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December 14, 2016
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March 22, 2001
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March 2, 1951
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Approved For Release 2001/04/19 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007300560002-2 CLASSIFICATION 25X1A COUNTRY ^.,, ---- - REPORT NO._ TOPIC EVALUATION ``"` "` ?--,--PLACE OBTAINED DATE OF CONTENT "c-+-7. t-- 1 ol,5 ?2 ???y l2-22) DATE OBTAINED 25X1 A DATE PREPARED REFERENCES PAGES-------L-- ENCLOSURES (NO. 8 rrPE)i REMARKS 25X1X nn rri+.t n 1. The road '?r .d e across the Vijose Itiv;r b,:t.veen Vlore and Vie - is located on he Vlone Fier hi. 'hwa?ry, a' 0-t 10 ,c:- northe.:st of j''i.ero # '~'he Vi jos' hiver is not navit-ahle o The t, idf;e is a sLr~el 1 irder structure restzriC on cc-ncrote `if'.ra and. abutments, It has five. s---ans. The l)ri.d 'e a. (roaches and its roadway are as altedo *u2. itt the v: i. thdra.t.l of the (.e.-,nan ,'rr:y the old arch br:i.d e ,,,as de;r.olis'ry.ed exce- t for t'--c- two center viers n no' Vie riddle a.: ch, The brt ctf-e reconstructed as a ~. irde ' ri dr. e and ..penes tc.- traffic on 1 2"loversber 1945 O'ly the middle section of the .i'orr._er '-rideo v,?,; rre.-crvedY Its roadv,fiy is is meters vide chile t?le roadi aY of :'re ncr section of t4'e 'uric' c is only 2?i r eter-s vide. Two oil pipe lines run outside the bridge roadway, only in he s:ide'1e sectt;icn are tt. ey laid on the c1d vie r?u'~ lks, each G0 cr The ':--r'c'ce construction .:oak ;,as cor:fc letec: by "ay 1950 art t,,e ri.v,- tied cleared of dehri s o 3. The :?.rid; e has fo ?r pixrrs; it:- inside lon-tiis 100 reters, each of the five s'",' iris bein ? 20 ; oters lon; 'i':c, rtrut';ti!r-3 stands 1C r oLers a' ove t' :e s'; roar- at r:ean rat it level, Dip load capacity o ' the hric:re i ; adequate for all vet:ieulL.r traffic. source srrv trucks u,% to 10 tons c:esr t"r 'hriC -e; ti e'er: :'as a speed liy ^t of 30 k:r/h, T'no brid-e i'iiarded ~1'r riri Al,'a.nian elicn .'V-bail of n,o'.t "c'..r r"reri statior.ed in nearly hoi'cn. 0*'ntr'ols re nv,t n.:crci^ed 4 ',.o infor_ ation on the location of de r olitid n bolas as available In =-' urwer td,e o.' t'-o Vi,jo: r River usually dry; at Nigh i?rtr-,r in r-ri r. and fall t':e river was to 3 r;:reter , doe, and 100 -_e Lers Vide. source, .-.ho frequently rode t_hrou h the country and thus -ocai::ze familiar V~ith t.ii ii.l'r znian road cyatee, scup T:lied to f. ollo .ing data (rt Alt avian rcadse ad Vlone-Fier.-Tirana, 6 r oters vide, asphalted, b p V1one-G jinolmster, 4. meters ride, a rolled mountain road? co- fires-Tirana, 6 meters wide,,, aspk .1ted, d 'Rurres.Elbasan, 6 meters taide, asphalted. rr ecccPii .ATtf1R4 r:'71,11) Class. Chmnged Tok TS S Auth.iA ovech For Release . Declassified No Change In Class -"~-- - "h.~~.. Datel By, P1!_=- MT:. r Irr~.,n ?tc~T /Th f)!?'d'TrT - T.f. Approved For Release 2001/04/19 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007300560002-2 25X1A TU['I:`tT? 2 6. construction work on a road 25X1A e. Tirana-Shkoder, 6 meters wide, partly asphalted,, f. Tirana-Elbasan, 6 meters wide, mountain road, partly asphalted, -x The new road was .rivers a 15 to 20-cm base of pebbles and a tor, layer of gravel 5 cm thick'. By March 1946 the road was built as far as 15 I from Kucm 25X1A Comrent. This bridge is on the most important north-south route of the coon ry, etwoen Mope ant Fier it ru --1 2 th ns 01,18 f eastern et a of the swampy coastal plain and leads to Tiranaa Cam For drawings of the bridge, see Annex lm Nxcep' for the roads under b and f the highways mont: -n~Dd are located in the flat western :,art of the country,, 1 ith ref-;.:rd to the sparse railroad net they are of treat military and ocono_ii.c importance For Sketch shoring highways in Albania, see Annex 2, 2 Annexes: 2 sketches on ditto., CENFIDFNTIAL/CC'`T 0L/US OFs'ICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/04/19 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007300560002-2