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December 14, 2016
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January 16, 2001
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June 7, 1951
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Approve dFor`Rdrdas 'J NTRY; .- ,: y ovi t uon } i~`'i1~31~E; : (~14-RDP82-00457R - _. _,-,- _.- ..REPORT NO._ C)p,C j t~..1raffic via the Zrxnkfur }tier 11ordar Point EVALUATION -_PLACE OBTAINED.,. DATE OF COI4TE DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES 3. . REMARKS_._ -- -- 25X1X 25X1 C .DATE PREPARED J13ne .:51 Information on Soviet freight traffic observed at, or identified from records of the Frankfurt/Dder ;:ssenger station included: 1951 Cars 3 May 18 tank cars 5 boxcsirs 6 boxcars gasoline ar iunition military 'goods Brost- Litovsk Brest Litov.ak Brest Litovsk 92 boxcars uranium ore Cottbus (1) new refri. 24 refri,era- ;orator cars Cottbus elten Juctorbo{g i-uellrose Chenn.itz- ' lhlborsdorf tor cars with Soviet-- gauge wheel sets ) :lay- 26 boxcars unknown naamber of ammunition Brest Litovsk ) 15 new trucks, Brost Litovsk ) )G caterpillar Jueter'bog Chemnitz llilb 'li )t?x'I[srsu 2 w _ t 2. Information on $ovie:t f rcight ,rafiic observed at, or identified fror.a records of, the krrricfurt/Oder freight stition included- 25X1 C 25X1 C Date Number of Shipment L-)ad From Dis'~). tcher To Corsi _=r4 1951 4 May 45 boxcars 171/8000 ).5 boxcars 171/1815 train No barley (2) 617 36/7387 military Brest, LitOVSk.M 14 boxcars 3 boxcars 1 boxcar 12 flatcars 1 boxcar 86/6114 18 boxcars 86/6100 o7-o (1) iiartonstein i3rest Litovsk o-(; (1) Jolianngeorgen- i?rest amrm~nition. !ro$t Litovsk Y rxrCi7.uZ15.'~:;;i.OZ1l Brest T+itOVut~ ;rain %2) Profit Litovsk grain (,2) rest Litovsk in -(2) free t Litovsk 1 new aruckb Brost Litovsk 1 boxcar 86/7915 ria.litavyT Brest Litovsk goods 5 Nay 1 boxcar barley (2) i:3rewt Litovsk 18 boxcars barley (2) Brest Litovsk Record Number 18 boxcars 40 boxcars shuttle- wheat und Brost Litovsk 6 30 tank cars 56 boxcars 41 boxcars 6 boxcars 10 boxcars 16 tank cars 3 f)a tears grain (2) Brest Litovsk ;rain (2) JA'est :Litovsk grain (2) Brest: Litovsk asolir.;e Brost Litovsk crates with Trost Litovsk jet aircraft 'CONTs.1UL/U OFFICIAL OILY barley (2) hest Litovsk goods 1;;asoliflO floel ].on shuttle- empty Fuerstenberg tra in No 531 Litovsk Kapen Juaterbog Jena ,,.c.'r ncuchen T,oipzig Cherinitr- iia,il rsd.orf Bcr lirr- Ostbah nhof Grosoneuen- don 6Yriezen Freienua7 do :'2iesa ruorston- ivaide Brest Litovsk Grossneu- erido f Bobits chen Altenburg Volten 25X1C Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000160010-9 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000160010-9 :t IT-Y 25X1A ei 3 25X1A (1) _ yoi m~'nts .Iupplements previous information on. uranium ore The shi:o nt listed in tiara ra-;h. 1 of the resent report as being observed on 3 ;'.lay 19-17A is believed to have consisted of two trains of 146 cars cacih, I1 of the different dater they may 1'e identical with the two shin tents listed in paragraph 2 under 4 May. These shi.~; onts are gr?ain shuttle trains, (2) Q) 25X1 CP 25X1 C 25X1 C La la tar;r chip ain adminio:-tra Lion in ruerstonwalde k supply duxrp, )r,.sumab3,y an air force installation in Fuer. ten- -