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December 20, 2016
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November 29, 2005
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July 11, 1951
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IkTELLOFAX 4 Germmy (Ruas3nn Zone)/USSR/Po].a d Rail Traffic at Pros t Od CENTRAL NTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT N INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRE' DATE OF INFO. Approved For Relea IA-RDI B' -00457RO0800055000 Trqw ' IGIALa OI s CLASSIFICAT10N C0I37L - U.3. OF I. 1h; LQllovrin, of fr rli. ra:'fic iassinF through I+rank.furt Oder in 25X1 both directionw 25X1X d:unber axed Type of Cars a. outbound 18 boxcars I; boxcars "serabella." 1! flatcars 2 boxcars 3 boxcars 1 gondola car 1t flatcars 3 boxcars 10 flatcars CONFID'ENTtA CIASS1F1CATION~~A0T?XROL - U.S. "ICI ?NLT ATE DISTR. . i-ray 19C. . OF PAGES . . , -rt NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED EsELOW) i SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. e5X1 S biprient Record No bronze, lead, Brc.,t--Litovsk Berlin cope per sheet iron and section iron si eoL : ofl Sulu steel girders furniture charcoal crude iron and sheet iron crude iron and sheet iron Poland 5chocne- vsoitle and alzcvedel Brest..Litovsk HenniL,sdorf -a Brest.Litovsk Leipzig, rear, .+iederitzschs Ilrenau air a ; Litovsk Drewitz Dessau Poland Holland Poland I.:onzen BresttLitovsk Uiennig -sdorf -. Rostock, . tarnerauende Brest-Litovsk Berlin I boxcar military goods ;3rest..i itovsk Berlin Approved For Release 2006/01/03: CIA-RD He Change In Class. Cl n Declassified Class. Winged To; TS S Co., BIIFt345~ 5 7-0 Data: jj(( ~~ CD NO. Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550007-0 NTROL - U. S. OFF1t IALS OflLT CEI12RAL I21TEI;LIGEI E AGEdCT -2- 4 It rcfl'Lcrator e;-s i`oland crirs 2 boxcars nap?Yt !aline; rest..T'ltovs} ;01fe i 13 - cIrro &Iro?1'la?Y.- Inc r^~i:ito T rest..~.,it(~ 19 'area x~; Cotto ! rost .,. itovu}., ~:;rr;sc.cYz h2 j,cat.c?r7? cers cm Co iron , rx } rost.j.i 4k,vsl. ieh. c not ec}.. 1 C . '' cox iron tubes 16 e tc . a ~1+.i- 1-11 s ;sres y.i..ovs`: Der lin ca-~; a c:r 9 a"latc.irs crude iron arc r i.~ i tov;;}: sere ;i 'sdor 3() "1c tcars cruC e iron ''restL,-t o'wjj h dcbur' 2? is :'.1;{1Ql n cilrs hard co1l r? 1 flatc:r het 1_rori r!ric 3 re: t..iitoJSFc Derr in 2 boxcars lc,-)d - 4". ~:.'arido": cars : oY-t crude ~.1i 2 flea # C