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December 14, 2016
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January 2, 2001
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April 10, 1951
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r I. ,COUNTRY 0 many (Soviet .one I TOPIC Soviet nail L ov;;* 3nts 5 CIA-RDP82.00457R007,6001900 9SYJA EVALUATION E OBTAINED DATE OF CONTENT to 2 ;.:arch and 16 to 25 ::arch 1Xs;1 DATE OBTAINED 25X1 C PREPARED 13 aril 1951 - DATE - REFERENCES PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE), SOURCE ixtcled : t. to obadrvod in the B;;r1in area botwoon 5 and 9 Larch 12 1 and qno motor boat 4osson at 1 P.n. Frosa-To and Date Sri #"latcar .r~=caer to W1T ., ontoony; art- St;orkow; Vie` oquixent; ;eased through 6n Larch, ;3isaatcaor boxcar with. heterbog-A3.tes lacer art .i tRar r ; ;o ad s; to Frank fur t/ One boxcar with y Moods pwlnjar, 62 62; escorted by Zossen at 1 pea, on Ono lieutenant, colonel ; "..:arch Juotorbo,?-Altos Laser to Strausberg; passed through ooaaen at 1 p.m* on 5 Larch Fifteon fiorxiola cars Witte spare parts Two boxcars with rations One tank car .?iidau to 5chaone- w ide; pasaod throu,;h 2085im at 11s3r a.ra, tin 6 1 :arch Liatkkorn to Berlin- Friodrichsha en; passed through Zossen at 3 pen. on 7 !larch Velten to Bad 3aarmj-, pace "ttirou h Seddin at. noon 0 I;arch CI-ASSIFICATIO :.aT/CO 1T:IOLPJS 7r;, . - r,Y_ onsi-~ ice VP ?icn,t. s t'olle (Vi) }iuechonsoo General Fadoyev (fnu) Rasa 2 1-~2 F-11 L-1 D dais" ed Mass, ry~ Ttl I Z' s Autha Approved For Release, 2001/03/05: CIA-R-Q0--A1,(K7!0019( p9 4 Approved For Release 2901/03/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600190009-3 . ,T f eo 1TtcL Tr? J~'a Ic L,-LJ OI1L l 2 one bdxvar with Bitterfeld to "` cheaal salts Two f1atcars with out timber rankiur.t/ider; messed through ; at noon 04 8 Liar ch 'iesenburg to Strausberg; passed through Seddin at noon on C Larch 25X1 C Constructs afiico terdor/ Havel Lil tsry shi nts identified from records of, or observed at,- Odercht yard between 16 and 25 Uarch 1951 included: Shiomont Four ,&xcars with military foods Four flatcars and one boxcar with son Orators; shipnent- recor No 86/7296 ty` rain shuttle- 'rah n ,io 572 of 56 boxcars ttpty gram shuttle- train ? 592 of 50 boxcars . One tank cor with it.ite~y fuel; ship- morxxt-r'voord No 96/61238 Thirty lk.. cars wf th rn nary ' fuel; 8hi95rit-record No /6I056 za shuttle train No T26 of I.7 boxcars with grain rive flatcars With 5 tanks Three boxcars with military goods; Nhicord rrorsw ro and Date Muellrose to Altluedersdorf 16 ,'. rch Brest Litovsk to Strausberg 16 ,-ia rch Dresden to Tot Litovck 16 L". Lrfurt 'to Prest Litovsk 16 Ltarch Brest Litovsk to Velten 17 Larch 13