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December 14, 2016
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June 2, 2003
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December 29, 1950
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Approved For Release 20 08/11 CIA-RDP82-00457R006600450008-6 CLASSIFICATIONS RET CENTRAL~INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY China SUBJECT Defense Preparations, Kwangtung 25X1 C'O d , i E N - I - TE DISTR. 29 Deco 1950 NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE D f'l ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. #3 COUZSTCOft'flU48 IP0'G07A73047AfFLL?1t32{YC{EtFl!?tQ741HiDE'3Eti3& OF TSa Iil=o OTATO alma I THti amitflfl G OP 4'UE ES1.IOWA06 8CT 8O V. 5. C., III .tttD-38,9311 11DED. MTEFiIOSIQIM8M OR Tax t MILATW was CONTRI in ATIV 0"HEA TiO.AD UVAiiT o0TZEO PCR O * i0 Fro.. 25X1 NO. OF ENCLS. (USTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO_ THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. On 3 November a Chinese Communist gunboat arrived at Wanchai, on the test side of Macao harbor, with a large quantity of material for building con- crete and wood fortifications. A Chinese Communist battalion commander told villagers that construction work was for protection against National- ist naval action. He also advised villagers not to believe rumors cons cerning the departure of troops from the area. Machine gun, mortar and 82mm cannon emplacements are to be built. The Shihahei (11322, 22-'30) defense commander inspected the defense works area on 11 November, and on 16 November the Chungehan (11336, 22.22) government requisitioned 6,000 trees for use in the fortifications. Approximately 4,000 pieces of timber towed by boat from Wuchow (111-19, 2328) arrived in Chlienshan (113.32, 22-14) on 20 November. 2. Among supplies sent to Ch''uchiang (113333, 24.50) on 20 November were 10,000 drums of gasoline bought in Hong Kong and Macao. On the same day 16 trucks of the Ch'iKuan Bus Company of facao transported large quanti- ties of gasoline, machine oil, cotton and medicine from the Rain Huang Company, Macao, to Shihch' i on route to Canton. 3. On 25 November, the Chian@nen (113--06, 2334) bank sent HK $10,000 to Canton. 4. As of 4 December, the total output of cement at the Heitsun factory in Canton was being used in the construction of fortifications. In addition, cement stock held by merchants in Canton and other Kwangtung cities were being bought by the government at fixed low prices. 5a Between about 25 November and 4 December, the commander of the Chinese Communist 41 Army ordered the 121 Division*, assigned to garrison duty in East Kwangtung, to be transferred from Swatow and Ch'aoan (11637, 23-42) to Auiyang (114?26, 2305) to build defense works and gun emplace mente. Twenty camouflaged 5-ton trucks are being used for night trans- portation of supplies and heavy equipment from Swatow to Huiyang. Prior to 4 December, the Kwangtung Military District began requisition of trucks from the transport companies. The Director's Office, Central Kwangtung, ordered the transporticompany of each heien to send one 4AVY STATE f[ ARMY Z -AIR "-- (;~)sNF DENTIAL in accord',nc;o with/the of 16 October 1 973 from t' e ~+r+or of Central Intelligence to the r"s a :o:`~:wt of th Uni+nd States. Next Review B` pxw For ReleaseI2003/08/11: CIA- LTURn T LIBRARY 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11: CIA-RDP82-00457R006600450008-6 ORAL INTDIGS NO t AGIUOY CONFIDENTIAL truck to Canton for government use. 6. According to private statements made prior to 15 December by the Chinese Communist mayor of 8vatow, the families of high Communist officials in Canton are to be moved to Ch.' uc+hl ang, and those in Swatov are to to moved to Chi rang (116-20, 23-02). The mayor also stated that in the event of world wax the Communists intend to attack Hong Kong in order to obtain 50,000 tons of useful materials there, but will cease the attack if strong- ly resisted.. 7. On 21 November, following the Canton polieV, Shiheh' i authorities advised the aged and children to leave the city, and supplies were moved from cities to villages. The Oh'ienshan customs station records were moved three miles inland, where a new office was sot up. By 10 December, Ohuagshan heien authorities had already considered an evacuation point for the haten govern- ment office in case of emergency. The Pearl River District office has also moved supplies, prisoners and records inland. On 9 December four districts of the Ohungsehan hsien directed two native Commtmanist leaders to begin organisation work in the mountain areas of those districts. 8. At a meeting of the officers of the Kmangtim -K gsi Column held outside Macao on 4 Decmtber, Commander TSENG Shang W ~.) discussed the strength- suing of coastal defenses and discontinuance of use of troops for pro- duction. In addition, they discussed the organization of the People's Militia to Keep the Peace, and the provision of replac,sm+.ents. 9. On 7 November the Pearl River Delta District officer organized an Anti- US .. Support Korea Committee to persuade the people to Join the Korean Volunteer Army; 10,000 men are to be taken from the district. Soldiers for this Communist force have already been selected in Chungahan. On 23 November,, the Communist-organized Peasants' Association In Chlienshan called a meeting to discuss the draft of soldiers sinew only the desti- tute are willing to be selected. In early December, the Kwangtun g P11i1itary District ordered all the listen to clear their prisons. Able- bodied prisoners jailed for minor offenses were sent to Hankow for training prior to attachment to the volunteer army, and political prison- ers were executed. In Canton and Chiangmen, 100 such prisoners have been secretly ezecuted. 10. The Canton-Oh' uchiang section of the Canton Pankow railcar is garrisoned by the 27 An W. 3 Field Ar yr. ** Each large station is garrisoned by half a, ccmnpany, while small stations are assigned a squad composed of 10 soldiers. The railroad itself is in excellent condition; the trip from Canton to Ch' uchiang takes seven hours. I Commment. reported this division in Canton during September awaiting transfer to Manchuria. *'e 1 -1 Comame t, 1,000 men of this army were garrisoning the Oanson---.__ ow raa_ilroa , during November 1950. CONFIDEN'f~p~ Approved For Release 2003/08/11: CIA-RDP82-00457R006600450008-6