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December 16, 2016
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October 24, 2003
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June 25, 1951
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111MMAx 741 CLASSIFIC On ON CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY F t IO REPORT COUNTRY Garml iu;n Zone SUJECT #roOp M-outs 25X1 C PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1 DATE OF INFO. CIRCULATE at1Is 1.:OC4TMTVIC C.O:"fTAR 3#A;'OFI#SATS~J& #aOcsC 7[Sts Yty'a #SAS1TlNM i)EFCi#S9ii. 07 THU WITSS MATES VITUtS9 TRI# 09Ar 2O OF Y619 63P-C#S1aZ. iCT 80 0.3. C., a& M1cn A?. AS lSM1rC:DED~ GO TRA FSMSSIOR Oki TH2 REGEt4T1O OF ITS C^r:STIIST60 IN ANY HURIEPt TO AN U dAf17t19tn1 b FFS1SO0 !t P:10- 11=0 av LAV" SPBSQk UCTimt7 Oe MIS FO VU is PROP:1sDUED. HM 25X1 0 REPORT N CD NO. DATE DISTR. 25 B NO.. OF PAGES 2. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED I IFORMATIOI to The follower trains carrying new military perso' e1 to Germs 25X1 25X1 No. f Bo=ars 56 52 53 Brest-Litovsk Kii!strin Ouben Ro?erzgarten Cottbus E tr 1951 16 June 16 June 1.7J e 25X1 2, E,nstbounc shuttle IL of 53 boxcars, csrrying soldiers passed through F1rax... r t on 16 June 1951, on route from Cottbus to K &etrin- O D(accmenf i Aim i s" ?"d iaYs. Cb g d To: TS HR 70.2 S to late: /~J( CONFIDE SIFICA, i ION A i',Y i ~ AIR Approved For Release Qt1W/iV'.'C1-RDP82-00457R008000330002-9 )ISTR 3Ufi6i . 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2