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25X1A Approved For Release 2004/04/15': CJA-RDP82-00457R0 5X1 Trousers tucked into the boots are ?aorn by enlisted personnel. xountain troops -war ski trousers. Officers "rear either breeches or trousers, the -latter with the dress uniform. There are stripes indicating the branch of service along the outside seam of breeches and trousers. These are red for generals, -ho also wear additional wide red stripes on either side of the harrow stripes. 6, The overcoat is a two-brested, long, six-button garment with two out- in pockets, straight-edged flaps and cuffs like those -Corn on the blouse. Officers' cuffs are bordered with piping in the assigned color of the branch of service. For generals the piping is red. .Collar patches and epaulets are also !torn on the overcoat,. 'generals wear the overcoat ?'ith lapels open; these lapels are red. ?a, Tither boots or laced shoes with wrap puttees may be worn by enlisted personnel. ?;"ountain troops wear mountain or ski boots. Officers w,7ear either boots or shoes, the latter with the dress unif orm. Leather belts are either brown or black. Officers wear brown crossed belts. 9 It -as planned to issue rain coats to the troops, but this had not been done by February 1050, Foods were issued to troops assif peed to the '"in is try of the Interior. :.ountai.n troops wear short storm jackets. Tank and mechanized troops wear coveralls "ben on duty. Flying personnel on flying duty ,Tear special clothing. Introduction of fur caps was planned. Troops assigned to the !"inistry of the Interior already have such caps. 10,, Enlisted personnel wear bayonets with the dress uniform, while officers wear only belts and have pistols only when the field uniform is worn,. 11. The color of branch of service worn on uniform garments described in paragraph 3 through 6 also appears on epaulets and collar patches. 12. Colors of branch of service used in the '?umanian Armed Forces are red for infantry; black for artillery; claret for cavalry; black with red piping for technical services, including signal troops, engineer corps, rail-ay engineer troops and bridge con._, .atruction unitsl light-blue for air force; light-blue epaulets and black collar patches for .1',A; dark-green for mountain troops; violet for administrative services; yellow for schools; crimson (velvet) for medical corps; dark-blue (velvet) for veterinary corps; and. dark-green (velvet) for rmacists. Officers of the fortress engineer corps *,Tear red-bordered epaulets' and those of the fortress artillery black--bordered briht~yelloC,~ epaulets. care are no troop units in these two branches of service. 13. Light-t^recn epaulets are -Torn by border 'card troops, and black- bordered red ecaniets are -Torn by the fire departments. 14. rranoh-of-service: assimnnment is indicated by metal insignia on the epaulets. ' ose attached to dress ecat lets are=white and those attached to field epaulets are yellow 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600070003-2 25X1A 25X1, ?N,Y,e_,- Y ;rm or service insigne used are a bursting shell, for info tryr; t ,?lo crossed gun barrels T'?ith bursting, shell for artillery; two crossed sabres =ith bursting shell for cavalry ; a tank for tangy and mechanized troops; hammier and shovel arranged cross- wise with bursting shell, for technical services; to wings with propeller for the air force; same as artillery for I' A; same as infantry plus two crossed skis for ski troops of moun- tain troops; to crossed sheaves of =^rheat for administrative services; original branch of service for schools ; crimson enameled red cross on collar patches for medical corps; dark-blue enameled cross on collar patches for veter?i.nary corps; dark-green caduceus on collar patches for pharmacists; same as infantry for border guard troops; and a scales for justice services,, . n emblem in. the national colors topped by TV and/or FCC is embroidered on the upper part of the left sleeve of the troops of the Tudor U-iadimirescu and Gloria C h.osca si. Crisan Divis5..onss 1.6, 10,lield epaulets are made of khaki fabric -bilo dross epaulets are made of fabric is colors indicating branch of service Q Insigne of rank and arm are attached to the epaulets. ?_~d.. Collar patches a -e recangular, about 2x5 cm, Fond are made of fabric in the assigned color of branch of service.. ""hose -rorn by,, border r-uard troops are bordered -Tith --kite piping and are fitted with t' e `.etters Gr in =41hite color, -ith generals collar patches are red .-Tith a gold oak leave attached, , : ~n:liste=d men wear transversal stri'?es of braid. in the color of the branch of service on their field epaulets, "tripes attached to dress epaulets are made of yellow fabric, l1he individual rank fox, a private first class (Fruntas) is indicated by one stripe, a -)-ante corporal (Caporal) by two stripes and a corporal (3ergent) by three stripes. ** i9 z'on .corx,issioned officers -Tear field epaulets bordered nlith a J -sha - ed braid in the color of the branch of service and dress epaulets bordered, with a similar yc?_l(Y?? braid, -ranks are indi- cated by transversal stripes of braid with one stripe for 3ergean.t (Gergent ?-`a jor) , two stripes for technical sergeant (Plotonierul ) three stripes for first sergeant (Plotonier '`"a jor) and three an 'i lar stripes for master sergeant (Plotonier T."ajor ef) e *** 20? Company officers ?Near on longitudinal stripe in the color of the branch of service and yello-7 stars on their ' ield epaulets, A yeller, longitudinal stripe is attached to dress epaulets of combat troos and a -bite one is -orn on those of nor.-~cor?mbat troops such ..p as technical, administrative, medical and veterinary ser- vices, pharmacists ahd justice services. The stars are '" bite and/or yellow metal o tanks are indicated by the number of stars Yi. / h one star for a :junior lieutenant ()ublocotenent) two stars for a lieutenant Locotenent)., three stars for a senior lieutenant (Lo3otenent 1'ajor.) and four stars for a captain (Capitan w t31c 'Yield officers wear two longitudinal stripes in the color of the brash of service on their field epaulets and one -Tide gold and/or . _i., Loma/`:i tud pal st.rin on dress ep .~a'~ e:ts 'he edge of the colored background projecting over this stripe is as narrow as piping.. Tindividual. ranks are distinggulshod by the number of stars, -ith one star for ,"ajor (r,ajor) , two stars for lieutenant colonel (Locotenent "'olonel) and three stars for colonel (Colonel.). = ** 25X1 ;oaf T . Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600070003-2 25XI Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP82-00457 .CT T 4 25X1A 22, Generale wear. Cold braided epaulets T,?ith the edge of the colored background projecting, like a piping, and large white stars, with one star indicating a major general (General-"?a ior) v two stars a lieutenant general (General-Locotenent), and three stars a colonel general (General-Colonel), 23. 3o-called military masters, army officials banking as non-com- missioned officers, 1,?ear -1hite-bordered khaki epaulets ? rith angular stripes of braid, with one stripe Indicating a military master 3d class, two stripes a military master 2d class and three stripes a military master let class, 25X1A Co ent,, See Annex 1 for sketdhes of caps. According to unconfirmed newspaper reports the cockades ' iere rep-.aced by Soviet s but this is doubted. 25X1A Comment. For drawing of uniform blouse, see Annex 2, 25X1A ommex t For sketches shaming epaulet designs, see Annex 3 AnneXes: ''ketches on ditto 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600070003-2