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November 16, 2016
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April 13, 2000
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May 22, 1961
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Approved For Pre iease O 105122 : C'IA-R 00760 cONFIDENTIAL CA, 1 E DIt t R. 22 MA 61 :SUBJECT Construction of.Aix~:';aid Oh~*1ters ane other O. OF PACES 2 Defense Works in the Port Arthur tryull Area ~Au n ~j ~~ 25X1A GLACE .. ICI? CF ENCL S ACQUIRED 1 (LISTED VELOW) DATE OF ;INFO, April November 1950 SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X REPORT NO. o From about, April to November 1950 Soviet troops were buiic .n a huge pro jec-; ;- in four sections from lsiaopin&-Wo (1x21-29,, 38-so) to Yingchonl tzu (121-2L, 30-59). i%bout 12,000 workers were employed on the project daily. In mid-April Soviet troops transported 9,610 workers to Port Arthur. Of these, 1,310 were "hired" workers and the rest *o e "unemployed" workers sent by the Port Arthur-Dairen government. lortkers wore organized into five units upon arrival and were dispatched to Hsiao Hu Shan L,aotiohshan (121-10, 3-46), YuhuanQphsn (106-0, 34-01)., I{enghuan;shan (121-16, .33-53), and 7,rh Ung Shan `f 4 d ) - the highest mountain in Port Arthur known as the 0'203 high ind" 'under the Japaneso occupation -- to construct air raid shel- ters under the 'supervision of Soviet technicians. 3. By 20 November three air raid shelters had boon constructed at Erh Zing Shan and an unknown number in the other four areas. The earth and stone extracted at,Erh Ling Shan during this woik was used to lay a highway from Chaochiatun (122-L4.. la-53) to IIsiao Lieh Chia T' un (j -,j i ) Each of the air raid shelters at, 5rh Ling Shan has three doors. Tv o doors lead to each shelter through zigzag passageways about 150 feet in .en1,th constructed of reinforced concrete. ;ranch shelter is about 1.,53O feet long; 15 feet. w ide, and from 7 to 9 feet high. The width of the tops (sic) of the three shelters is about 1,250 feet All are inter-linked. The sides of each shelter are supported by stakes. Inside each shelter there are benches consisting of boards 6 inches thick and 8 inches wide -which rest on concrete blocks, electric lamps at intervals of 0 to 50 seats, ventilators-, water pools, cement drains 2 feet deep', and telephones. The groups dispatched to Erh LLng Shan started work on 214 April under the supervision of Soviet engineer Yoh -ta-fu (41 = ) a~r4 There were 2,,120 workers in the group, including 516 hired vwox' &s All workers were pro- vided two meals of kaolisng per day. In addition the hired workers received pay. at one, of the following three wage rates computed in terns of kaoliaa^, at P E .6,000 per catty: F.Al IA Dout c~,slt . I. ------------------- I 0, chm3ga In :lass. . Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP IM T SORT CD NO. 25X1A FEdi }: C F X'..uLZ+' -L'{~l Y01 I1 , CLASSIFICATION c,f:Tr'IDT"' A U 1 I Cj- v R ra: I`? ass. C? rm ml To; TS S 4 ~I J Ault.: Ihi 70-2 0 _ "/ i l Approved For Release 20 -RP.2:,0D457 R007600322R?A5 a 60 :roc?tce^s at 0 catties per month. b. 8worxce:?s at 32 cat tuies per month o c m 371 workers at 24 cattier per month o bctualiy, these workers were paid in Kuantun currency computed at tiu ;r+;uritu, %"2 to 180-:1L85., in one instance a worker orig;ina1 .j employed to work in I.~~. kden at 6j catties of kaoliang per month was sent to Cora; Arthur acid thence to ? rh Ling Shan to work for LGC Y)er montI a Es ter a .? rr mon rlss his salary was arbitrarily reduced to 2.":' cattics r)e r mont . "'rcrnai nine, 1,004 :workers were paid. Kuantunf- v6 per month, Vorii3nl~ ricurs wa'r'e nine hours per day during the weck and four and a h,.-. hours on :unc'ayr, o 7.1 Although construction of the air raid shelters was r om_pleted a ; ;rh Lin Shan on 20 nove:ber, workers were pro .bited from lewv-.n!thn, a ea and it ^r~~9 said they were sent to other areas to ;,ark. 25X1 A-1 G~~r,~ e?nts This is -oresu .hly a : eiders Droject. eta~ra.._.~ ~ 25X1A G`mmen~' Chinese trap 1iterati.on of a Soviet name, ?ore is y Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600320002-5