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December 14, 2016
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November 2, 2000
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April 20, 1951
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ti e -, OL -~ :, . ~,,, .?gin ~ , T? , 25X1 A Approved For Re11D2O'1(1.1?1 .QR82-00455,7T3,95 COUNTR Indorix'.r SUBJECT thi:imse Co anist Aid to Viet 3:?.rrh PLACE ACQUIRED) DATE OF I NFO., 25X1A Technieajs. -oerso ne1 will b: diR'- a.tched to Viet 'Parr to establish three arssenals"44, the locations of which will be chosen by the ;Tic!t 141rih., 2. z'a e r G' nera I. No ..g, o- ssu- ( /` ' (?':Ier save mi? i tar arri sec to the Soviet AcLvi ory Ission in Pe1nin,;, left PP4 ;+i;Ir. with 120 lcarrt t advisera irxc:ur' ins Yu-lu?-sera cn 1 (? Yulz sky) The ,?roiro arrived in Canton by train on 7 an'? 8 January. Thy went to Canton to helr Y7H Chim4avin,- r:rrgani^e t^a new arrW **** 25X1A 25X1 A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Corr nt. For ar senal3 in Indochina 25X1X other inforration on th? estnbli ghrnent of cr=5r '? This is probably the 6 Field r,rrrg. STiE '_NAVY Coment, The Vietnamese equivalent 13 ')osslblg* 111 The.- trt n ?)ME : !S1 , 20 ^.i S 51 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. ;LfSTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT 170 REPORT NO L. :.Al Chluan-chu q( A 4.) and ttn Shih-shun ( a Viet Hthh rielegate` vc~~. t to Weaning recently ani returned. to Canton or, J n ~ , chile in Pei,}tr WIT reached, an unierstaMint with LTUJ Shao-chOl and CHIT To on fi?=e item concerning Chthese Com unist aid to the Viet M1.-rh, a Japanese will be magi, available to as3ist the Vi.t Micah- b, China will ,mdartakp the tr. iu1nc of 50,000 Viet 'NNinh trooniz. c.. 3upnlies being sent to the Viet Minh will be increa8ed by 5C) uercent within the next three r?onthso d. The Viet NIn,h will be allovrad to cen.rt personnel to r?ec~aive txiation training in PeinsnC. C