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December 20, 2016
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December 23, 2005
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March 15, 1951
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INTELt 11 M' NTRY 001'241K TOPIC t llztar;~r :Rail :o1wer3eat's 25 01 EV`ALuATiON-,..,L 25 1 DATE OF CONTEN DATE OBTAINEDF REFERENCES PAGES,- h REMARKS. SOURCE 25X1X J Document No Change In Class. [] Dccla s"kfied Class. Cl=pnged To: TS rS 4 Auth.: I~~7, Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : Cl FjQFe$2_O0+ 3_ ase 2 142 : CIA-RDP82, 00457R007300680005-6. 406 CLASSIFICATION''" ` ENCLOSURES Shipment Empty train of 51 Lia tears Empty train of 29 flatcars Empty train of 13 flatcars Empty train of 30 flatcars Empty train of 23 flatcars Eilenburg to Berlin--Rulsburg 20 February Zerb }t to Eborewalde 27. February Eilenburg to Berlin-Runmelsburg 23 February Elsterwerda to Neustrelitz 2 4 February Dresden to Sassnitz ~ 5 February Troop train of 12 boxcars and 24 :Flat- Kuestrin to airs. loaded with troops and r ateriel Jueterbog--Altes Lager 26 February 2. .iilitary shipments identified at9 the Frankfurt/Oder freight yard between 25 and 27 February 15153 ; L,PLACE OBTAINE' 25X1A DATE PREPARED 15 "arch 951 T/CONTROL/US OFF Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007300680005-6 SI;CRs /CG,4TItOL/US OFFICIALS OTTLY Shipment Forty-eight flat- cars and 17 gondola cars Four empty flatcars Forty-five, 51 and 12 boxcars with grain mutt' shuttle-train :f 56 boxcars for transoortation of grain f 54 boxcars o r'naportation of grain Twenty-one boxcars with arnrmmition Une boxcar with distilling appara- tuses Seven boxcars with rril.itar^y goods; Zi ht boxcars with armuni.tion; Twenty-seven tank cars with military fuel One boxcar with military ,oods; Twelve boxcars with military goods; Four boxcars with From-To and 'Date Frank u t/Oder to Fuerstenwalde; between 25 and 27 February Frankfurt/Odor to T .chtonborg; . between 25 and 27 Kuostrin bonier to Dresden; 25 and 26 F~,bruary Leipzig to Brost Litovsk 25 February Leipzig to Brest Litovsk 26 February Fuerstenwalde to F`inow 25 February Jena to a" aerstezmaiclo 25 Februar r Juoterbog-Al ces Lager to Bas'i 2 via Euestrin- border 25 February Finow to Bad Saarc 26 February Brost Litovsk to Velten 26 February Brest Litovsk to Volten 51? 2 6. February Brent Zitvrsk Strausberg 26 February Brest Litovsk to Jansen 26 February CR /CC~ 7,LR)L/US I