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December 15, 2016
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June 5, 2003
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February 13, 1951
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Approved ForReleaseeanF6 : CIA-RDP82-0041g yAi n CLASSIFICATION al , 4L, CENTRAL INTEL ENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT =WRY Germamy 2O1io-oziod) and Folna. SUBJECT Handling of Soviet Transit Traffic on the Frankfurt/Oder-Breat?Litovsk Railroad 25X1 PLACE ACQU:RED DATE OF 25X1 INFO, R0106900590004-2 REPOPI C (,D NO. /4 25X1 WE. DIS Fe innaary 1.9f;i1 NO, OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. GUSTED BELOW) SUPFLEME.NT TO REPORT NO 25X1 ^novont 9.415 *NICE CBOT ,C014/M1R OEFOROIRTI011trriECTRIO THE Vitil DE1RalS I Or MEUraUxii ZRA,TO 1.71TRIO reic: =MOOG or TOE ESP1011,60E fiCT V, c.? ARID Sa, 41. 0.3rIJORW, ITS IRARSOZ851011 OR !-"RE REVEL4TIO1 ,04' COLZEiZiii i4ARALER TO ME Wi.0.41111ORIZ.11 pria- GIZA= 110/I.istnosocuon co, 'Ens Maili Z PROOMOTER. ? THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 c The brigade comprises 11 men inoludin,c; throe loceaotive er3Lneers., threo firearm, two conductors and one brakeman. 1,iuring the periods of epplouent the porsonnol live in a caboose. After tuo or three missions they are givtn four days off in aition to anotnor day traveling tink.?,. (1) 2, ah train is escorted by a 3oviet dotaola.ent of ono officer and two four nen riding a special coach. Mc occort detachment io not an 4:..41.(J41t of the brigade. (2) Troroit trains oerato on no lino fro l;furt/O1er to Lrost LcrI via )o.con Estno iarsaw, Siedice.,0 Lukow and Toroopol. is conblc-irack and standardugap is in good condition, cc .dr thoco in Terespol$ rew trackago or loading ramps aro no.. under ccrotxiunc(3; 4. TrAnale,Tlitr.; facilities with 110-ton bridge cranes have boon under (,L1,3,?4" tion in Torespol since Juno Cr July 1950. ?hose facilities arc tinir; used :olusiveay for no transloading of goods crrivinz in Poland froz-. th J., (4) All eastbound frciclit arrivinz from the west is tranaoadad in :rest Li6ov3a 25X1 I throc trains can be transloadod at the same tic,cr transioading operations an empty train of 0oviet-alrl:e cars ie pushed bor/.do the loaded train of standardaugo cars and than is traneloaded car-h-ear by moans of 110 or 60-ton bridge cranes. .(5) pilot-enginocrrido tho engines of transit_ traim between i:ren:Jurt/ Oder and Torespol. Among thoir other duties they must see that tno spee of 55 km/h is not o.?)coodod, :Lcst of the pilots aro ex,per4cced rail- .,:!?cad personnsl who are anti-Soviet ir their attitude. The first Plinth pilot boards the train atgiani. ho 13 relieved in l'esznbr:i.nhal- -pilot who rides the engine as far as Nutno, ,;arsawp ;_dodlce or ;octiaew. Another pilot then tezec over as far as Lukowp and leaves the train Thero is no pilot on the train between Terespol and Lt Litovsk, t locomotives arf. coalotl!' ?mons, ICutno or ::>ochat solzow, jio:dice or Lul.:ow, (7) Luring the stop in Drest Litovsk. the 'ler-man personnel are restricted the irnediate vicinity of their cabooses. which are ]:u.ardod 3y ovist son. i MASS. IFICATIO [STATE. T NAVY I N8R13 v. Ai R x FIII flOISTRIB TION Approved For Release 2003/08/06 : CIA-RDP8 25X1---? .... . ! - ass. EleLgu;?, :.:1 is $ "I:. _riewupyoe 04-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 (1) (2) (3) ? Approved For Release 20E t,orma ts, A-RDP82-00457R006900590004-2 4 LIGaCE AGEFCY 25X1 ITbe construction of a larje nor marshalino yard Just west of .:larsaw,1 I 25X1 not mentioned.. Although this was not express%- 7:.crit.cn., the construction project in Terespol is believed to :include the, i:cTrore- ment of the railroad station in nalaszewice 25X1 (4) Information on the Terespol transloadinz station, 'which is the strain on Brest Litovsk, was tranamitted previously_ 25X1 It is believed that tho transloading station of 7a,laszewicii, located a few kiloneters T7est of Terespol and now bein improved, will be of ::re..atlr impol:- 25X1 tance than Terespol. I I ') ameral frei, ht stations in ',...r.;i', Li tovsk are beth:; used for transloadifk; 25X1 operations. It is not clear which of the stations 25X1 is meant (6) The assioiment of !olish pilots to ,;o-J-iet transit trains opfxating on Polish territory was requested by the. Poles and areed to by the ?oviets, (7) .eor coaling stations used by Lloviet Lransit trains, 25X1 25X1 25X1 -later/du,: to ease NfiatTrila Approved For Release 2003/08/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006900590004-2