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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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April 30, 1951
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d W U A B U iAL Approved ROMOODDa * Q: 'C1r-FtDfPB2-(Ic0'# OX) 3200 CENTRAL 1 TELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. COUNTRY Greece SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. INFORMATION REPORT CO NO. 25X1A Increasing Rumors Regarding. Rift between Field Marshal Papagos and King Paul 25X1A DATE D1STR. 30 Apr. 1951 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLSS (LISTED USLOW) SUPPLEMENT 1 5X1 A REPORT NO.. 25X1X Comments Presumably the clandestine Free Greece broadcast of 5 April 1951 is pus nt here p In a commentary emci"c i.ea "recce or Wars," sealing with supposed attempts of the "Papago3 clique" to implem-at w A lovo& Aeatra'oi __ ("lightning") Plan (according to which Greece was planning to foster revolution within Albania to provide an excuse for intervention), it was stated that "there are persistent rumors that Michael Kyrkos is on their side's (, that of Papagos)o Such an attack on Kyrkos might well be an attempt, on the part of the KKK, to cloak him with sufficiorit political "respectability" to permit his negotiating with other Greek political parties, who right be eve ne. to do so if he were not apparently disassociated w3 the KKE, f~ - CLASSIFICATION SEC 'CONTROL - U.S. OFwgrj O I ., 1b There have reportedly been increasing rumors concerning a rift between Field Marsha]. Papagoa and King Paul, according to Which the Palace is said to have told Papagos to concern himself strictly with military duties. This is interpreted by many Athenians as an indication that the John Diakos newspaper attack against the Palace entourage (speci- fically, Aristides Metaxas) was believed to have been inspired by 25X1( 21 "completely unconfirmed" rumor states that Papagos is in Cori ac with chael Kyrkos; this allegedly, is the reason for the Greek guerrilla radio attack on Kyrkos.** It 3.a also being said that, by reaching an understanding with Kyrkos, Papagos in attempting to isolate .the extreme left, thus paving the way to political cooperation between the various factions ranging from the extreme right to the left, excluding only, the M. Papagos is allegedly being guided by a newspaper article written by Spyros Markezinis entitled "Transitional Government." 3. In addition, Papagos was trying to obtain the coopera- tion of Constantine Maniadakis' Party for the Regeneration of Greece, he Populist Unionist Party of Stephanopoulos and Kanellopoulos, and the Union of Democratic Leftists of John Sophianopoulos. 25X1A NONE& Comtt Constantine Maniadakis claimed early in March 1951 .that Eta s K in Which the Diakos letter was published, was now entirely under the domination of Spyroc Markezinis, who would "stop at nothing" to effect the Papagos solution. In Wass. Declassified lass, (deceased ..To: TS 1HR 70 ll~~ B ird se-2OOO/O5 i "`" - P82-00457 R007600320003-4