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December 22, 2016
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April 3, 2012
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March 9, 1951
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy p 6Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009cnV -0 ^ HUM .,44LwrAA Zs .. v i F T INFORMATION ORS CD NO. COUNTRY Gerraar ? (I^us^iaa zone) DATE DIS R. 9 MAP 53. SUBJECT Vehicle '2,cpair .Iorlcshops NO. OF PAGES 3 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. THIS DOCQPlENT COPITAI2G IOPORMATION AFFZCTINO THR RATIOIJAL DSPER5E OP TOR !9IllT@lt STATRB t81TNIN THR C?RARINO OF TIE USPICIIAOR ACT BO Q.B. C.. 31 AND 32. AS ACRODRD. 1T3 TRAN?RISBIOI7 OR THE 8 'MATION 07 ITS C7)F.TR81T3 IM ANY 1ANOR8 TO AN UNAUT'IOTITSD PRRIIOII IS PRO. NIDIT6D OT 4117. OS:P6ODDCTIoU OP THIS FOAIJ l3 DROUICIM. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. All 3ovict vehicle repair organizations and wor'shops come under the control of the Uc'n i cle .: d-mi niotration of the Soviet lanistry of ",rmed Forces in iloscovr,# Directly subordinate to the cleparttinnent in T'oscovr and res-'on: ible for the whole vehicle repair organi:ation in Cer iany is the Vehicle ", chi-'_nistrat+on of the Group of Occupation Forces cc am. The exact location of this Departa;aent is no?~ known. The inspector of the Potsdam Department is 50X1-HUM '.iajor Dogachev. ? zor personalities are known. 2. :'~cpairs can only be carried out by vror?cshops in the Soviet one of Germany on tiic basis of written instruct-'oizs from 11'otcc an. 3. An ua 1ahovm nm. ber of officers of the Potsdam Departrmcnt are permanently stationed in Brest-Litovsk, They receive trains carrying vehicles for repair from the 7032super r ' , iUe the rC.I.Oa.C~.1Zaf, of vehicles on trains destined for Geraany, and issue instructions as to v, hich of the Soviet Zone workshops the vehicles are to go. ]cpaired vehicles either forma part of a reserve at the disposal of the Potsdam Department for allocation to units in Germany, or are sent back to the USSR by train. In the latter case the officers in Brest Litovsk supcr- vise their reception there and arran~;-e -'or their forwarding to vehicle parks in the U? - 4. Jorl.-shops are located in It 8nigsvsstcrhausen (for repair of 'Chevrolet', 'Docl;_o I, 7i31ys ~, and ' 7,IS-5' trucks) and in Halle (repair of cars only). In Leipzig, a headquarters is located in the former missing '.!once, Lir.&nnstrasse, which controls the workshops in the Iii z' area and 1--fii dl~ itself is directly subordinate to the Potsdam,: De-aart.nnIt has f our work- shops under Its con and 50X1-HUM 6. The .Iurzon iror,.shop, one of the four shops subordinate to the Leipzig headquarters, has a capacity of 100 trucks a month, and in general 150-1CO vchi cles are re aired there each month. Three hundred fifty German civilians are e..pployed there. They are not allovrod to leave their era;alcyuent without permission. Tcro eight-hour shifts arc worked in the lathe shop (Drchcrci) and one eir ht- hour shift in the. other shops. Document k141 --50X1-HUM-- Alit l U It I 1978 Loto. -=---=------ No Cla4nge in Class. El 0 b!olassif ed C1138L Ch is sd Tw. TS S 7I ? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009-0 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009-0 W ` .. 01 { 1CL Z ataxy C ENTTRAL 3TJTELLIGEIJCE AGENCY `r Vehicles for repair normally arrive at the Jurzen workshop by train: occasionally they are mowed in and on rare occasions arrive under their own povicr. Vehicles arrive eithor from. the USSR or from Soviet units and departments in the Soviet Zone. Those arriving from the USSR are frequently sent back them et'ter repair; vehicles belonging to the Kiev, Lion scow, lhite Russian and Daltic ~:i itary Dis- tricts among others are known to have been repaired in Jurzon. Each vehicle nust have with it on arrival a repair certificate pm-p,red by the Vehicle Ad_rin:i.s tration in Potsdam and bearing the sta; ip and signature of the O.C. cf the unit to .Much it belongs. 8. Every three months the Vehicle administration in Potsdam allots. to all units a quota of vehicles to be repaired during that period. Under no circumstances can this quota be exceeded. If attempts are made to exceed it, a sabotago twitch-hunt begins. Consequently units in the Soviet Zone frequently have large numbers of vehicles off the road? because their quota has not been sufficient to keep pace with the accident and damage rate. 9. Vehicle transport trains from the USSR are usually in the charge of a senior N.C.O. or Junior Lieutenant. The vehicle guard consists of 3. to 7 enlisted men. The guard and the officer or N.C.O. in charge return to the USSR on the next av,..ilable transport. 10. The rorkshop guard at :Jurzen consists of 21. Volkspoliziston under the command of a Poliniei rwachl r jster. 11.. The following norms wore laid down by the Vehicle Administration in Potsdam for the ~iurzer. wworkshop : complete overhaul of a '?ord' truck was not to take More than 106 working hours, of a 'Studebaker' not more than 235 wort ,.ng hours and of a ' ZIS-5' not more than 10 working hours. 12. The Jurzen workshop is subdivided into the folloning shops: a. Gasoline tank shop b. Vehicle superstructure shop c. Paint shop d. Turning shop e. Cabin repair shop f. Shop for repair of mudguards, running-board, hood and twindmvs. g. :gelding and rivetting shop. h. Crank-shaft shop 1, Internal fittings shop J. Whop for electrical fittings k.. Vulcanizing shop 1~ unzthy m,. Disc nantling shop n. Tire shop o, As.embly Department M W M W A t S . OFFICIAL S OIF"LY ? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009-0 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009-0 ry..EW1 t 11LoS. 0 FFIC.LU OIT lJ1 CEIUTMIL IiJTELLIGT:IME AG ITCY 150X1-HUM 13. The following parts and com; odities sere frequently in short supply and caused hold-ups in the repair work: sheet steel 0.5 - C mm; cornea-irons of various sizes; U irons; steel for springs; spare parts for turning benches; electric cable; Schleifhexen; bulbs; nails 16-20 ma; steel for turning. Conrivnt.: In February 1950 this ministry iras dissolved and replaced 50X1-HUM by a ;jar 7.1inistry and a Navy Ministry. This may indicate that this information predates February 1950. -O"i'13ENTi7'fLU,C. C071ICIALS ONLY Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R007000540009-0