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December 22, 2016
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January 21, 2010
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June 13, 1951
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CENTRAL IN IGENC AC NrV QFPfPI' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010- a 1r~r.urAX 1 C S: IFICATION /CONTROL - U.S. 0 'FIOIAIS O,%r I FORM TI REPORT CD NO,, COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Rai3!4ovewnte PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. ~w V= man" ma= M"M V" ub 4r !1 V"faft" AV DATE DISTR. 25X1 33 Juno 1951. NO. OF PAGES 6 NO. OF #NCLS'. {LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION A train of 14 boxcars,, some of which more occupied by soldiars and 12 flatcirs w:~ t'P T`'- tan's and an undeternined number of trucks $a'ssed through Nouru?pin at 11:30 porno on 31 :.:arch o ra3,z c.T~e-from the direction of ",ittstock a ' -)roceedad to rd us 25X1 25X1 .with trucks ,iron hallo-iecht(_,rstedt lu rocket launchers,, 6 cars with motor vehicles Q cars faith materiel j+ and ammunition and 5 cars ,with field kitchens and tank trucks tpril0 The train came from IIalle--I echtorstedt 5) CLASSIFICATION ~iTATf NAVYY~~^M1~ N5Ri3 Is6R18UTtoN ARWY AIR 7t Fat ? C: A, a SZ";".2'+411 C';ts.. g=ar T : TS Auth.: HR 70-2 2? Tank ship:onts between 29 :arc ar prl .nclude one train from Schniepnitz to ltesa on 29 I-arch; one train from Schwepnitz to Loisnig on 30 Larch; one train .from Koonigsbrueek to Char riitz and another train from Sch pnitz to Mesa on 31 :arch; one train from 3chhmpnitz to Loisnig and another train from Koeni- sbruock to Gri;:a on 11 ~7.)ril; one train from Schwep:,.1itz to Chormnitz and another train from ochwepnitz to tesa on 12 April. The dispatch of six to eight other trains with tank troops from Itiesa to Schwepnitz was being; prc,oared. (2) 3. Shipments which arrived in :order between 2 and 5 April included four railroad cars carrying six special trailers with pneumatic tires di.o. Hatched br the au ='lant in .ordau, Saxony ry t.io railroad cars with ca s Calbe (3 ); one ray oaa ca" with c garettes and one railroad car with te.:tiles dis- ?ratched by the Verband Deutscher iionsumgonoosons cliarten (Union of s orrian Cooperative Stores) in Dresden and consigned to ?otus.%cov on 12 April, (fit) Ito Shit' :tents observed at the i:rfurt freight and included l railrond en s Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21 '/CONTROL ,. U.S. OFFICIAU ONLY 3atp! 26 Ilil MR Q... 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 I"`?I, ;swxET/con TaoL U. s. OFFICIAL :off CF ZEAL INTELL$I*IENCE AG C! Shi# ents fror : Brost Litovsk Thirty-two tank cars with fuel sight boxcars with ri.it31^y goods %ve nty~two flatcars with iron Thirty-two flatcars with iron :eleven boxcars with military goods Twelve boxcars with a m Lion Twennty-two crated airplanes and 6 boxcars with military goods Fourteen tank cars with fuel Sixteen flatcars with iron croon 9 and . \pr i no ec? Destine tjon and Date: Volten 9 April I'iuellrose 9 April Hilborsdorf 9 ,Ipril IIilborradorf 10' April Frankfurt/Oiler 10 April 7+ulkow 10 April Finow 11 April. Volt an 11 April ?Iilbersdorf 11 April 6d The loading of 10 boxcars with soldiers wearing rod-bordered black epaulets, and having baggage with then,, and of an undetor::tined nurmbor of flatcars with ei rht 17--m 4 guns, 25 trucks 1ran ur 0 or on 10 tkprilA 7. Daily Soviet leave traffic through Fran fort/Odor averaged 350 soldiers going to Brest Litovsk and 380 soldiers coming from. Brest Litovsk during the period from 9 to 11 April, a train of 1 gondola car, 2 boxcars, 4 Ft type a - ypa a cars wan frora Loewenberg to Krerrsten "iustermark via Oranienburg on 10 April. The train was escorted b a fert s and carried 15 T-34 tanks, including tans two tow tanks, one repair shop truck one radio t-,ruck one 41 U c n and several t (7) ahiprrent Empty shuttle-tra in of 48 flatcars knotrn carzo be to rx was observed at, ho m .1itar r ramp in Berlin--Schoonetvcicdc to Dobrilugk 9 -pril Train of 38 boxcars with un- From direction of Falkonborg to Juetorbog 9 April .I `'/GOfl' a0L/~LUS :.?n'i"r us, oiff - 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 j 7C'/CONTRt - U. S. OFF IALS OW . ,CE L IDDffi.LICENCE AGEIY 'ate St4T shuttle-trai n of 39 flatcars ~= = .f la-cars vraa,h r1iitai ~oac1; Alton Lager' It ~r:i~ Z'C z ~ti 1 i:.rz::n 'Ii! Dori .? e 10 i pri1 Train of 11 boxcars and 25 Frankfurt/Odor to Ju torbo - 11 April Train of 33 boxcars and U. AltonL. ?abau to Juoto;r bo - (6) 131. hpril shi nts ,.pass i -Garou`; i i,uos ?rin ix?tween and 12 April: 5h:i2mhtirr- Forty,,-four boxcars with grain Forty-three boxcars with grain Fort;- ei ht boxcars with grain One boxcar am-: coition Ono boxcar with military gods T ,ront,yr ight boxcars with un1SriowY? products; Forts four 1)oxca:n;3 with :-rain: shin rit- Twonty-thrue Boxcars with ;-,rain-, ,hi,oraaent-- Yorty-ei ;ht b=cars with grin Fort'.-five boxcars :-pity, grain From- o end Date Lest Litovsk to :Dresden ii April rdauen toward >rankf'urt/QIer ,' April rerdauen toward i'rankfurt/Udcr 7 rapril Jerson to Strausborg 8 April Falkensee to $trausber r April s,wtzkorn eastbound 8 April uordaucn toward Frnn%''urt/Qder 10 April ;iordauen toiwird aorb.ig 11 A aril erc.aueri toward er Jig 12 April Go.7dausn toward din 12 April 11a ::=':iprrent,s ',,,t own 16 anu -Le nprii_lc ;uctocr: 3i C 4J li/',~OiJT ,L3L/tJ4) -.~.. 1~~~I IL VI1Jt. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 f''+. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 r (CONTROL - U .S. OFFICIALS ONLY vnment ' E AGENCY e Fro,n.-To and. Date Four boxcars with grain T ion vy-tiro boa.-cars with Ora in wonty--nine boxcars with -rain One boxcar with rufrigeretors military fuel Five boxcars with grain Eight boxcars with grain Five boxcars with grain Five boxcars with ;rain !line boxcars with grain Thirteen boxcars with grain Seventeen boxcars with grain Nineteen boxcars with grain Nine boxcars with grain Ten boxcars with grain (host Litovsk to :3o '1 inZ ntra1+- viohhof 10 fpril }rest Litovsk to Berlin-Oat, harbor 10 April Brest Litovsk to B::rl n- Ost, froi,-fit yard 10 April Frankfurt/Oder to Jueterbog-Altos Lager 10 ;cril Brest Litovsk to Velten 10 .^_pril Brest Litovsk Rheinsberg 11 April Brest Litovsk to Lirclow 11 April Brest Litovsk to Neurunpin 11 April Brost Litovsk to .Altruppin U April Tare st Litovsk to "'is: r 11 tlWil Brest Litovsk to Guben 11 tpril Brest Litovsk to Fuerstenberg 11 April Brost Litovsk to Berlin-Oat, harbor 11 April Brest Litovsk to iuansdorf 11 -.Aril Threat Litovsk to Toltow 11 April S ,v'T ,T/CONTRUL/US OF ICI ATE ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 's cRET/cwr 'EOL _ U. S. OPFIC I ONLY Gene l:oxcar with ;rai n ne ?;oxcar and one flat:;ar vd~ th field kitchens F f"t~r one bo~~ears :ith grain -CEiL INTGLIGENCE AGENCY lyres t Litovsk to Iiir:iiaeluburg :L1 "Lprii i+ ran:;f urt/L)der to unkao,rn destination 12 .~ oril rarest Lit.ovsl: to Leipzig 12 April Empty grain shuttle- Gross Morin gen to tram f Brest Litavak L3 boxcars 12 April i'ort y-six boxcars ,with uranium ora; Johann Goorgsonstedt to crest Litovsk 12 April. (3: 25X1 12. troop train of ae:vd n baxc , rs occupied by uoldi ars and. an undetermined number of flate ars uith twelve 8E-mom AA guns and 16 trucks as observed at the Jueterbog railroad station on 11 April, The train was headed toward Halle, 13, The loading of an undoten7ined number of T31 tan~:s JS tasks and trucks a which came from the direction of the Panzer Kasorne,, started at the P enzlau railroad station at 11 a.m. on 13 Aprilo The train was headed toward Berlin. The loading had not been completed by 6 p.m. (7) ('i.) the train carried componerL(Is of the lot Lem Liv's including the 72d ,dds L v Tanld aP r e returning to their horse station of Dooberitz after a -2eriod of field training in the ::ittstock training arca o the unite had left Doeboriita 25X1 on 22 I."arch4 (2) :rotor vehicles of the i3th Gds l.Iecz Div and the 9th Tani; Div wore observed, in road tra :fa c around i oeni ;sbrueck throughout Pubruary and :.:arch 1951, Tl prozent report indicates that components of the trio divisions returned to their hone stations frog i:oeni,gsbrueck, havinrf, bean loaded at the near-, railroad station of ch opnitz:a Chorenit. , Grin= and Leisnig are ;)osts e ' the filth tdc I-'ocz Div and aliosa a post of the 9th Tank Jive a?!z-e novcrient probab lyy of thh th Gd.s ;,ecz Dlv, :gas confirmed six tars of this unit wore loaded in Crimma on 2 t The present re-.or?t indicates that thi: unnit )ro a z_..y stayea at, ioeni-Sbrueck antil 10 April0 The absence of most of the trooaa of the 9th Tank Div from the Von der C-oltz Kasorne in za.eea, abut 2 l rch, teas _,)robat)ly linked with the s `h rxmoats of to zi: troopps hoe according to the present r'epor ~:, returned to id.:i esa frori Koenigsbrryueck ct waopnitz on 12 .April, having co:.as~leted their field trairiin ;. IIovever, it aa;pears that units woald t five agaiin to Koei,;:,;sbruac-. in nid-April., 1i previous report mentioned r` mors that troops from kd esa would be loaded for shipment to noenif sbr.?uack bo inni.ng it tpril. The pre sent re.x:art states that trains for the sh rient of tank troops to Yioenigslarueck 1wrore being proparedo ti0Q;. "T1 0LAm "1 r-ILIA SS O~4~l,.ilr Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8 (7) (8) RAL - VEU"NE AGZ= 'eF Juoterboc, colzoononts of the unidentified AAA 'era loaded in Frankfurt/pr on 10 _1-iri1n 25X1 the train probably the train carried a coiponont of ne rank Div coming, from t the area north of 0ranienburt(-; "ince other units of the sale division nore at Juetorbo=; between 10i -jnd20 Larch, it is believed that components of the 25th Tank Div again went to Juetex bury for is the beginning of April, were probably :Laken fore ~A n M__ ..~,.~'86 -14U dF-Lu-L..ery pjeccs Ovalle it may have '- ? i.:lee the train was headed toward gone to Thur ina0 m 1 S /Co of - LS. IVS ONLY 8 c!t-,T/00rd a ()L/U5 Ok Fic'mi ; OI17Y 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/21: CIA-RDP82-00457R007700320010-8