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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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December 28, 1950
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Approved For Release 2008/06/24 :CIA-RDP82-004578006800310001-9 t~u~~~r~utiv i ~.~~~ . ~~ ti~N CLASS~FICA1'ION C?UNTRY Cerr,~r~nv f:~bviet ~nne~ TOPIC I:il~,tary 1:ifort~.t~_on from Prenzlau EVALUAT{GN aaTE aF ca~TE MATE CBTAI ~ ED REPERENGES PAGES.~...~.y REPAARKS PREPARED 2~ OaGariber 19,0 .ENGL4SURES ENa? & TYPE) ~.~, ~. T 3t~ turret nounting a~gun ~. ~ o e on a rove nf~ stand in the north~7ostern. barracTs sect~.on, It ,r,z:; ~ro~.?aT,I,T used for a~.z~inu practice, The garages rrhic'x foY^~ a rocta;3~,1e in thQ astern corner of the billeti:~~ area sh vc?~.c1QS 25X1 z.rt fata.o a daty, ~o~e o~ficors o17soI?vod Trore ta.:ik i~xlsi~iao the six gars?;es facin; the road a_zcl the lonJ ~;araT,o at the nortizeastern edge ref .the I~illetang area Trere almost enpty, c3KCf3pt for 3i~i sr.~a11. ve?zicles, apparently arzaorad, reconnaiosa:~co, tT7e ferrets of ^~r17~ n~ rrne~n nnsr.~>r.r3 xri~-~~, .,.~r~...,-. n.....e~.~ ..._~_---`--~s-- - n ~ ~ r... This is UNEVALUATED Information` ~ On lE~ Tdove:mber 1950, the t~vo buildings of the ~.rtillerie F.aserne~ 25X1 ~x;;nzlau i;IJ ~~./~ 1la.), lrhich fronted on the northsaeot side of the road to merlin, tiverc: virtually unoccupied. 1'he t;~o other barracT~u buildings and the hoadquartars building se?i~ed to be occu7ied. ~}-out 2;0 troops ~.zo wore red-bordered blae:c e?aul~:ts mere engaa~ed 25X1 e e i en x ~.e in rrac is ra ~c. ?i'ficers zTith suitcases arrived at t!`io installation in a taxica'e~o ~ i'he southern : ection of tha ~?.rtillerio Kasernc on the soutT~oast side off' ttia road to ~crlin a~opeared to be vacanto the ~~ara~es mire gore e~pty4 'jhe northc;rn section of the ~.aa^racks i.nstall:~tion tras occu;~ied. ho heatin systc~ra eras in operation. t#n estiiaated 5~J0 trOO?JS tirorc3 seen enbagc~d in various duties in the j>illetinn aria, rrtiile a';out 250 troops ~+rore silnu].taneously abs~:rved outside ttie 1 ~illetinr; area or marching late the installation. x?~ost of the troops Trore red-bordered black epaulets and only a fotir b1acT; bordered b1acl~ oy~a,.il.uts o ;,rtillery in~igni.a. c~ ~ :prevalent, tivhily si~,~aal and rioter transport insignia Sara soon only snoractically. Ta_~{ of~icc~rs raoro seen t~ettree:x t?ze tt~o barracks installations, ::but #i0 percent a.f' the .,;ii zzere ~taunU. Thc~ traci closely cropped hair and seed to bo rQCruitso 1>,~:~ut ~.0 groups, cacti of about 10 soldiers, raceived basic drill in the ~~axracks yardv A,>out 50 young soldiers practiced the construction of field fort3~icati ens in tTxe area adjoining t??ie in.3tallation to the sauthd A:?out 3J trained so7~.iors wvrtced on ten ~T ;loss star@i.xg in front of t?1Q ~"ara^e in the canter of the installation o 1`ho :iT guns were o~: a .1oav,,* caliber, ~; rortar of CONFIDEN_TIA "" -_ CLAS51FfCAfitOFV 5~ ~ is:~ l"t.~/Ua ~)::~, -' Approved For Release 2008/06/24 :CIA-RDP82-004578006800310001-9 Next Review Da#e: 2008 ~ + D'~te7 - ~"~,~~_1~1_$ $ This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENT}AL In accordance with the letter of 16 October i9'l8 #rom the flirector of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. pt_~t~i= Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP82-00457R006800310001-9 vva V. I II . I It 11.. TTT .~ U S c), ICI: STS ONLY 3 Fibout 40 trucks were p.,3 rived in the billeting