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December 14, 2016
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December 28, 2000
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June 11, 1951
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25X1A ,R, pve ! r F gI ase 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-0045' pr, COUNTRY-'--4 _ _..-REPORT N of _ t ,a: t{~o u 1 r.,. it fig; vin the ziho. o:i n~ ; X11 r -, 20A 17v- P1 A('?F OFTAIN[rD Y 25X1C DATE OF CONTENT. 2W A' FOBTAfNED REFERENCES- PAGES R E M A R K S - , D A T E PREPARED j '),k1rrl -ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPC)-.-.y ,,-- SOURCE I''017.0"+in is 3 tab-al Lion of C ":t~'7ound :soviet frei ght traffic from Cottbus via the sat en (0 52/, 79) border crossin- Joint during; the )criod from 21 April to ' "'.w, 19w1 Note: kc:,- to ar hlhreviations, flatcar G : l~ ton boxcar P1: 1,1,5-ton flatcar It : flatcar rtith side racks OK: refrigerator ear S : 15-'ton ti)-axle elatcar -.iith a usable 1o:ls;th of 13 meters .. Tie of wars 21 April 9 !S 22 April 28 '.1K 23 !,peril 20 it 24, 'iIc UIt 25 -",pril 6 new express coaches 3 R 25 April 12 GK 3R 10 G military goods . empty narro?7-';au 7,e field railroad Cars wheel sets Lei azig Leipzig 4i:4culdorf A endorf t 7-1 pro^c Lid ti,ow,i: ;r wheel Sets Scl11wuroth Brost Litovsk is new ) whoel. sets ) A 'i-ncndorf - Test ,i tovsk ) 60 damaged ran ftart/sk3,or ~~Io1srlc? Polish cars 26 April 45 21 empty 10 SS CONFIDENTIAT1' CLASSIFICATION j 0 3 X51 Approved For Release 2001/03/06: CIA-R ~1318 Document No. __ Mr ---------- - He Clraaga In Class. LI [] Dgcla.ssJ led Class. Changed To: TS S Comncnt~, These shipments are, refrif,orator cars and express train coaches sent o t .3 .d, as Soviet Zone rearatio'ns deliveries, The dvi t-- augo wheel sets sent along will be mounted at the aoviet transi'er point : ~II~.1o the 25X1A Ct3NIDY'u;1.~?L:t:/'~ Cl'~'7 C1:T>, :iJ, Y: Date . Number and T of Cars Toad Row 28 April 15 Pl on )ty Cott:)uuf lubo'u 10 ,,.is 29 April 2 crane cars ) 2 S t heel .:otc ) ;?^r lohta?~; 'roat Litovsk' 1 1 7 a ?n Iition) 22 April 12 new this; ian express train coaches 3 P1 car: iers ) Drolot Litovsk 12 now .Lus ian exoress train coaches 3 21 t nc0el gets aocrlitz Bros-'G Litovsk 12 new GK 4 :'1 axles zinrr1endcrf L.rer t Litovsk, 30 April 8 new SY, 3R T-1110e1 gets Weirnwr ;crest 14tovsk I I-lay 3 35, 3 trench fl gdehurg; Brest Litrivsk 2 r;ay 3 SS 2 SS dim e?rs and accessories 2 trench ' aLa,;delrarg Brest Litovsk 2 $ diggers and 3 i a,y 4 ss accessories tanks fLse,Sa frost Litovsk 6 r._sy 6 new express train coaches 31 (containers) ehla.Iroth rarest Litovsk 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/0.3/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000510005-6 standard-gauge, axles arc returned to Gonmayb or cent, Light trains in botch directions arc., cchodulod to pass through Gu eve c ay, !Io,.7ev