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December 22, 2016
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May 5, 2011
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April 20, 1951
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? AI'Y4IriflfMTI.A~, ;r . ,.~ ,T, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/05: CIA-RDP82r00457R007300440011-5 d.s :.?l I KAL i ci i tLLitaLNL, ?'LIES (01 REPOR TL 4 ATI N REPORT 1UN`TR Oerr any (Russian Zone) ".!B.IECT Dave lor+r :nts it Frankfurt/Oder Rrilway S t;ation QUIRED TE Or FO. :;'3a,A Wti`?:i?91RS'~"OS'31'!15?1$ 60FOA<iFOg 8'AN'SC'-7~tlS NNE Etl:sYC&l3~8k Yih"Y61'di" ,.P 7Np R5=0 SITAM VMt" Ills 139AR106 03 7Pi31 $PIOPYA ACY Bl.. CATE DISTR. 20 :'. ;' T, I NO.. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS'. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 51 50X1-HUM Between 3 and 8 Janu-ry 1951, a fairly thorough change of rersonnel was eZfected at the Frankfurt/Oder railway station. The uea-sannel affected include inspection officials, marshaling personnel, officials of the car inspection service, loading personnel, switch personneipand a nur.?iber of eirloyees from these sections have been transferred to Erkner, Fuerstenwa].de,, Cottbus, Beeskow, Storkow, and other stations of the Deutsche Reichsbahn; the Bahnbetriebskwerk personnel has not been affected. In exchange, personnel from Erkner and the other stations have been assigned to work at the Frankfurt/ -t-ti __- OA-- 2. While no official reasons were given for the transfers. believe that the Deutsche Reichabahn and the Soviet authorities felt that in recent months the German personnel in Frankfurt/Odor had become too friendly with the Polish railway personnel --resent at the Frankfurt/Oder railway station. In addition, there were numerous complaints concerning the n mmnber of damaged cars which appeared on the reparations trains from Frankfurt/ Oder to Brest-Litovsk and which the Polish Railway Administration had been obliged to uncouple from trains passing through its territory and put aside for repairs., Such damage, according to the Soviet authorities and the Deutsche Eisenbehn-Vertwra.ltung, was nothing less than sabotage.. 3., The decrease in traffic at Frankfurt/Odes, following the late January rush,, has continued,and all goods trains which had been delayed at Frankfurt/Oder have left. On 21 January 1951, the station at Frankfurt/Odder was virtually ora.pty u 4. On 23 January 1951, work was to be started on surveying a site at Frankfurt/Osier Prior to starting work on a now customs station. The plan envisaged the development and extension of an area for the laying of two train tracks and six secondary tracks between Busehm alenw?eg and the Cider railroad bridge (Eisenbahn-Oderbruecke } Mar the present railway eman' lent. At the ,e,ms time, a second track would be across the present railway bridge over the Ckler, 5. Priority has been given to the rebuilding of the road bridge over the Oder which must be ready by 30 September 1951. CLASSIFICATION SEq%ET/86 ROL - U S OFFICIALS ONLY . . STATE NAVY iVSR6 DISTRIBUTION ARMY , J AIR F$I (~ CONFIDENTIAL Document No. --------------- We Change In Class. [7 Declassified Class. Changed To: TS S57 Auth.: HR 70.2 I Bate: By: Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R007300440011-5