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December 14, 2016
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June 7, 2001
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March 12, 1951
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Approved Fpr ele se-2002/0110.3`; .C'A'_ .1 `R9P82-OO457RQQ79QA51$R0 /L .1 7 1 . . _ b. ... f 9 SUBJECT c ri;` i t of Qhine~iG fn F'O?"reo 25X1A 25X1A 12 *r 14,',,R W. i.\3O. OF PAGES M O. OF ENO, VJSTED OELO ) SUPPLE6TZM a 70 25X1X REPORT NO. M.4annstea ( o:'noo) : the aj ; 'i. gb .. t for activity and oo i I: uss icai:iou it In oR?aol S v :gkai ang , `Ln the noylo1,` sae', t..> ;. ie:, ey pest ... .'$iao, has a population of 130,000; of which 50,000 tr_ Wraws. One of :ale foreign residantsD who as Wen here o 30 ;woup z:.._.'.w"d:. o that 70 9.J '11 9.~ yy? Si .? `a. M ~'9G.E, w~.4'i Se of the tj: n.a~se Co .3"zil s? s ? The -23 i. n a ?-eavy ~- and out of S !igkawang9 0 p c ". ) + ' o1,i,,.. which 1 'co . . + a " , and. the ~ t C I ry j The traffic is sup os i to b to and fiom l11c"t..ray Vbtt Morn .s reason to believe that Many 0#5 ply ri stE?ee?A large quentit es of gcods of 0hinvse T:1 EALifac` n `e a:r.'ie ?3 , ".P-''.- _ ,4i :Zit tti nfbne*. 'J a hoz7e and 1a go o anti t i oe o' : abbe. e`er , 2 , Th ~, Z;.. sa 1 r ` . e?e 'i boat an a ttosipt to he e '7 7 n but Y ^tT ft. 1 this i~'7a : eL %~?.`~, sameon vs.o7 Jt I:i 3:. iC :=C7 ? 'e about 30 whit r s;idert,s in S: uftawa-ag wh; 20:i Qor; ;.o.'o of ahem been t4-a? yei tognt out and t Ta loam g W, 9 E 7 ' : i N a i 1 a ' r as a o ulaT io?i Q 05 r 0 about w ry e It has been C @YS~iF+ ?~ .t 'e1 ~ f. 10 Y57010 of We %hinase e G acti5i`oly i'o 'UM s` s . Ti4 the e.,.t r wine 'Pilo ako hate all of {bZ ,- f. We W.uf'~' o hov been a trot 1''?:s 1. m WT'2 U: pawnr i ?:y flnere& irg ths1 coxatk :'oi of c liipi'oe and by i'S1'.` 1a3.7. c t'2:9 CVL-."';ir LS Gioatpiz'z) he '-yo; goj-. ri thew chile ong vho naVe cast _ :? t ftit x`.. .`" ,.,' ~- 3 ir!"~ d?'tkthop.~~ ~ }~ Qt^ Y?1::j 771.E7`~.~' Olaf the C iMMi t POKY, d, 2 ! 2 -7:dlb '~.Y!'u"' t, l.''-Gs"' if.' ,?9a.Sa ior%aL-"xca by this z ' 9 p.:,1: ical inn ' aL`i :_C1 `cake aetioa. C