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November 16, 2016
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April 7, 2000
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March 20, 1951
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..:?.:]tlC' ION J Approved For RektOOdJL'ID8057R00711 6 F TIO PORT CD NO. OUNTRY 0,zr-rhoslovak .a 7/~TE GISTR on M SUBJEC LACE ACQUIRED DATE OF `INFO. Tatra "torks at Rolin 25X1A .. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1X SUPPLE )ENT TO REPORT NO. 1. he Tatra 'lorks, "rational Corporation at Kolin, employ about 900 r-srsonsp of ?thon about 700 are non; 150 of the total force are clerks and 750 i-iorkers. ':fork is done in two shifts of eight hours each. 2, T-adinry Personnel are: a. Linecek, nanaginr; director. b. Frantisok 11rdy, official in charge of security. C, !,anan, political official in chary e of Personnel. d. Frantioek 'arical, chai an of trorkers' council. o?. Vlasttinil Kalva, cor?nander of the w.rorkers' nilitIa;, All of them are ronbers of the Communist Pa-t~r. Troductioa at the Tatra 'Torks consists of the fo1lowincF: a Pailroad coaches; sore Parts such as bra? os, dynamos and interior furnish- i rv s are su-Trl?.ed by tether riants. '3. Oran railroad frei^ht cars capable of I3verse loa'ing. e. Oren railroad frei'ht cars 'Pith .. 'ix axles for transportation of 1.1earons. (I. T--Piny cars for retallur ical works. (i1 of these cars have standard 7auM. 4. Two to four f rei.?ht cars of various tyres are Produced 'ioe?.77. The irro'Iuction of heavy oven railroad fre?g'it cars with six axles wwas started in February 1950 and 30 cars have been completed. I;ach.:`!nin- of sous-finished products such as axles and wheels is also done at the works. This document is hereby regrad d r c ro.st of inc uMted tales. Next Ivi9Uale o2r~Reease 2000/ or of 15 Oc:o! er 1978 from the Dstector of Contra! 1stelligence to the A h'; CONFIDF:N r IAL 11 accordance with the I if CONFIDENTIAL 1 NO, of PAGES f U CI ~y~yAR Approved For Release 2000/05/18 :._C,6P82-00457R007100090011-6 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL 5 Tatra has the fol o' inr'. r'ach_..~ e--, : is 3,,5-4 n, T um, or-y: 16 -ill in- machines 4 -rin _-1rilhin^ r.,ach?nes 4 y'3nnir:"0 `mchines 11 'Forrre u electric har.W^ors ?4, i w furnaces I. A e :bly chop : 5 trcivellin C?"3_vies 1 lame electric shears e,, Mc aorhly shop M. 2 traYnUinr cranes [ bottleneck in rroduction iv s been caused by the lack of iron bar.3 and of ueld- in- , achines. The t,",iinereablo point In the `.t)ew is the tra-lsfor"-or? Wait 30 rercent eI r oluct on In used dos" ecticall.,% The re 'ainder is exrnrtoi as roll.o3rs: r i lroa,3 coaches to 'it?rkey; open railroad fr iKht cars to 'restern Gem" any? '~tar~orate is poor., orkers are c?issatiafiod ,,dtli the rethod of eo^iput3ne* nCrsc and iriioh tor ea:cnin s. Thom is considerable absonteai.sri but no rrcat varIati_on in the nu tber of workers ~)ecatuie they are not re: witted to transfer to another factor rw Absenteeisr; results In severe runichr..ent, sorzetircas assi rr:err; to a forced labor c` 'p4 An ec-lrior - syste like that used at Bata b as been instituted. Ifrtac'.1" erzt: Sketch siairr3nr* insiallcr',iaris at the Tatra Torts at Kolin. Lxmnl-to el t hnn 1,. .~ i.:? la 24 Administration buildin(r 3.. offices ra Gnte / >> ti. rra axes (sic) y c W ;Store of mints Assembly shop Il 'b. Varn; s'iinr shop c. An emb1y shop I d. L-)ckeritha s shop o. Lithe shop f. Trar_sfor'er Tool sh,Op h. I2a intonance Joiner's ohor) 9,. Offices and arsenal 11). a. Gorrrns.aors b.. Boi.lerhouse 11.7 a . Sbithy b., 3-4 electric banners 12., Tri-nr:inr; shop 13, i win store 14.: 'rarnjs i..n'" shop 15.. Villa of director 16,- Gar-apes 17-19. Stores -1. Kol.in efinery of ineral C j1s, ;.rational Corporation B. Zolin Plant for Coffee S'ubititutes CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/05/.13 ~-RDP82-00457R007100090011-6 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA; P CBTU11L INTELLIGEiTCE AGETTC% ATTACT1 ET I " Ovcary Approved For Release 20 Uorks at Kolin I NC PAti 1-6 ~---~ Kolin N0457R007100090011-6