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December 19, 2016
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February 1, 2006
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February 20, 1951
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AII~WFease 4t-*NO 2r7 ' CIA-RDP44-00457R006900650014-4 CE tTRAL 9N T E' '!!'EW C . AGO f 25X1 F e~ r .11 Rd,, r !i LJ s ; COUNTRY Gcraany (Soviet zone ) SUBJECT Speech y a;:.l er "J?' is?Ylt 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 468 LT6908I83T C87AI06 10'084A4108 #1C Wr704478881O74& 114-1161 OP WE M WED MAT= t10818 708 CO68{80 ON Th8 BOPIOWACZ, AC4 80 Cl, S. C.. 09 AM 08. AS A88 Th0D. ITS 4RAEI0 80010 3 On 417 W R InTjoD 0.7 148 04:.74C,474?J I8 am t7amm8W 4O A8 rJEA04DOOMea www an ;,Re- 25X1 At an ambassadors' conference T.alter L'lbr?icht delivered an address in the presence of Otto Grote ohi, ueor# ~)ertin^er, Anton Ackermann, state s:,cre- tart' in t!:e Foreign '?:irlistry9 P4:;ter ;'lorir, a department. chief in the orei-n L.inistry,and all ambassadors? In su.'stance ?:lbricht e:'::hasized tLi,:l following current i r'iic1 of the six points pert-inin- to a. .; r('ro,) active and modern peace propaganda ca'^"aig'n ir to he coriducto ' 'ho undermine r -zmili tarization in .';extern Ceerr.any.. i::D propaganda will hel.ce, forth as..u:-o a nurel;r -:acifist character,. b n Un~.ver~::l military training- will be introduced only after conclusion of a peace treat;, with the German i)emocratie Republic (DD10 or in retalia-? tion a,?ai.nat the introduction r,'' universal military training in th "_exrcn i'ed er l ;;.epublic , in the event that military ur.`.ts are activate,' in the ?.,; > a1 r U iC a more vigorous campai_rn for recruitment. of vo1!7ntOers ir. ty: strur., le a ai.nst the menace from ..e t"rn Cermany till be initiate:' in the Ia.,D..;i., c< Ulhricht expressed the belief that the western Powers will decline th- ;repo.' sal for the establishment of an all-Gorman constituent -ouncil along; the pines of the Prai:?ue Decisions, Thereforo he considered it necessary to apr?oin r, representatives for the Federal :'epublic as had previously been done in the case of the People's Congress, the Peace Congress. and to National Counei There representatives, to(--ether with the representatives of the Soviet Lend, of Gcrnan;ry would form the :11rnan council, which in turn wrou4d become a so-c:'Alec Ail-Gernan Government with the cabinet expanded to incli de est"rn G~3r:--an representatives,,. This ,:overnment ti?,ruld t, en seek to obtain reco;-mi tion from foreign powers as 1. cin,_ the onl;r" legal German CovernnenlL.. d -atth nai resistance ".n the w-stern sectors of er li n anr' in t e ! e sub.,li.c must be intonsifi.ed 3o as to com; l ment the peace ca .cent-^erlin .".ill be isolated even more frog... '',sst.-Perl?n an:. the Jo'.riet Zorm'. -inc' w3.3.1 he sub.]ect^-t to ;'norm rigid economic control. Arl attom'': t 1-A t made to roach an und.'.-~ri y ~.,ane+~. :?.~.th ~FD,rdi`,'.~:ma~.rltative , r.nc' !7el-ib?ra e ind onem'..entt. labor union opposition (; G/ in sec L sex li n, Critici sr or' o +: . CLASSIFICATION REPORT CC) UFO,. DATE DIS 20 February 1951 NO, OF PAGES 2 NO. ENCLS, e . _ ,,l 0 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION ------- ---' -------------- Approved For Release 2006/02/27: CIA-RDP82-004578006 '0O65GQ1- - Approved For Release 2006/02/2714 DP82-00457R006900650014-4 CENT LL -IT,,EtLIGlUC:C -%m"At 1CS SPD and the IJGO must therefore be relaxed f o A gh 6y. Percentage of trained police candidates vri1i be assi Ci red to the r',eraitschaftspolizei and large number of prominent L"Dcl furictionarie idl receive training as police officers at the ]police school in Kochst.edt. Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006900650014-4