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November 9, 2016
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March 24, 1999
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April 7, 1951
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Approved For Release 1999/09/09 IM4-RDP82-00457R007400 CLASSIFICATIO U.S. Q'FICIAL.3 OflLY C" ) A 1~ I CENT E L GENCE AGENCY REPO NO. x iiilm ~~NFOR A`'ION REPORT CD NO. a COUNTRY Ccrnaz y (:?ussian Zone) DATE DISTR, 7 April 1951 SUBJECT" Shipments of Troops and Military Equipment OF PAGES 1 25X1A 25X1 B NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO= 25X1 X 1. On 1 March 19x1 a troop train of 11 boxcars and 3 flatcars was observed en route from Btitzow to Altengrabcw. On 23 March a troop train of 14 boxcars and 26 flatcars, some of which carried trucks and artillery pieces, returned from Altengrabow to 13titzow; this train had the shipment number 75146.* 2. On 21 ?..larch a troop train of 7 boxcars and 21 flatcars, carrying elements of a unit with the went from Satzkorn to 17o1a rctodt ? A . troop train with the same numlx:x? of cars, having the shipment number 7229 , carried tanks and trucks from Satzl_orn to 1olmirstedt on 22 March. 3. A troop train of 6 boxcars and 16 flatcars, with the shipment number 75173, moved from Rathenow to Altengrabow on 17 "_-`arch 1951. 1 troop train of 5 box- cars and 11 flatcars, with shi nt number 71;215, returned .from 1Lltengrabow to lea thenorr on 23 I.iarch. On 22 March a troop train of 3 boxcars and a number of flatcars, carrying tanks and trucks of the let Mechanized Division, left Dtberitz for Dranse (t,he unloading station for the '.`aittstock manoeuvre area). On 23 March a train of about 50 cars loaded with light and heavy f guns, possibly belonging to the 32nd AAA Division, passed through Mt!ncheberg in the direction of 0sti-In-Kietz, 6. On 29 March 36 empty flatcars were dispatched from Naumburg to Brest--Litovsk via 'Frankfurt an der Oder. 3, Co::~:nent: It is believed that elements of the 31st AAA Division practiced at Alton, rabarr. STATE zMAE+Y AIR FBI Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007400440001-5 Iawaraat No. -------------------- Ne Change in Class. 1j E] Iaclasslfed Class. Changed To: TS S O .4rtb.: Bit 73.2 Oate: 0 7 AUG 197 _-- CLASSIFICA __'__ /C.OANTROL a- t?, ("'d"7TOT.ATS OTIT.Y 1S4e ..___._DISTRI8UTI0N ~~-~