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November 17, 2016
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June 2, 2000
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August 9, 1951
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25X1A COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1 C PLACE ACQUIRED 2*r OF Approved For Releo Qp;QJQW ,.Lf #$ A(& $7R00790 6- 6C INFORMATION }'CC . DATE DISTR. 9 eo3C- 51 T?ew Study Ccirsoe for Chilean Ca raniste NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED 9ELOWi 1, In connection uith the new mace pact campaign n my being conducted by the Cor ius t Party of Chile (PCCh`,, Party leaders have reconrtondcd that cozzrsec in international politics be Introduced at the cell level. jzi an att v~~ to raise the political lavel of the member;. These c ve s, wou i.nclu4.e tho study of articles from Descra, Chilean Coi moist Yiewsrrapor s on tlua. conditions existing in the mi.dd e and laboring classes in the United St tc 2. The Party will also undertake a new cedro schooling prog"r^on desiLmed "o indoctrinate the nribers in the theory oft rxism end the r'ussian 4 vlitu:~ on as. well as in the practical t spec?ts of the formation of 4 choaL trcar~.: `~; in the ft wwntala of Party finance', clandestine abl,cations, and p-'onagands riethoda and devices, A similar attempt in 1950 was not cons ;dere: s=.lcoess.~ ful. by the Party, because of its more overt character, * Cl asses Ayer; held in union headgmrsrter , and the notentlal students mma~r?ald of '601 eo action, The new program %Iil, therefore, hake use of private horzos, anc the Vrot? ?s ~e ty I be node t p of fron 5 to 10 members 3. Once the coil mentors are conei; ea d sufficiently prepparec; a=tcr their cac rr school training) the industrial and rttsa,l. Della will t nd rtc e a cen1aic:. to form new form cells, In the rxeantlno, the : oribers aze e -kl? o'`. d to f T`L':VOJI iz increasingly with farm groups to ?Y.ake then reccrntive to t',,-,idea Of Prmm~!g farm cells when the time coma. to ,yitti L'1~A ceb`1 -%S hg ace DIA document i+6 todo t-S IV tt e' Q,aec ShO VtA O '\('e to Gt NF1D ce oe ever ort entra% ~ st',_ey- ~p": ?{ iYeotor trie Date' '00's AYOe o e 1 Next 01011mont No. N. Chanro In ooras:le# glum hankad iWpvefjt