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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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March 19, 1951
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c F; j: ?y25X1A Approved For Re44kQ_W82-0045'+~Q1 , !? lNT`? ' 'Jun ; 40 N I 0 CONFIDENTIAL CO O. DA F. DISTR 19 Mar- 51 71 ` BJECT 3rd In eeersdent Scoutin: ttslion No. OF PAGES PLACE 25X1 A ACQUIREL DATE OF INFO. 25X1 X NO,. OF ENCLS. (LISTED MOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, 1fl The 3rd Independent Armored. Scouting Battalion, formerly stationed in 25X1 A Szombathely, 'was transferred o; o Sarvrr, 20 kilometers to the east. Only about 35 men remained in the cavalry barracks in asorba.thely. 2. The commayder, of the battalion is Lt. Col. Gyula Sarodi; the deputy commander 25X1 B is IMaj? Istvr'!n YA:oly. The battalion has the following subordinate units: 1 cor ^.any of tan?ks. Stren;th, 85 men, equipped with 8 T -34 tanks. I corn}any of assault artillery; 65 men, with 6 "Nirxod cn-,.rs4". 1 con' any of anti-tank artillery; about 100 men with six 76.2 rm, guns and tir,:?ee 140 :r"". autorn tic tuns (Russian) 2 com-:a.nies of :motorized infantry; about 150 men each. ?. reconnaissance platoon; 35 :en. 1 motorcycle platoon; 40nion. 1 mortar platoon; 50 r.en, with four 82 rn.. mortars and six 52 m r., mortars., ]. platoon of engineers; about 4O men. Equipment includes 21 :3otond (sic) trucks, 16 motorcycles, 10 with side-cars. 25X1X 25X1X 3, ^, I.eges that the battalion is attached to a. 9th Motorized Infantry Division, with headquarters at- Celldft 81k. _ CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION BI __.j _.1 This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 13 Oc:a':.or 1973 from the Director of Centro: I,itelligence to the Archivist of the United States. APPr vied IFaOr. P Pease 2000/~ T/COINTI?OL - U.S. OI'T~ ICIALS ONLY DISTRIBUTION i I ,_.I!?c-ument N0.-- ._ t 8 General fotors nri:e rovers,, and Bay 1 uth. Date: 5/18: CIA-RD-82_0