased in the last clays of October,, since on 30 arid 1,3 October 1950 two shuttle-trains which. :oroviousl.y hauled recruits from, the Ua ~d 0 returned empty 'to the Soviet one of Germany via .'-uectrin and Gabon reapoctivolyo (5) b6longs to a supply do )ot, jar-.s' Woly a fuel depot in tlio Fuorsten berg area 25X1 B r?r; CTt?"~ s.l:;a~+i ul :.shuttle- trains 20 boxcars with co Biers Empty shuttla-train 10 boxcars I of L:einsdorf to Juetcr'_ot- 3?ca Tea z;r 2 mber Jucterboy Utes Lager to nsdorf 3 November (1) On 1 November, a convoy of one jec) mrl 23 trucks p including four trucks towing ,'i.1 guns and eight trucks town, A guns, "rith 13 officers and about 60 men was obs :rued on the II a:lelspri n~; Temp in road and was subacguently loaded at the Tomplin freight yard. The A shipment of 18 nerr, trucks and two used trucks , guarded 3 y three soldiers wearing :red-bordered black epaulets., was seen at the LLuellersdorf railroad station near ; emplin on 1 November 19510. (6) Gollents tie report mentions omoty trains being assembled in 'trmilc Curt/Odor and 1''.L~'e'.iorrialde, trains with soldiers going from hoiccen and I,Ioinac'orf to Juoterbog, and trains ;"w"ith soldiers leav^ing Jueterbog for the 7JaU a osI? It is firmly believed that a large nrocessin , camp is located in Juotor- Aria r bot; for troops to be dischar ed from units Of t+ e hard 3 ds Lem anc poasil )ly also from some units of the First Gds 0cz Arry0 The troops on the trains ro )orted are beiievod to ,leave been duo for dem;lobilizationo Hav?n an average capacity of al,--out :1.,000 nen, t1he train is belioved to have carried '700 to 800 officers who ca::'a f roi l the U a~..7 0. a It was o viausly reported that the leave trails runryng, bo10-?rc n 'rankfurt/Odor and Litovsk between 25 and 29 October carried an daily avora s of 190 men on the eastbound. trips as aF;a? ct 7;0 glen on the aestbound trips. confirms the main fuel surly cue pot in 17oi.ton ;)ri or to 30 October -195-0 confirms the 300th :;a';ian ;u~apl -Do-pat in Satzl:orn. -a:rior to 31 October 1.^50 is assigned to the a`: r munition tration in Lami tzsc11 belon~lp to an AF supply unit in Jueterbog S CR T 25X1 25X1A 25X1 25X1A 25X1_ Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 b Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4 25X1 25X1 B -confir the 123d Tank Repair Shop in ? '1 ollro e and Ibi rch eserd prior to 31 October 1950 confirms the 118th 3iI of tl? i'ourth Gds 'oCZ 1r1r y in :a srswwalde prior to 30 October 1950 belongs to a records and ma archives in the former 'raids a evars_ dorf sanatorium. belongs to an ammunition depot in llohonleipisch confirms the 93rd ids IIv Tank ",t' Re ,-t of the Fourth ids ,,Iecz Arrj in flack. r.~ eio maide prior to 29 Ictober. 1950. felons to an ammunition do--pot in ','!u-Ikovi (6) Report ind1catoN that elements of the divisions of the . ourth ads +L?ecz Array vrere still doper tins from the Tcmolin maneuver area on 1 dlovembor 1950. 25X1 ONFIDXNTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006500130009-4