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December 14, 2016
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November 2, 2000
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April 20, 1951
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25X1A a; [V? `?" DTI rf~G1h882-004593b? Approved Fo elease 20 FOR ATJOU REPORT' OLIN TRY Argentina U3JECT Uhi t Ui51 ft. U APR 51 Violence Between Personnel of & ftoi& and NO. OF PAGES 2 the C"=?i' '0 4 'y ..(;].j'~ 25X1 A J\Ct tl1RED - ;3 - E OF IN,=O,. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) RE 25X1X SUPPLEMENT TO On the morning of 27 February 1951 personnel of I& ED= voted to have their paper reappear in Buenos Aires, and for that reason they elected to return to their work despite opposition from elements of the Confederation General del Trabajo (CGT). Two reasons for their decision to return to work were: (1) to force the government to take some action in their favor, and (2) to prove to the government and the general public that the personnel ..We,. , were not on strike. 2. employees, both plant and office workers' began to gather at noon on 27 February, The CGT, having been advised meanwhile of the gathering, sent eight maw (killers) to break up the crowd.* CGT officials were of the opinion that the workers would disperse, but when they shoved ' Ulingness to leave and otherwise displayed their displeasure the matones opened[ fire. A well-informed police officiaal told source that two persons were killed and six injured during the violence.*'* Only one member of the CGT, apparently a leader, was injured. Hs fired eight shots, inflicting serious injury on the workers. The latter retaliated by beating him severely. It was then that the police intervened.*** The violence took place at about 2,455p.m. in front of the shops of fie?, located at Asopardo and Chile streets, 3. Reports of the incident which have appeared in Buenos Aires papers were "cooked up" at the Sub-secretariat of Information and Press following orders given by T'ajor Carlos Al sq a Casa Rosada official. According to sot ce, articles declaring that the shooting was done by the newspaper workers are false. 4. Officials in the Casa Fr.sada are annoyed at the CGT because of the shooting. Although the officials ;ranted the crowd broken up they did not countenance the shooting. They believed that the incident would bring criticism from all over the world. 5. Raul Apold, head of the Sub-secretariat of Information and Press, has been ordered to play up in all newspapers and radios the "criminal action" of the I&IrmeM , According to an official-of the Sub-secretariat, the order came from 2 . jor (rlos Aloe, 25X1A ~__!gent. This statement was made by an official of the Sub-secretariat of Information and Press. CLASSIFICATION r~nr?FTB~;r~rnlnt, '~33TATG fY NAVY NSRe .ARMY AfR E F~DISTRIEUTION S~ Chance In Class. Ld o. ed d Tc; is S e 0.2 Approved For Release2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82 004- CONF!DIN,, lJT 11 LL Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R00730042dbM CE I`PRAL INTELLIGENCE- AGENCY 25X1A `z Q Preen reports published here said that only one 2ff i r,, a certain Roberto Nunez, was killed, * -Q in a Had it not been for police intervention the COT man would have been beaten to deaths Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R007300420004-5