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December 19, 2016
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November 21, 2000
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December 12, 1950
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Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-06PRO06700040003 CONFIDENTIAL L : R Y CLASSIFICATION... L/ Germany (Soviet -,.'one) II L-DATE PREPARED 12 December PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)- 1. On 2 November 1950, about 1,000 troops arrived in Rostock aboard a ship from Latvia. horse of the troop s wore last seen on a train on the Rostock-Doboran line. :?ras identified in connection with the debarkation. (1) It. ;'since 1G :7ovambcr one sl.-eping car and two dining cars with the necessary personnel more standing at the Koepenick railroad station, ready for imr diate departure. The cars were earmarked for use by hi:- -ranking Soviet officers. Ketschendorf 1(2) The leave train rraich arrived in L raia'tfurt/Oder from on 16 Nov :tuber wa ; occupied to capacity by troops, including 120 officers. The officers were brought to a barracks installation in Frankfurt/Odor on four trucks. 1t S p.m. on the ar:1e day about 120 officers boarded the leave train heading toward 7r :::;den-"mot forte (3) 2. On 16 NNov;nbor a shipment of 20 boxes ;:ith tools ?;,ra:, on route to Lilitary trains observed bet men 14 ihipmont shuttle--train II of 25 boxcars soldiers Empty shuttle-train of 23 boxcars and 1 r;onco a car 25X1 :empty shuttle-train of 25 boxcars %Is document is hereby regraded to DNFIDENTIAL In accordance with the :ter of 16 October 1978 from the rector of Central Intelligence to the chivist of the United States. txt Review Date: 2008 Approved Neisson to Juotorbog 1atcs Lager 14 e ovuraber Porlin-,Rurnal& bur- to Juotorl ?o -1ti1tes Lager 1 11Toveir er Jue turf o ; P 1tos Laser to Dresden 14 November CLASSIFICATION ONFIDENTIAL and 16 lovecatbar included Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006700040003-5 Shuttle-train 0 of 1O boxcars and 1 gondola car with soldiers due for demobilization Ju?torbog.Altos Lager going toward Brandenburg (1i) 16 November 64 litany rail shipments observed between 13 and 20 Novombgr included: w One tank car; Two boxcars with hardware Eight boxcars with machinery Three boxcars with military goods One boxcar with military roods Three boxcars with tomato ,pulp Twelve boxcars i':.~ ,ry za r:nilitr goods Pour t -oxcars with military goods Pour boxcars with military goods; Prom"To and Data i:,isens alterei to Pad Saarocr 18 November Zbers-.?ralde to Satzkorn 19 1,4ovember Eborsvra].de to fluellrose 1.9 November i uellros a to Kirchrnoe ser 19 November Muellrose to Burg near I~t::i.,gdeburg 19 aovomber Frankfurt/Oder to ;ustermark 19 November luclirose to x borswalde 19 November Brost' I .tovsk to Fuerstonberg 19 November Brest-Litovsk Bornau 19 November F lghteen tank most-Litovsk to cars with Molten military ? a olinG 19 November a -ad six orlpty tank cars; Thirty gondola c: with briquettes One boxcarload of medical 'CZ P,:) sum Friesko to Fu?r'stenw.?alde 20 liovonber Elirich to 1 uerstant^;31da 20 Novnbber Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006700040003-5 Approved For Release OM MM ,A-`0457R006700040003-5 Nineteen tank Brest-Litovsk to cars with Volton military gasoline; 20 November Five boxcars 20 November (5) with military oods; Iu'uellroso 25X1 Comm?ments. 25X1 (1) on the debarkation of troops in Rostock have never en given credence. The information is therefore forwarded with a certain reserve. however, a report that recruits were unloaded in Dooberitz on 12 November 1950 stated that allegedly came from the direction of F'ostock, 25X1 YTeras frequently reported in connection with ammmp Gronenfelde near Frankfurt/Odor where returning Gorman F s are processed for discharge. 25X1 (2) confirms the 12th laobile Arty Shop in Ketschendorf until 16 November 1950. 25X1 (3) Compare with similar observations made! during the first half 25X1 of November. (4~ The tiro load s u e-;rains probably carried soldiers due for discharge. l belongs to the office of the Chief of Supply and Administrative- Services of the GOFG in Potsdam, with field offices in time entire Soviet 'one of Germany, was previously reported from is'borswalde and verified by documents. confirms the. main fuel supply depot in Velten until 20 November. belongs to an element of the AAA ")iv of the Fourth Gd; I::eez -",tray in Ylaarstc=.alde. belongs to a su-iply unit in Fucrstonbor;. Irohal,ly lxelongs to a an :sly unit in the berswalde area. confirms the 320th alp_tion Su_mly Depot in Frankfurt/Odor until 19 11ov :mbcr confirms the 136th ds Nv Tank SP Rogt of the Third Shock Aran; in I urg until 19 Novraml.;er. . belongs to a sup ply unit in Juetorbo,-,,, confirm the 123d Tank Repair Shop in Aluclir. oso and i irclmmmmoesor until 20 Uovomberq confirms the 248th ads SQL Tin of the 10th Gas Tank ')iv in Yra_:ipnitz until 19 Nfov .:;mbar. confirms the main medical de:*t in i'uorote;raaldo until 20 November. onfirms the i.Iq 7th 3dc Llecz Div in l'uorstenualde until 18 November. presurahly belongs to a repair shop in :; be^cti fide. corm firr s the main clothing depot in 3e1rmIau 'until 19 1overaber. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R006700040003-5