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April 26, 1951
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Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-004,57R007400070001-6 CONFIDENTIAL qtatilla 11 COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. CLASSIFICATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. 25X1A 26 April 1951 4 Czechoslovakia Veasurep Taken by the TUnistry Defense to Sup Document No. f Mat lana]. lo Change In Class. 0 Decianified (lass, Changed To: TS $ (11) H 70-2 DATE DISTR. NO.. OF PAGES 0. OF ENCLS, LISTED BELOW) ty) 3 * UPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, 25X1X 1. After world 'far II, renters of Ukrainian Partisan Army (UTA) units, which had been disbanded in Poland and 'western Ukraine, attempted to cross Mrr/dcia for the purpose of. entering the U.S. Zone of Germany. The 'wooded Viherlat mountains afforded them shelter until they crossed Czechoslovakia for the D. C. Zone. Since 1946 the area of Kamenica nad Cirocheu (n494786) has been a transient point and refuge for Bandern groups. The Czech mili- tary authorities, in an atterrt to stop the movements of Sanders, members,. orlanized a Security Element* to patrol the forested sections and to rake surprise attacks on UPA units and other subversive groups. In western Ukraine, the Soviet Command, with the assistance of the Polish army, took action aaainst Bandera Rroups and the Armija Krajoma (Polish Forces of the interior). 2. The Security Element way organized by General Stanislaw Cermak? Chief of Department III/8 of the Ministry of National Defense (Titi0).** The terri? tory under the aurervision of the Security Element is divided into eight areas, Which are in turn divided into sub-areas. Headquarters of the Security Element is located in Kamenica mad Cirochou, and some of its officer per- sonnel are as follows: a. CO Assistant Cl c. luarterrastor of VLP d. Payrastor of VLP e. ."Jarehouse Officer Staff .Capt. Inf. Jan Mikuska, aged 35 years. In charge of the Military Forest Administration (TLP)s, he is in control of all the areas and renorts di- rectly to 17R) Department III/8. let Lt. Stefan Michalka, aged 28. He is chairman of the POH local organization at Kamenica in addi- tion to being Assistant CO of the VLP. Lt, Jan Kralik, aged 38; treasurer of the ROH. 2nd It. Jan Dzenda, aged 33; secretary of the ROH in Kamenica. 2nd Lt, Jan Denko, aaed 28. A veteran Communist Party member, he fought in the M11 +Irina 7.Torld- CONFIDENTIA - f.rfATE "ittl.; 1 NAVY ARMY Aft I AIR 1.1 * i CMSj_I ,TFill ---.? * s.......16.0.....i.n.........4.11e? DISTRIBUTION ,r . ------- . I 1-___I I Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007400070001-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007400070001-6 COMPMENTIAL ? OETTT7AL rr:LLIGarC3 AG:7CY - 2 - 25X1A '.Jar II. He is on the party committee at Kanenioa. 3. The eight areas are orannized as follows; .the Roman numerals are keyed to Attachment I. a. Area I, Hes at Kamenica nad Cirochou: CO Deruty Cls Stefan .Taves, aled 40. He is a rerber of the ROH and of the local party organization and acts as liaison officer with units arriving at the Karenica firing range. He works closely with the .S'.13, PTB 'ml public administration. Lt. Jan roresta, CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Todra (R49/t46) and a member of the ROH commit- tee at rodra. He is about 48 years old. Lt. Stefan Darat, Cl of Guard Detail of sub-area Valankovce (R49A195) and vice-chairnan of the local party organization. Tie is 35 years of age. 3) 2nd Lt. Jan Gronan, CO of Guard Detail of sub- area Drnava (P49/D83) and a rerber of the local connittea. He is 35 years old. 4) 2nd Lt. Jan Krajnik, CO of guard detail of sub- area at benchmark 620. He is 36 years old. b. Area II, Hqs at Kaaienka (1149/t85): CO let Lt. jozef Slojsar, aged 40. He is a nerber of the local party organization cornittee, and his duties are aimilar to thos- of the CO of Area I. Pince Slojaarls eork load is not as heavy as that of the CO of Area I, he often attends conferences of the- district and reaion, al security officers. Deputy COs ) Lt. Jan Zidov, CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Hazin (R49A84). He is 40 years of age. 2) Lt. Jan Zak, CO of Guard Detail of sub-area jedlinka (R50/41). He is 52 years old. 3) 2nd it. Jan Skuba? CO of Guard Detail of sub- area Vihorlat (R49/05); 32 years of ale. c. Area III, Has at Hamry (1149/17,96): CO Deputy COs let Lt. Euaen Hornansky, aaod 33. He is the brother-in-law of General rarca, Arty CO of the 4th TIallitary D',.strict. In addition to his regular duties-, he is comnander of Area I air activity - and administrator of the air-field at Kanenica. 1) 2nd Lt. Ivan Lechan? aged 28. He is CO of the Guard Detail in sub-area Cop (P49/390); he is also a member of the party committee at Tepol (05047/8). 2) 2nd Lt. 7tefan Jankay, aged 38. He is CO of the Guard Detail in au-aea 7:etrogon (T.49/395). d. Area IV, Has at Adidovae (R50/396): CO Approved For Release1999/09/0VicritRISWildaB7fIg307g1f0d7431)1120 Is a February CONFIDENTIAL 194e orrunist. Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007400070001-6 Deputy COs ECR:TA11VTROL - U.S. )FFICIALO C3NT7AL INTTILIG7;70] AGENCY -3- 25X1A 1) Lt. Mahal Lieskovac, CO of Guard Detail, of sub-area /lavnica (?). He is 4P years old. 2) 2nd Lt. Jonef Kakuta, CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Maskovce (R50/t86); he is 35 years of alo. He served with the Soviet Air Force during Iorld Iar II. G. Area V, Hqp Porubka (R49/1385): Tank ranges, tank destroyer ranges, and ammuntion dmnps are located in this area. During Iorld Ihr II Porubka served as shelter for the partisans until it was burned down by the Germans. CO Capt.Ludovit Stasko,, aged 28. He is an ROH committee member. Deruty COs 1) Lt. Mlchal Michalka, aged 45; his left hand has been arputated. He is CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Chlunec (149/Ef?0). 2) Lt. Jan Stefcik, aged 40. He is CO of Guard Detail of sub-Area Podskalka (sic, probably. Podskalsko, H49A85). 3) Lt. Stefan Fedak, CO of Guard Detail or sub- area jasenov (1149A94). He is 37 years old, f, Area VI, Hqs at Jovsa (R49M4): CO Deruty COs Capt. Milan Balazie, aged 30. He is alai? CO of: Jovaa Air District II and Klokocov Air District III, 1) let Lt. Mahal Kilian, aged 45. He is CO of the Guard Detail of sub-area Kyjov (R49A65). 2) Lt. juraj Burls, aged 35, and A February 1948 Communist. He is CO of Guard Detail Of sub-area Klokocov (R49/t84). ) Lt. Leopold Svabensky, aged 42. He is CO of Guard Detail of sub-area of Nenecka Poruba (49/- E94). 4) Lt. Jan ilizak CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Litoviskn (?). He is 45 years ol.d 5) 2n4 Lt. Aladar Box., CO of Guard Detail of sub- area Karma (R49/k76). 6) 2nd Lt. Andrej Hladky, aged 3e, and a February 1948 Communist. He Is CO of Guard Detail of sub- area Kaluza (R49/t84). (s50/A17): g. Area VII, licia at Topola Like Adidovee, this headeaaatere is isolated from the conrlex. It is an inrortant ontlet to Poland and the USSR. Since this section Is dansely forested, only skilled nen Who ara loyal to the re-'ie are stationed at Topola. The following officers participated in action against un forces: Col. Oadrasek; Lt. Col. 'laaner; Lt. Col. Richter; Staff Capt. Bestak. Approved For Release 1999/112/ferpfurRaPP2..-QOA7RW-A099-7s09;17# Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007400070001-6 SEGRETATTrPO - IT. ? - OFFM I 1T. S ONLY. CZ777/1T, I1TELLIG7CE Aormy. -4- 25X1A CO Capt. Tibor Andel, aaed 38a and a February 1948 Communist. Deputy 000 1) Lt. Vasil Hrancar, about 45 yearn of are. He is CO of Guard Detail of sub-area Rastas (?), and he is a committee member of the Communist Party at Runina 050/A17). 2) 2nd Lt. Ivan 'apak,, aaed 35, and a February 1948 Communist. He is CO of the Guard Detail of sub- area Bukovec (549/A54). 11G Area VIII, Has at Kamenica nad Cirochou: CO Capt, Jan Krum, aged 45. He is in charge of personnel and teaches approximately 85 former pans and other persons how to combat rebellions. Assistant CO 1st Lt, Jonef Tomes, aged 1..5, and a February 1948 Communist. Deputy COs 1) Stefan Tlinich, aaad 40. He is CO of the eilitar7 sawmill area, and he is a party and ROH ftnctionary at Frosov (R49/h37), 2) Lt. Jan Minich, aged 40,a February /948 Communist, and an ROH chairman. He is CO .of the Guard Detail sub-aria "Valley Rica 14 km" (sic). 3. A military training carp was established at Kameniaa mad Cirochou in 1934 ? and uas known as the "Army Forests Enterprise and Training Camp, Kanenica." In addition to general training functions, the canp eas used as an artillery field range .by units stationed in Slovakia east of the Poprad (Q50/)68) - Sobota Pimavska (149/b31) line. Al]. tyres of armored units went there for firing practice. The camp was situated ulthin the areas of Humenne (R49/E86), Cnina (1149A96), Michalovce (R49/t74), and. Sobrance (P49/1393). Twenty-two hectares of forest offered facilities for special training, and the Czech General Staff had planned to use the camp eventually as a base against Poland, Hungary, and the USSR. In 1943, however, the partisans had infil- trated the area, and by the and of World 'Jar II, it had become a center for partisan groups, deserters, and underground groups. In 1945, the military training camp was reactivated. 25X1A M=Mgsmizlits The Security Element is probably intended to mean the Military Forest Administration, which is mentioned in paraaraph 2 and in Attachment III. 25X1A ** an : Department III arpears to be an incorrect designation asmuc as this departmant fuaations as the Surply oraan of the MNO. Attachments: I Sketch showing installations in Valakovoe area, with legand. II Sketch showing installationa at &Iranian nad Cirochou. * III Photostats showing location of military training carp at Kamenica nad Cirochou and units. Approved For Release 1999/M9,,irmg.p2:0?,4.7.R8g,18.9gmorSIL-6y