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December 21, 2016
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February 17, 2009
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February 19, 1951
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Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 CLASSIFICATION" COUNTRY _. Germany (Soviet Zone) TOPIC'tail Trove erxts REPORT EVALUATION DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES-._ PAGES . -ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE REI AR!'5 r._.... _. 1o Military Shipments observed 1951 included: Shi Mnt One gondola car with prifile iron and bars (Stab- and Formeisen) Two gondola cars with scrapped rotor t e- ni.cle parts Cre ..?oxcar with 108x?racks furniture One boxcar with un- identified cargo Eighteen gondola cars with coal Thirteen gondola cars with coal. From.-To and Date * Cons y ;nee Dispatcher Suh1, Thuringia, to Simson and Co Oberschoeneweide; seen at Sedd9n railroad station 6 January Schoenebeck/Elbe to Oberschoereweide; seen at Seddin railroad station 6 January Berlin-M.1a ,erviehhof to Volkspolizei Prenzlau; seen at Sed- post din railroad station 6 January Grueneberg to Satzkorn; seen at iusterr;.ark rail- road station 11 January Klettiwitz to Bernau; seen at Schooneweide railroad station 14 January 73rieske to Karlshorst; seen at Schoonev,eide railroad station 11.E January LOA etti~een 6 and 15 January 25X1 25X1 L1,e?utenant Kuidzaar (,fnu), Vm 6 ICech, SCC, , Lieutenant Colonel Vc'1' kov (fnu),, 17 -heinstein- strasse, Karls. horat No Change Ire Cla ^__ __ ____ Class. e-,N lgY., ,1 T0: 1's S C Auth.: jI~i Oats: z6O'1 Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 01 i'l- OBTAINED ~ Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 SEE CR El_ CO1 Tk0L/ITS G 10IIALS ONLY 2 Ten gondola cars with coal 1rori To and Date Brieske to Karlshorst; seen at Schoenevreide railroad station :15 January- Consignee Sergeant Nevaar (fnu ) 2e Between 23 and 25 January 1951, the following military shipments were iden- tified frora records of.$ or observed at, the Frankfurt/Oder freight yard: Sh went Three flatcars with ner;i signal vehicles From-To and Date Brest Litovsk to Fnerstenwalde 23 January Frankfurt/Oiler to Fuerstenwalde 23 January Frankfurt/skier to Berlin Lichtenberg 23 January fisoatcher T snty .tc ur empty boxcars with 7 empty flatcars Three empty flat- Cars Eighteen tank cars with military fu Pine tank cars with alit fue~~ Eleven bowers with military goods Five flatcars and one boxcar with 15 field kitchens Four empty flatcars Seven empty flatcars Four flatcars with boat trailers; Three flatcars and one boxcar L'ait~'2 nec trucks Brest .Li tovak to Velten 23 January Brest .Litovsk to Velten 23 January r. uellrose to Altluedorsdorf 24 January 'ranscfurt/Oder to Jueterbog 24 January 'rankfurt/peer to uerstenfavalde 2. January Frankfurt/Oder to Berlin-Lichtenberg 24 January Brost-Litovsk to Ketschendorf 24 January 3rest;.Litovskc to Deriill-A , ,malsbur? 24 January 5 EMI. ,1-CUNNT11OL/US CnavIidz Ci} LY CORIFE ENTIA L Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 5hi2ment-- '_li rv hi l Cite boxcar with ammunition; Qlae boxcar with arr unit ion.- One boxcar with uni- dentified cargo Ten boxcars w _th military `oods Orie boxcar with matches One boxcar with military goods One boxcar with military Foods Ten boxcars with military goods Three boxcars with military equipment Ten empty boxcars and 26 empty flatcars fifteen oripty flat- cars Three empty flatcars =aT~ ON'IT O /t3S OF'F'ICIAL: OILY 3 `rom -To and Date Drest..Litovsk to Velton 2)4 January Brest.Litovsk to Dannenwalde 24 January Brest-Litovsk to Roederau 24 January Frankfurt/Oder to Jueterbog 25 January Frankfurt/Oder to Fberswalde 25 January .L,ranikfurt/Oder to Fuerstenberg 25 January Frankfurt/Odor to L agdeburg 25 January Frankfurt/Oder to Velten 25 January Muellrose to Ebermvalde 25 January Seifhennersdorf to Dernau 215 January F'rankf'urt/Oiler to ii)aerstenwalde 25 January Ir:?ankfurt/Odor to Lichtenberg, 25 January F'rankf urt/Oder to Berlin- w.7.elehurg 25 January T CV1 1r.hOL/L3 Uil 11J ;t1,) ally 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7 $U K.T_Ct fdTROWU3 ci FICIM S CULY -~Coment Lieutenant Colonel Volkov (fm!) ' rept ted connection with the tech off3 ce of T Se S C 3n Karlshorste N o,17 Rheinstoi.nctrassd is located in the Karlshorst restricted area. Approved For Release 2009/02/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R007200090003-7