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May 2, 1951
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SIFICATION I`FR TI REPORT. COUNTRY e't-occupi . ` US SUBJECT Orde~? of tt1c Of Soviet Ground Foi*ce1?- PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. =11 90COUBUT:C019TAINO IWORNATIOA APP'RCflH0 Tfl GATIONAL 0103011 OP TNB UIITRD DTATBI& WTTRIN Till PrAw T OP Tom TIWIOHAOB ACT 80 4. L C. EtATD 32. AS A119fOED. Yla TBAIVSMI3SION 02 =9 1=13LATI0W OW 1T8CO'W1iTiM 14AMY UATWL'R TO AM 011AU7IIODIEBD PB&BOT IS PTO- pIIBIT60 BT,1.1TG Ft#PEODUCTIQU OP.7I;W POET l6 PRONITTTTE. 25X1 DATE DISTk 2 May 1951 NO. OF PAGES 9 NO. OF ENCLS. 2-1 a ye 1a (LISTED BELOW) 1 chart* 25X1 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 The otx:;rr:!th.and dis_Dos:i..tion of the .13oviot ~rounc? :Uorcoo in the s>ovi;t-n occuoiod countries of :3trro-7e hvc romaine-c? constant 'i;.?) to the -.-1V-"1e -.-1V-"1e of :::rch 19.'),1. Cor:aY)at` efficiency ow. the Soviet units .hoe boon s u'bstaatia.7.1y i r;yrc.v;d due to ri,:~i.d ;rai:.i9.n? during the ~Jirator months,, Rgports recc;ivod botwoen. I l,;arch and 1, 'pril 19,;1 confirm the pr-an disposition of the Soviot ;round forces in the Soviet ..:one of xuraany until the -dddle. of ;?:arch 1951. aha-'io11 inr`_ its ant; roar service installations in the bovi:,t "ono of Gormanyi location, qnd date of observations, :;rare con- firxrod be weeri ;.,arch an 1 April 19' 1-. ,a GIT; ffnits of the ;iron 25X1 56th 1.:otor Trans 1F9, -t 66ta(?);;i,iteCt ?Iq IV Arty Corps 'Iq of an Arty Div an 11o-;t 36 h on Bridge le t of Jmunation Forces Guru-11-rte (ri)F~' a 53d Central 1tepair tZiop 123d Tank Re,:)air Shop ubNFlD~s ARMY& ? ~ ~? t R~~ 91 1 ~1 I IdiG64L ~ `USE ~L . u 9LJJ'~F Ar. JO y,3oG aU ,ved For Release 2004/01./22: CIA- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25 04/01) C1p' s -'$00470005-6 f r 1% - fAt" 01 "Iz3. v a k J Elci 'i3_2 13 :.;-rch : rch 19 .arch 20 February 23 1 obruary 6 1 arch 26 _archh 19 i arch Approved For RM9 - - 00470005-6 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 300th Ration Supply Depot 820th Ration Supply Depot `: ; in Clothing Depot :4, Quartermaster Depot La:Dn Sig Depot Main Medical Depot Hain Fuel Supply Depot Main Ordnance Shop ti Repair Shop bs Bi hth Guards Arzry. Army Ration Supply Depot Ircr Fuel Supply Depot 1l7th Gds Litz Rifle tegt 65th Me Mecz Regt ca Third Shock. Ar n Army Fuel Supply Depot 390th Indep Engr En 136th Gun Arty Rogt q 914th Gds Us Rifle Div 283d Gds Ivts Rifle Regt 88th Gds Mtz stifle Regt 199th Gds Gun Arty Refit da First Guards Mechanized Army Ration Supply Depot Army Fuel Supply Depot 14th Gds AAA Div 350th (?) Flow Arty Refit 70th Gds Iiv Tank SP i egt SA,TZKORN FFYUt1cFU tT/0DER BF.,RIIA.U ID SCH E B1 CE BAJ) : AARC1W --P]l SKM FUi I SThN 1ALDE VI:LTEN 25X1 25X1 ERFURT- 1f.RI1ACII M r ICLETJB 1-41135- DORF' !?i IINING:CN MODEBURG GA:IIDEI. G .N (? ) 5011 0 R7N SCiMBRIN NIAGENOI"/ WISMA R WISMA.R 25X1 ;LCIRET 16 March 26 March 3 March 3 March 2 Larch 27 March 26 March 15 March 27 February 12 February 26 February 20 November 9 March 11 March February February larch 2 March 12 February 9 Irarch 8 March 14 March Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 Approved For ReIOW 47 0316 CEII'RAL INTELLIGENCE AGENC2 -3- e. Second Guards I,Iecl nized rr -. 25X1 9th Sig Regt 161t3d (?) AT Arty Refit .Arr Fuel Supply Depot FIq 12th Ods Tank Div 71st Gds IIv Tank SP Reg IIc, lst L. eez Div 35th Mecz Regt 219th Tank Regt 72d Gds 11v Tank SP iae ;t 18th (?) Engr Ba f,,. Third Guards L echanized 1 r& 25X1 11 Iiq 199th Light Arty Brig 50th Mtrc1 Ike 91st Oda RL Rogt IIq lath Gds l ecz Div 49th Ods I:iecz Regt 79th Gds IIv Tank SP Belt IIq 9th Lccz Div Fourth Guards Iiechanj edd Ar go 296th Gds AT Arty Rest An AAA Div of the 4th Ods I:iocz Army .312th Gds RL Ret 118th Sig Refit Iiq 6th Gds Mocz Div 35th (?) Gds Ilecz Refit 676th IIo Arty Regt 52d Gds RL Rn 22d Gds Oag r Ba IIq 7th Gds l.:lecz Div 8i.th Ods iiv Tank SP Post 25X1 RAVE ISI.yi4JE`CK Nfl USTIl LITZ (? ) NE UPPIII DOEMRITZ DOEBERITZ DOE ;1ITZ DOEBERITZ DOEB.&PUT(J REIIAGEN LUCICEIJI'TALDE TRi,;13#3fl JUETIII3OG JULT:G BOG ROSSI.AU COTTBU5 Pt .1.1mU (?) 1,;D. jli,SwALDE- FTRI3A.LDE iERSVIALDE I+;BL1OWALDE B TUTAU BL;RNAU B1 NAU BBIU-TAU BMITAU IM111STLII'IZ1I TZ11; I II 1 /ODER 25X1 25X1 16 January fit. January 15 U arch 26 February 12 November 8 March 28 February 28 February 24 January 20 February 1 ":larch 9 October 20 February 10 Larch 10 Llarch 8 October 26 February 27 Jan ary 12 January 10 January 21 January 27 October 28 February 28 February 21 February 26 February 14 i.larch 11 Februaary Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 SMRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007 - CEMAm =ELLIGME AGM Y 25X1 25X1 Iiq 25th 'tank Div 111th Tank Iegt 162d Tank Regt 17th Tank Regt 83d Gds Iiv Tank S? Regt l9tth i:nl r Fn 63d Gd.s Tank Regt 81st Gds IIv 'rank SP Regt 248th Gads RL Bn sn-Eaizationa O1?AIb]2U 13th G 0RA131C MURG (MLIMMURG I'Ri:1J'LLAU ?1 ENZTUU (?) unlocated BRAIVDEN13U W.GLIL;NECKEC?) 3. February I RAiPNITZ 16 larch. 26 February 28 February 7 February 10 February 28 June 1950 January 16 march 3. Analysis of indicates that I 25X1 are assigned to eav tank self-propelled regiments with 25X1 designations 25X1 too According to credible reports, the restricted Woisso Stadt settlement in OIt1 n, URG quarters, in addition to the rocket launcher regiment of the Second 25X1 ?:'ds flee, Arn r,, two AT artillery regiments -which are probably subordinate to a brigade headquarters there. the AT 25X1 artillery regiments were also newly activated after the fall of 19 a0 =* 5. The outflow of empty rolling stock to BF.-ST-L1TOVSK via FRANKFURT/ODER con- tinued during the period covered by this report. the dispatch of 12 trains of empty flatcars to BREST.Lfl 0V8K between r and 10 Larch 1951 was ordered by a 4sletype message from the B: I N railroad district headquaarters. Because of a shortage of flatcars, gondola cars worn also sent to BI ;ST LITO`V.3K and allegedly :vid their sidewalls removed there.. Available reports indicate that a total of 176 empty flatcars were dispatched to B, ST'-LITOVTSK between 26 February and 29 `,arch 1951, including 339 flatcars from 22 to 29 larch 1951 alone. Although no definite information on the return of the rolling stock to the Soviet Zone of Germany is available, it is still believed that the cars are being used for Yiau1ing military supplies of all types, and as crash cars, rather than being )ooled at B1?EST---T IT0VSK and other stations in that area for future troop aovementsa 6, It was reported that an advance party arrived at the barracks installations in 4"IUEI1SDOI ` on 16 11arch 1951 and started stringing telephone lines. Rumors among the local population that an army headquarters and troops from KO NI B1 l3G would soon move into the installations in ,VUENSDORF should be received with 25X1 great reserve for the present. However the observation there in Febrtzar l95"1 25X1 of some motor to the Northern Group o orces does not preclude the possibility of the influx. of .ew units from the area east of the Oder River, Reports from the FRA/irr;FU13T/ODER throu gh station covering a period of about: 10 days prior to 30 L, arch 195-1,, and reports from the COTTBUB railroad district and the southern subdistrict of the .3ii'LIN railroad district which also cover a period of about 10 days prior to 28 and 31 11arch 1951 respectively contained no indications of westbound troop avements by raj 1, 25X1 SLCRI T4 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 Appi'bved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 SECRET 25X1 CENTRAL INTO ELLIGFNCE AGE MY 0 f bid I!bcorcises and Tramp 7. Division Training. as In general, the training of recruits terminated in the riddle of Feb- ruary 19.x,1 with the appearance of groups of officers, pro- bebly from the division hoadqua.rtcrs,making final inspections. Those visits lasted for several days and covered all types of training. This training period was then followed by the rotation of small units to training areas for several days of advanced combat practice firing.. Reports on rail movements shoved that troops acre; rotated between their _ osts and the training areas of TZ !PLIII, I.I 3110vl , JUST RBQG : ItDJ Ii, Z' ITIIAIN,, OIIItDRUF, and KINDM. These reports were confirmed by information from the individual training areas. 711th the exception of small components of the 25th Tank Div from OIZAIJIMPU G, the 12th Gds Tank Div from IIEURUx PIIJ, and the 9th I;ecz Div from GO` TBUS, all of whom practiced in the JU To;PWOG-i;'I;RIIER area between 10 and 27 L.Iarch 1951, all other units of these and other divisions went to those training areas which they used in 1950. Training between the middle of February and the middle of March 1951 in general emphasized field training of units up to battalion and regita1 level in the vicinity of their posts. b? Reports received up to 1 April indicated that the component units of the Third Shock Army did not conduct advanced combat practice firing. The LETZLl;JGe~R IM ME and 'r'IITTST'OCK training areas used by component units of the Third Shock Array in 1950 were still unoccupied by the middle of Parch 1951. However, large-scale movements of major compom nents of the 18th I: cz Div and small elements of all other divisions of the Third Shock Array were observed at ,RLEBERG and the area nest of the tos n during the first half h 1951. Since the meter vehicle 25X1 included some of the headquarters GOFG, it is possible that the troops were ongaged in a core and host exercise. c.. Up to the middle of March, almost all component units of the 57th gds Litz !title Div from IIAUI,23Ui3 and 1'~.~'SSSEiTI7 $ conducted an exorcise in the BAD KOESJII area which lasted for several days. x':ineer units of the XXIK Gds Litz Rifle Corps and of the corps: two organic divisions also participated in the exercise. 'j.. 4 Special Exorcises. a. The transfer of elements of the nine AAA divisions stationed in the Soviet Zone of Germany to the WUSTIRG 1 AAA range began at the and of February 1951, Units -which were observed moving to JUSTRCYJ prior to 10 .Larch 1951 included elements of the 13th AAA Div from the eighth Gds Array area; the unidentified IIAA Div of the Third Gds Ijecz Army from KtF U" HSDOIIF; the 31st AM Div from SCHOENWIALDE; the unidentified AAA division of the Fourth Gds Mecz Army from EBi~ItE37 ALDE the 2d Gds AAA Div from POTSDAM; and the unidentified AAA division, possibly the 32d, from FEAIJKPUW/0D. 19. Other components of the unidentified AAA Div, possibly the 32d,, moved from KU1STHM to JUI.TL;IMOG and elements of the 2d Gda AAA Div from POTSDAL.I to AL yNGRABMI during the same period, by Advanced.-combat practice firing by units of the IV Arty Corps began at ALT: IIGRA.BON in the middle of February 1951.. Reports on rail movements, 25X1 and F__ I indicated that elements of the 6th Arty Div from RATI ,NO'1 or BR ATJ>' DIM I0 and elements of the unidentified artillery. division from POTS DAM were at ALT IGIZAI3 Yi during, the first half of March 19510 25X1 S iXILII Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 ZBORIaT 25X1 CENTRAL I1 TII,LIGF.E AGI Riesonnol 9. The total of about 310 boxcarloads of recruits who arrived in the Soviet Zone of Germany across the Oder-Ueisse line between 3 and 33 February 19!1, reported last xm nth, was increased by a report of 47 additional boxcarloada that arrived via KUSTIZIN on 9 February 19r,,'1s The influx of recruits thus totals about 360 boxcarloads1which is the equivalent of about 10,000 troops. 10, Only one.'try of 35 boxcars with troops left the ;oviat Zone of Germany between 17 February and 13 March 1951, via ! U: T1IIIm No eastbound troop trains were observed at the FRWMFLW/0DlR through station or in the C07TBUS railroad district, 1L The volume of daily leave traffic ! -between FMSMI'M/0 a I I f?GvOI in March 1951 was virtually the same as in February 1951? There were no changes in the schedule of leave tra ins., 12. Reports of the recent months an LIVD troops in the Soviet Zone of Germany indicate no substantial changes since the end of 1950. In general, major MUD units as such have only been confirmed in their installations. The information received was not specific as to their activities and allowed no conclusions as to their identity. 13.. All MV! units in Land Thuringia are still below battalion lever 14. Of all Soviet Zone Laender, Land Saxony is most heavily occupied by IND units. The following units were determined: as One MM battalion each, the personnel of which ioro red-bordered treen epaulets, was observed in the Luftkriegssclxule, I i'ZSCI, TT"E DOItF, and in the Duche r Iiusorne, Lty)ESDEN, in January and February 1,951 respaetively, 25X1 Sor. '`VD personnel observed in the Luftkrie sschule also wore black-bor- dered green epaulets0 M'VI) vehicles 25X1 sere soon in the Turtimlegsachule and EVD vehicles 25X1 in the Bucher aserne? two R units are believed to be organically separate. b, L'V! troops are no longer carried in DAUTZ ;Na There are indications, how- ever, that in January 1951 there was an. I.TTD company in CCTTI3IJS which was subordinate to the LTD unit in the Ducher Iasorne, DRESDEN. c5 An MVD unit of 1,000 to 1,200 troops wearing red-bordered green epaulets was located in the barracks installation on Viertelmma. MIMIG. up to 25X1 March 1951. The unit had rotor v:,:hicles and probably constituted a regimental head- 25X1 quarters and two battalions, d. There is a concentration of MVD units in the uranium mining area, in- cluding the city of CI NS'!'Z, A battalion-size unit of about 5500 MVD troops, most of whom more red-bordered green epaulets and some blacks bordered green epaulets, was confirmed in the Artillerie Kasen C1 ITZ until March 1951. The unit had rotor vehicles 25X1 a Some personnel o un? 25X1 went by truck to the uranium mining area daily to perform guard duty, 25X1 sEC ;f4 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 3MRIA 25X1 25X1 25X1 15,, 25X1 M. 25X1 25X1 In the uranium mining area proper, two 14VD battalions each were sta- tioned in AUE and AMIAI31RG, and one T VD battalion each in SCIis'MItZF.NM- BEFD and JOHHAANNGGiORG1~2 :.TAD The total. 1.]7 troops in the uranium mining area, is estimated at two or three re meats An TVD battalion of troops wearing red-bordered green epaulets was located in the Real Kaserne, IiALLE9 Land Saxony- Anhalt, in March 19516 One of its companies was located in the Geor i in DI SSA The of the two units It has not been w zc r Ld units in MAGDEB3URG and STEUDAL are subordinate to the PV battalion in the Reil Kaserne, I ALL L MVD units in Land Brandenburg v re concentrated in the I3' LITJ area at,. An END compound at I ' there was traffic of motor vehicles with Was confirmed on Rego ttastrasso, B ',RL1TJ GRUEP&U, in March 1951. The officers from the compound were billeted in houses on Regattastra.sse, and the motor pool of the compound was located on Lahmertstrasse. There has 'loon no evidence that this com- pound houms the headquarters of LIVD troops in the Soviet Zone of Germany. Signal communications equipment observed there in the fall of 1950 indicates that the compound houses a signal-cor:icatio;rrs center. b. An I:VVD unit with motor vehicles 25X1 I was conf' ~KAULSDO. until. the end of 25X1 c., 25X1 WM vehicles which were ob an e -- , O.iANIBNBURG area and in the- TM UST R L LITZ-FAST LK area in the fall of 1950, have been observed in the POTSDAIA area only occasionally during recent months, It is believed that the unit is no longer located in the POTSDAM area., but has moved back to its former area of GUESTROff-SCI R,lN. d? Small I;VD units, probably having Supply functions, Were located in BERNA.U - 25X1 and EBI RS LUE at the end r vehicles 25X1 were observed in BEIMAU, u,. M"VD troops were no longer seen in FMNKFtJRT/OD.M, 17, An IM ID unit of ahcr it t i.$~'t i nn sati ~aa i"Tr; epaulets and vehicles as con- 25X1 firmed in GU ST t0it I , T;Iocl lonburg, until Februar7r 1951 The , 25X1 wore pritwirily observed in the POTbDA1,;-]3: I' 1AJ U I ; N U nG area in the summer of 1950, but have reappeared in t h e GUi T1 G'(- SCIIVIERIN area since the and of 1950, AUSTRIA. 18 19. 25X1 25X1 No changes in the ov, I ' disposition of Soviet Army occupation troops in P.ustria were discernible up to the middle of February lgala The following units in the Soviet Lone of Austria location, and date of observation, were confirmed between 1 march and 1 April 1951. DO 12Lh G rds eh;)nized Division, 15th Tank Re,-,t 2500th Gds AAA Rett BRUCK on the piths 28 February River KONNEUBURi 4 January SECRi 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 SECS 25X1 C 'Rn nVELLI.GEflCE AGENCY 4.a. b6 95th awards 1yotorized Rifle Division. 25X1 Div Hq 2814th Gds Utz Rifle Regt 287th Ods Utz trifle Regt 290th Gds Litz Rifle Regt 150th Ode Tank Regt 0 ST, POELTEN 1 February 'rAIDHOFEN C7~ 18 October 1949 unlocated 5 February L AUER--OEIILUIG 16 September 1949 unlocated 6 October 1949 25X1 In addition the 95th Gets I;itz Rifle Div has component units 25X1 "'rap 20. It is believed that the training of the units in Austria in February and Larch 1951 follaued the same lines as t ant of the units in the Soviet Zone of Germnny6 However,, no large--scale field exercises in the vicinity of military pouts, no major road marches,, and no short training cycles at troop training grounds have boon observed as yet. However, motor vehicle 25X1 II of the 13th Gds L ecz Div,reportod from KAIIEXT::I13r I'lUCH and the DO:u,LI..;:~;R SI Efli area, indicate the possibility that field exercises of elements of this division may have been held there, although no transfer, of units to these places was observed. Small details of soldiers who arrived at the APETLON AAA range and in the DOELLIfUTE I area in early Larch 1.951 were probably advance parties who were to prepare billets for the forthcoming arrival of troops. 25X1 21.1 compor-ent units of the 17th Gds t ecz Div in KOEfltth fl) until 22 February 1951- 22. In the middle of February 19!1, a report from southeastern Hungary stated that Soviet troop units were located in IECSIIMET, CEGL]) and SZOLNOK; but not in SZEGE?D, IUODI,IEZOEVASARIIEIJY, BI Ki:SGSAI3A, OROSHAZA, or 3ZEIJTES6 :Soviet tank units were last observed in the SZEGED area in the spring of 19506 They probably stayed there only temporarily and moved to the area southeast of BUDAPiST during the course of 1913. There is reason to believe that KSCSK 1.12T, CEGL;:;D, and SZOLNOK may now be the principal posts of the 2d Gds t, cz Div iinich is carried in this area,, POLAIID 23? Soviet troops who were confirmed by civilian refugees until the winter of 1950/1951 included troops of undetermined branch of service at the ITZIMAU R troop training grounds, AAA units in the J3U1NZLAU area, mortar units inI3R ' G, and tank and signal units in the nrtII'G- OIILAU area. The units in the BT.fl IAU area possibly belonged to the 65th AAA Div and those in the other areas to the 20th Tank Div of the Northern Group of Forces? VOSOS R, 25X1 24. The 206th Ode Rifle Regt$ of the 69th Gds Rifle Div was confirmed in the I,IOI,EDECIIIIO area,, Bye o-ruseian IUD, until November 1950 by a ,soviet 25X1 [::::],, The first postwar identific~rtion of the regiment was made by its sarm area in November 1946. Another document indicated that a 25X1 SIC 1' 6645 "AA Approved For Release 2004 - - 600470005-6 Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6 25X1 25X1 CE#riR L II l ,IGENGE Ai" ' CT 25X1 in SIAVUTA, KALUTi T5- PODOISK Oblast, 25X1 Carpathian the 289th Gds Rifle Regt of the 97th Gds :hfle Div during 7orld 1;7ar Ile The division was subordinate to the Fifth ;ds A y in Austria at the end of the war and was trrarzs--; ferred to the east in the summer of 1946? Since there have been vague indications that the Fifth Gds Army, with some of the divisions assigned to it at that time, moved to the Carpathian Td0, it is possible that the 97th Gds Rifle Div may be located in the KAMNETS--PODOTBK area. 25 The Soviet newspaper ZaCh Chest Rodini of 12 February 1951 furnished a clue regarding the subordination orc er guar troops,, for the troops were referred to as Border Guard Troops of the istry of State Security in an article written by Colonel G. Belykh on the occasion of the 30th anni- versary of the activation of border guard troops. According to this ar- ticle, the border guard troops,, who wear green epaulets and who have as yet been known as L D troops, are subordinate to the MBO 25X1 * and it designations of heavy tank 25X, se o e e . see ex 25X1 25X1 SEC Li Approved For Release 2004/01/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R007600470005-6