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November 16, 2016
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April 4, 2000
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February 14, 1952
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25X1A s 1 f`3:1{$"i.,?;" JN ^) 1,E1.r~,J1V.Ed;!J.as R3.'7. ',)Vr.LUiAL, pJ1YLY Approved For Re Ieas Q ` 82-00457iOW1GOB REPORT CD NO COUNTRY USSR (i ulbyahev Ohl.ast) SUBJECT Ku,1byshev/:kryazh 25X1 C 25X1 C DATE DISTR. 14 Feb. 1952 OF PAGES 1. NO. OF ENCLS. DO NOT CIRCULATE (LISTED OELOYO SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. she airfield is appro cimately 1! Ion south of Ko byshev (53?l2111/50?09cE) Kv4rhysh v Oblast, between the Volga River and the double track railroad line leading from K t br, 'shev to Penza (53012T/2450011E), approximately 1- :n north of Kryash (53?0821f/5O?062E). The Ku?by>hev-Kryash road roans just west of the eid. he level airfield, qprox:imately 3 In square,, was s=.irroundcd by fields. (here were no concrete runways or taxiway,:,. 2,, Abo"t 3 to 10 small hangars were on the raorthoxn edge of the (field, Nearby there were small barracks bu4.dings. 3 uUN II IULIA I ILL CLASSIFICATION S T/C0NiT1i0L - W OFF1CIA.LS UNIX STE 1BUTION _E: I I NAVY 7---:A:T: A RMY AIR ,ji FBI Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0071003~04 6 S- /~ the field vms oceirn Iec? by about 50 to 60 biplanes.,, Local f".; i..ghts and individual parachute jumps vt?;re .ado., **-, The airfield is exactly 3 1c south of Kx yyash, not to the north. row... connecting T rbyshev., i .ryash, an Preobraziiunk a (5300 4 N/50?08 ~~ E runs just west of t I field, The Ku pyshev-?Penza railroad line passes the fir' field farther to the west,. See U31F Target Complex Chart of Ku)=by shev, 01b5- 9998--100 a=mt :'osaic USAF Target Complex Eosaic Series 25 0l65y9998'4i-25 d{o The reported size of :" c3 km i:, approximately correct,, The information is received for ti-.e first time. The occupation by biplanes,, v(hich indicates that a pilot school for - eginnor 7 was stationed at the field, contradicts a previous report $ ccord-, in ; to which Liglhters were alle; edly stationed at the field during the sums period of observati on