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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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March 19, 1951
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SSIFICATO S2 ?JT LOAIH Approved Ior Release 200:.,/0 / ? GIt 82-004 1 H FO AT ON DEPORT CD NO.. I V CC UNT 1 ' yafr,;slavia SUBJECT Paper Factory in Cacak PLACE 25X1 A ACQUIPED NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. 25X1 X REPORT NO. 1. In Cacak there is a paper factory located near the Zapadna ':iorava river and about 100 meters from the Cacak railroad station, It has approximately 340 employees. It was known as the property of Pantic and Company before the war ants. at that time had 100 employees. 2. The factory has the following buildings-' (a) A cne-.story building, 10 meters by 50 meters. All paper manufacturing machinery is in this building. (b) A one-story building, 30 meters by 15 meters, where the paper (0) (d) is cut and packed. Two repair shops, 10 meters by 15 meters. A two-story administration building, 20 meters by 15 meters, constructed in 1949. Tiorker?s' mass hall,, 10 meters by 7 meters. An old warehouse. Two warehouses, constructed in 1949. 3. The technical manager is Iihgineer ?livaid, who is not a Communist. Rajko Lliletic is the bookkeeper. 4. Production is 10 tons of paper every 24 hours. The paper mostly is used for n sps.pers and cardboard. 5. Source of power for the factory is a steam engine which operates one generator. It consumes approximately 30 tons of inferior quality coal each day. 6. Raw materials consist of cellulose imported from Czechoslovakia, old rags, and paper. It is alleged that the factory would be supplied with cellulose produced in Yugoslavia. CLASSIFICATION SECCIT PSSRR ray This document is hereby regrad7th CONFIDENTIAL in accordance wiletter of 13 October 1978 from Director of Central lnte!ligence t /05/18: CIA RU 2-04 ZR00710015000 WNFIDLNTIAL DATE DISTR. 19 agar- ai Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007100150009-2 CM RAL I'N1ML.LGE CE AGE2Cd CONiIDENTIAL 25X1A 7~ The factory has a railroad aiding whore empty freight care are pulled clog the track to the Qs.atory by four oxen. t3