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December 15, 2016
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August 28, 2002
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November 30, 1950
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Approved For Release 2004/04/1: CIA-RDP82-00457R006500490009-95X1 N TOPIC Partisan rkctivity in RmarfLa ,EVALUATION_-= _PIJ CE OBTAINED ~ DATE OF CONTENT DA T E. PREPARED _.~30 DATE OBTAINED 25X1 A REFERENCES PAGES I ENCLOSURES (NO, & TYPE) REMARKS 25X1X In port a~aestern 1b nia, fr Oradea ;are ar a the border between the i3.araa urec area and uliovina S be fomd only a feT~ small partisan group rho, though arned,, only rarely become active. Partisan croups of this type who were known to the Rumanian Security Police in Oradea :iarre during the first half of 1949 included the fol1owinC; ae Several small Groups located in the woods of Luntii Bilaorul ul (3ii: e r mountain),, bets; en Ecius in the Gri; ul Tlea ru River valley (Fokete Koeroes) and Bratca in the Crisul Repode River valley (Sebes Koeroes) a1onC railroad line of Oradea-Cluj, and in the area around I3ratca near Stana do Vale and near Dudurea sa hallway between l3eius and Dratcao b, " Croup of 10 partisans led by ex-Captain Stefan Popescu? operating in the 12untii Godrului Mountains between )33eius and Vascau in the upper val- ley of the Crisul Negru River, co A group of 10 partisans who are located in the area of Scliu in the I3ihor Corai.tate on the western slope of the unt i Godrului and have among theca several legionaries fron, the iiunedoara Goiitate in south- Braes tern Transylvania. do n group of about 12 partisans in the area of Viseu Borsa in the Mar-, ;,aarosh0 Leader of this group is one Popsa, (fnu), a member of the MationalTaara ist Party of Maniu0 2,, Grows of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) of General Stefan Bandera some- times force their way through Rumania. A UPA Group of 21 Caen which crossed the LMaranures Goni.tate in late June 1949 on route from the C arpatho Ukraine, U. . S. R, to northern I3ukovina, U.S.S.R., was the last Croup to cross Rumanian territory. The Militia followed that group but refrained from attaching it because the parti.- sarac were heavily armed with automatic weapons., submachine mss, hand and rifle grenades and a mine thrower. They did not operate actively on Rumanian territory and only disseminated litho aphed leaflets in which the aamaxiisns were se nor under the leadership of Uandera to join the str. ul.e against the Soviets, the common enya CONFIDEN CI_ASSIFICATION' COUNTRY Pear-'a.ria. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-R FfQ1004 9'--? 0048?009 5 125X1 Date: ~/ ~~// QQ Class. Changed To, TS S No change in Class. [] Q Declassified Document . ---Y--------------