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December 15, 2016
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July 30, 2003
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March 5, 1951
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Approved F~ Rs'; 4~A8 1 __I I COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Movements of Tank Care CONFIDENTIAL DATE DISIR, 5 i.i 51 NO. Ol. PAGES 2 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATiON 25X1 1. 2. The report that 40,000 tons amounts to five. of c'o th ox" the tank oar e .r a.c .tY of the East Zone is incorrect. he DDR had a total of 8"400 tank cars on hand for all purposes and o every typee. O.c these, at least 15 to 20% is constantly undergoing repairs. A total of 1,650 cars has been assigned exclusively to the delivery of chemical products. Seventy,=six cars have been assigned to the transport of gas. Of the re, -aining on_rs, 2,400 are N cars (tank cars for the transport of mineral oil),, 900 belong to the reserve supply of the Deutsche Kr,ftstoff--und 12inera.loel-Zen: tale, and the remainder is rented or owned by the organizations which require this type cf c-.r for their ;hipents? part of the reparations deliveries which are continuing regular y,. 4. It cannot be ascertained whether or not tank cars were collected to the extent reported moving from Seddin to Ploesti Seddin is a large central collecting point for he East one an is located between Michendorf, Potsdam, and Berlin. Mere cars are collected for ti he prose of making up trains of empty cars for new employment. In additions it should be noted that Seddin is the cost important freight dispatching point in the ?CDR,: 25X1 25X1 a meeting took place t tae DDR Ministeriun fuer Liner- eu sc esi Handel., Aussenhandel and !'.aterialversorgue to discuss 25X1 routine business handled at the transport planning co erences. The riceting was presided over by aotha.upt, chief of the statistical department of the Generaldirektion. Also p vesent were Golz and Peters from the ;i ist s department of transport planning, Weber from the planing department of the Verkehrsministeriun, managers of several Reichsbalrndirektionen, and several observers from the Soviet Control Commission. entire transport plan for petroleum products would have been thrown into con- fusion; this has not been the case o A small number of tank cars are occasionally exchanged with eastern countries. The reported delivery of 40,000 tons of rolling stock to Ploesti 25X1 cannot be eonfirned. For such purposes there are, at the most, . cars available. If the necessary tank cars had been sent as repo ., tted, tank the 3. Tho delivery of 250 tank cars to Brest-Litovsk :,s 25X1 This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 13 OctoLer 1978 from the Director of Central ln:o!f;gence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/06 : Wffl D 82-00457R006900720007-4 ENTIAL 25X1 25X1 By making full use of this type of transpor tp the Fast hae the means cf transporting at least 240,000 tons per month, so that the reported 40,00C tons are no more than one-sixth of capacity. At the present time., the DD1 Govermpent is using an average of 168 tank caws daily for the shipment of petroleum products m This amounts to a total of 5 .,0,40 cars per month and a total volume of 100D000 tons,, SEIPK\'T~ CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2003/08/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006900720007-4