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March 15, 1951
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`25X1A ,Approved For Release 2006/06/* .--tl*RDP82-00457110071:01111.= ? tINFORP0144110i,:kii E PO RT No BJECT Bauxite Industry in Yugoslavia 25X1A 44. 71 'ATE OF 25X1X t Li 1AL ?ATE D1STR 15 Wir",?R 31 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS,, (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 3, Bauxite is found in the rsic areas along the whole length of the Dinarie mountain range, stretching from Istria to Montenegro. The vality of the bauxite varies: good bauxite is found in Istria, Dalmatia, and Hercegovina, and low grade bauxit3 is found in Like and Montenegro. Before the war, the low grade was rot exploited, but now, because of the wend shortage of aluminium and the researeh work of Dr. Karsulin, A4omic, and A,Lahordny? low grade bauxite fields are beginning to be exploited. The average composition of good quality bauxite in Yugoslavia is: Aluminium oxide - Al? 01 Ferrous oxide - Fee 03 Silicate di-oxide - Si 02 Titanium di-oxide - Ti 02 50 to 65 percent 15 to 25 percent 1 to h percent 1 to 10 percent Production of aluminium, through the Bayer process, with Like and Montenegrin bauxite is often impossible because of the low content of Ale Oe (below 40 percent) and high content of Si 02 (over 40 percent) and caolin. 4, Istria bauxite Bauxite is found between Umaeo and labin, and In the islands of Gres and Locinj, Most of the bauei.:.A js found in well concentratione In valleys and hollows, espeelelly in the areas around Labin, Barbara. Sveta, Medelja, Vizinada, Motevune, Zminja, Forec and Bw.e.t., The depth of Istrean fields varies fror 10 tc 15 motet's, 3ength and breadth from 80 to 100 meters, and bauxite contorts from several_ hundred to three or four thousand. tons, The bauxite is suitable foe . aluminium production and consists of 50 to 57 percent Al2 03 and 3 1 5 percent Si 02 tower grade bauxite is used by the cement factory in ?ulj. Transportation facilities are good, and will be even better when the new Lueoglav-Stalije railroad is completed. Before the ware, Istria produced lmioo tons of bauxite.. Like bauxite fields: Until recently little importance was attached to Taii-Eauxite-E;causE; of its high Si 02 content. The most, important fields are: Grgin Brijeg near Gospie Veatca near Geaeac, Rudopolje near' Venovina, and the area near Skoca on the Bosnian frontier, GLASTFICATION SECW/CONTROL U.S. OFFICIUS ONLY I,x gj NAVY FNNSR3 1 iiUT!ON iV?rt -T 1 1 CI " . iAm ID-EU At 4 r I 1 FBI This cf:y.,ument is hereby regraded to CCt:FIZ';.:N;;Al.. il :--,:-c,ordance with the letter ei 13 Oc::..":,-,cr 1973 from the Director of Ceritrr..: ;1'..el1igence to the Archivist of the. tin;ted States. Next Re.'; ew Date* PM- Release 2 00/05/18 : CI Dmetent Ho. tAas Amth 90004:9 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007100090009-9 ..iEGRET/CONTa0;,,-. U,S, OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE', 7,GENCY 2 5X 1 A a., Grgin Brijeg is the largest field. An idea of its size is given by the fact that it Lttius a hill 250 meters high, covering an area of several square kilometers, compesed almost exclusively of baexieo, redeyellaeh in oolor, Tho Vratca field. is ebout 500 meters length and is 150 meters in depth. The bauxite is a mixture of .red and white, e. The Rudonolje field cevere an area of six square kilometers. (L The Skoca field has rot yet been properly osploited The Dalmat3an ben.,tite Melds: The be3t quality and hig:iest quantity of baudt ia Yugoslavia is produced in Dalmatia. Bauxite is produced on The islands of Crt-s, leepari, Rab, Hvar, Peg, and Solta, and on the main- land, betueeu Velebit and Tyntsk-t at Obrovac, Kistanj, Drverik, CXalaj., Knin? Nalum, Umao. Drnis, Skradia, Muc, Sirj, and Imotski. The main entere are at Dreis, Tmoleki and Drvenik. Production centers are served by the Drnis.elelusje and 3pliteSinj railroads. Bauxite reeerves are now reported to be 20,000,000 tons" xo Bosnia baelxite fieldo; Th2 tao uost :important fields are located near tawx.r Bihac and Bosanska Krupa. respectively, Two new fields of some im- portanee have recently been discovered near Jajoe and Bespelje The transportation of Bosnian bauxite to the sea has been considerably facilitated by the construction of the new Bihac-Knin railroadp Transportation to the Strrisce plant near Ptuj can be effected by normal gauge railroad. Hercegovira bauxite fields: Bauxite deposits in Hercegovina are mach achor tharin-ii-osnia. Quality is also good and suitable for commercial production of altniniun. The main fields are: a" Donancvic, on the left bank of the Neretva River. Reserves are estimated at 250s:000 ton, 2ality is or the SiO2 content varying between 10 and 12 percent. b. Citiuk, on the right bark of the Neretv River, The fields cover an area of over 50 square kilometers, a':id include 15 major mihe3 The largest mine le located at Gornje 3latr.tca" Reservee total over 22,500,000 tons, Sireki Brijeg and Kocerina The fields extend alongside the '',:este7e- Pos'ue road between Knez Poje nd Kocerine, south of the Ugrove,ca River, They include ten major mines mWeeh, before the mar, produeeek some 230,000 tons annually. TAe test bauxite is mined near Skeeki ?.Bijeg, where reserves exceed 900,000 tcnso Deposits lie cloee to the achrface and are therefo:ee easily mined. Cempovition of a'velrec;e- qua(Uy bauxite, intr1 area is A,1 01 up to 60 pereo,; up ee ;>r pereent; Si 02 to one oerf!ert, 9.Montener;re ;Dneedte fteide: ,Iontenegrin bau:te is red and lehite tn color, eentAining either too much or too 1le Si 02. White tanxjte mineei le.eaune it ornteine mntmorilionito useful to tht, Tbe TaiE fielon are PS f03107,1! zt, From }Lan and Zelenika, near Kotor to Ulcinj. The gost ioorrat adze is at Dora Voda, sevan kilometers from UJcar b. Area Niknic t,) on Trebinje-Foca toad, a.t includes the impotAnt. BiJele roljane and Carey Most nine. A rosql, 15 kilometers ts bein7 built betJ4en 8ijole Polne and Nikt,le for thc traportation o.bairYlto, ,,,3-101rene ilarvvdte fA.711es,,, F7,ploitatior of the Slovene bauxite deposits , bee'in to rl,ly ,,rc.,:ent until t17:ei rr P alumksiam plant is 6t t r(1,6114.7.ticT! tc ' 7 Approved For Release 2000/018 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007100090009-9 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007100090009-9 ET/CONTROL -U S, OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLICTIMCE AaNCY Vrint7N-r. 141 a, Iloz-Velenje, with mios at SrIstanj (7ic) and Kamaik - very limited ouantities. Bohind area - very liA*ted cuantitics 25X1A TopAseica. Produrtorz: Pre-;Nar riYure-, r/r Yagcslav produ