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December 14, 2016
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July 22, 2003
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February 19, 1951
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TIAI_ 13E-PORT CD NO. COUNTRY Gerrany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Liquid Fuel s.nd Chemical Exports during November 10'50 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. OP TSC atE73D STAT= V17-1IPi TT!S GiF_+srn io OC Tl28 SGPIOt1rG3 #.CT SO U. S. 6., aB AYID 52. AS A?S OSD, M 7CAH5E5!OOIOSJ OR TRG @6VS'LATi6!I IMTS In AM LVArrXa TO An UrIADt@O0!ZEO PERSON to P2C 6AW. {F5PHODul-MOW OP VMS GOR[i Is PRONISITW) 25X1 1 0 1TELLOFAX 1$ DATE DISTR. 19 FEB 51 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION The following is a list o' liquid fuel and chemical exports DDR9 in the periods i.ll ITo ember and 1-6-27 November !950-- Date No. Caro a 1 Nov. 5 Isopropyl alcohol 10 lie thanol 15 Paraldehyde 30 Diesel oil 35 Aviation gasoline 2 Nova 35 Aviation gasoline 20 Kero-ser;e 15 Ethyl gasoline 4 Nov,, 30 Diesel oil. 8 Methanol 15 Acids 30 Paraldehyde 5 Nov,, 8 Ethyl gasoline 20 Ethyl gasoline I5 Kerosene 6 Acids (from Wolfen) 4 Volatile oils 15. Diesel oil 13 Ma thanol 8 Nov,, 12 isopropyl alcoh 1 8 4n thanol ., qy~ 3 Ethyl gasoline 9 No i7G 30 .~P?e!-Ersene 10 Nov. 6 A .r1?raft lubricants (normal freight cars) 15 Paraldehyde 19 Diesel oil 1Novo 8 Aircraft lubricants (normal freight cars) 5 y?o .617thy'l ga 6 ? 7ethanol.. from the Destination 25X1 25X1 Brest Brest Shabinka Poland . Shabinka Shabinka Poland Dresden/Friedrichstadt Poland Poland Brest for reshipment to I oscow Brest Mnchenbernsdorf Velten Poland Shabinka Shabinka Poland Brest Brest Brost Dresden Poland Brest Brest Shabinka Brest Potsdam Unknc am T CONFIDENTIAL SrhTc NSRG DiS718UTdOti n i 1 wr ARMY FB! This document Is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the 1c' 'or of is Octo, Cr 1 #78 from the c:; actor of Central Ir.:g :; jenCe to the Arc:jivist of the United Ctates. ~':exi Review Date: 2008 Approved Fs QpRN j el a si e a~ T S S C A.:cth\ RR By: 25X1