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December 14, 2016
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December 21, 2000
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July 3, 1951
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Approved FG~~fl? CIA-RDP82-00457R00800055 GO TYROL v 9-s- t Tc TATA nr15.'r MELLOW 4 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO INFORMATION RE-FORT COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. GermwW (Ruseiaan Zone) Rail Traffic via the Frs. t/Cder Border Crossing Point 7 to 114 ,.:ay 1951 is based on railroad records 25X1X Date Number and Tyne of Gans 1G The following tabulation of rail freight tra..1ic via the :Frankfurt/ Oder border crossing point in both dircctiona during, tho period from 7 :lay 9 gondola cars pi iron 39 gondola cars hard coal 2 boxcars naphthaline 9 flatcars and 1g iron 25X1A Brest Litovsk Ile ligsdorf Polaad Soviet Zone of Germany Brest Litovsk Schoonebeck a** Brost Litovsk ;,uonsclorf CD NO. NO. OF PAGES 3 July 1951 NO, OF ENCLS. (LISTED? BELOW) 25X1 A 11 flatcars pig iron 5 gondola cars Barlin 6 boxcar. s copper,, lead, Brost Litovsk 3 flatcars ir?n 2 ;;nndola cars 8 flatcars sheet iron 31 gondola cars hard coal 7 ;ondola cars hard coal 2 fla tears sheet iron 9 ;grkd:Ia cars pi .g iron 8 flatcars 7 Gondola cars 9 Lietcars 1 boxcar pig iron Brest Litovsk .hderneuchon Poland Greifswald Poland Soviet gone of Germany Brost Litovsk ?''arnemueride Frost Litovsk Hennigsdorf Brest Litovsk L -d.eburt LONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION S99RETYCOI OL - t%S. OFFICIALS OP GY _ smaT eyv gasz3a IT DIMIOUTION-T-t= I ~17jj- X1 -FBI cuu:sn ttia_ _Ct au ._~~__ Class, 7 Dsclass: ed Class. Chargsd To: TS S Approved For Release 2001/03/06: CIA-RD H t bA X SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 REPORT NO. 25X1X SOURCE Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 `7ORTPOL - Q. $, (PFIC ULS Ok CENTFBAL Yvm1C .tE A1! Date ;1urnljer and Type,of Cars 7 Y 4 bo cars bronze Brost Litovsk 1 boxcar 1 tank car 30 gondola cars 8 tank cars 33 flatcars 21 gondola cars 6 boxcars 3 flatcars 22 gondola cars shoot iron Brost Litovsk Burlirt- "Jei.ssensee cotton oil Est Litovsk cotton oil Breast Litovsk copper Brest Litovskc pig iron 13reat Litovsk carbonised Brest Litovsk ferro- chromium nickel, cotton oil Brest Litovsk hard coal. Poland cotton oil Brest Litovsk sectional. Bract Litovsk iron Pig iron lead, copper, Brost 1,itovsk iron pig iron Brest Litovsk 1 boxcar furniture flrest z,itov k, Berlin- I,z chtonbF rg iitteraberge k ui u Liburg ichoonebock 3* Th ale Merlin lsrandenburg Engdeburg and Wismar Holland Boliun Ber:Un- Th2n aolsburg Berlin- ",aissensee Berlin- Lichtenberg Crei.fawald 1.1ittonberge Soviet 4one of Genaarky 5ckioonebock, t'~a;_;dobur 10 Ilay 8 boxcars , u fLi tcars seat iron 9 flatcars vheot iron Brost Litovsk 4 boxcars gra-ahito Brost Litovsk 17 ;ordola cars aiarc' coal L'nland CORY )TIM71 6 c onelola cars 2 flatcars P Iby 9 tc.nk cats 17 tank cars 2 boxcars 13 gondola cars 2 boxcars 5 refrigorator cars mat Poland 1 gondola car pig iron Brest Litovsk 12 flatcars iron Brest Litovsk i boxcars 1 boxcar furniture Poland 2 boxcars charcoal Poland 9 Lay boxcars copper, 30 ad Brost Litovsk Uorliin '7rrnemuende iennigsdorf Soviet Zone of orta:~' Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 co'~;~er Brest Litovsk Approved For Release 200tVZ XC4A RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 /COI OL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL I EM3GEE AGM, C% Nu er and T_oe of Cars n Drest Litovsk Brost Litovsk 10 Iay 1 boxcar 2 flatcars 13 flatcars 8 tank cars 17 gondola cars 2 boxcars 2 boxcars 9 flatcars 1 gondola ar? 2 boxcars 12 flatcars tank cars 11 Lay 7 flatcars 4 flatcars 2 gondola cars 18 boxcars :d3 flatcars 19 gondola cars 18 gondola cars 39 gondola cars 2 flatcars I boxcar 5 boxcars 12 gondola cars 8 tank cars 12 hay 7 boxcars 11 flatcars 7 gondola cars 9 boxcars 7 flatcaro copes wheel disks pig iron, sctional iron cotton oil anthracite vine pig iron, sectional. iron . pig iron cotton oil, sheet iron pig iron Brost Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brost T,itovsk Bract Litovsk 11rest Litovsk Bract Litovsk alarm ;red rail-Brost Litovsk road cars sectional iron tin caper, tin hard coal cotton oil copper, tin shoat iron hard coal pigs pie; iron Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Poland Brest Litovsk frost Litovsk Bract Litovsk Poland Test Litovsk CONFIDE /CO1;iWL/US OI'FICCL1TS ONLY IlsenburC Soviet Zone of Germany ilittenbarge "iestoritz Rumtaelaburg Soviet Zone of Germany i urn ;lsburg 1agdeburg, ""eissensee Lichtonborg olarne mxende Hennigsdorf * :Berlin = dar- achauerstrasse Soviet Zone of Germany Soviet Zone of Gerany choenebeck, Magdeburg `,1 wren Berlin .Ruedersdorf -7ittenborgo Berlin "arnerauonde Thoorin - warder Berlin i.:a c,del~L'L'd'~, A Brandenburg Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 Approved For Release 2001% i AAkDP82-00457R008000550008-9 a r/coi oL . V. S. OFFICIALS OM3 cram II IMLLIGE!Z E AGE=, Date 'm: nbor and `'r~e 01, Cars 12 hay 3 flatcars 2 g ridola cars 14 boxcars sheet iron hard coal con;.3or, lead Best Litovsk Polar and a ost Litovsk ..',erneuc?ion Greif;- ald Berlin- :iu,~ zaeia ?urg Schoe nebeck Lerby -.F:. ,or tin 2 flatcars 6 flatcars 3 boxcars 13 "ay 5 boxcars 4 flatcars 18 gondola cars 6 flatcars 6 ;.'la tears 17 box cars 7 tank cars al gondola cars 3 boxcars 9 gondola cars 3 ?latcars 33 boxcars 12 gondola cars 2 flatcars 6 tank cars 1L boxcars Its :. ay flatcars 8 gondola cars 7 gorvola cars 3 flatcars 1 o_1clola car i l rl' tear 3 flatcars sectional. iron raa;iganose ore naphthaline tin, steel -wire hard coal s:'cti-)nal it on pig iron copper, bronze cotton oil pig iron damaged rail- road cars copper, lead, tin pi.; iron, shoot iron hare' coal hard coal oil1 t iron pi iron shoot iron soctiona3l iron )rest Litovsk It-eat Litovsk T;roct Litovsk (rest Litovsk Poland u-i al t LitoVbk }beet Litovsk Brost Litovsk ;'rest Litovsk Pol.a nd '!rest UtovSk hoviot Nano of Gor Zany . :;arne uortdo, Ia do1)ur ; Tanni;;sdorf * i.'erliri Jierl. is Lichtenberg 'oviet 4-ne of 3erma ny 'rest- Litovsk Borlia-- Lichtenberg T're t Litovsk Berlin st Ljtovslz .iaracmuc ihoori.'1_rs ..,-rder -burs .mld o .aruo: ruonde 'i lrande_lburh Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 Approved For Release 2(W4'11 2:I?-RDP82-00457ROO8000550008-9 ,CONTROL - U. S. E S Lit CE ft M I ELLMME AGl '.5?. Date Number and of Cira 16 lirari[i care 2 flatcars 7 boxcars 1, boxcar 14 tank cars cotton oil sheet iron copper, load steel ire gasalon cotton oil 17 gondola cats lard coal b. 1;astbound 7 ,:ay 50 boxcars 50 boxcars 126 boxcars 52 boxcars 3 boxcars L. boxcars 5 boxcars 3 flatcars 9 boxcars 8 Lay 18 boxcars 35 tarns cars 37 boxcars 57 boxcars 6 boxcars 2 gondola cars 5 boxcars gondola. cars 6 boxcars potash potash potash potash tar paper Olaubor salt Glauber salt ,rmsts undeter:zinecl potash potash prefabricated huts tar paper 5 Diesel loconotives 4roA Litovsk Brest Litovsk ;'.reef t Litovsk Glue ckaitf Olueckaur' G1ueckaiut Rossl& en Dieolcau Piesterjtz ) urg, Dessau .io:riptendorf itts abor;o .7arner a.eade Zbriin- 2uririelsbur ; hale 13oitzenbur ; 1:ii:n- Lichte iborg Ore-ifs?'rald a--ppxn peen Happen #ieppen :lep e i t ap on trppcn Poland L.agdehur urg,, Posen Pienthein,Lc,ipzig -ersehurg Brest Litovsk shipment , ecord i40 46/1581 Glueclcauf i?eppen Jluec cm f, yep:;acn 2osslehcn :.a J ?oburr; fZCp;-)en ;rfurt, Picote-- ioppon ritz,,Iaidonau Jioskau .ics pen fro.iitz eppon Che nnit2, zoppon ~resc)en, chocne- beck,,Alonhur CONFID ;7.t.1 ; ~iT ;) fre9t Li'e,ovsk lrrr. i t Litovsk I rs;>t Litovsk Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 Date ~fumber and T or oars : 35 boxcars '11uock3uf ~' i~,~o~a 20 boxcars pota sh. luecI-cau.i, :iossletiel :?eppan via Deratra 4 boxcars ij a0, 0.ola cars prefabricated huts :i :iat~r 1 idonb zr eppen 4 boxcars ~` a rad (5ie) Roppori 1 -,orv ola car profabricated huts sreifs-?.aId :zeppen 9 boxcars btaasfirrth, Alt iueti,oln, iieidvnau,Jena 8epipen, Posen 10 ,;aJ 1 boxcar household ifalle i:rest Litovsk (;cods, furniture 3 boxcars insulating m aerial iierrmdorf- io:Lter-Lausitz i?ro"t Litovsk 26 boxcars potash Glueckauf, i~ossleben tappen 6 :oxc.'ar;t tar paper G'i S:ouditz :10ppen 3 bo:.circa I.iaL;YiE3S3 u`1 tilt boxcars t,ir pa ,:)or e.l chkoLLd itz, Zoppcii ~~I L S. OFFICIALS MT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ' . lia.ikau. 4 boxcars v l`Si"`t,C'P7t'1 v ~1 iJtJ''yraCi is?e) , ~kp')eri ~.roo'1t`78 .c'3nrC~L~' car' +4 :1 10 boxcars pro.rabri catod 2 4,on;aala cars huts 17 boxcars Gora itz, iieppori, Lodz i i e:~teritz, GrimitUchca u ApprovecbUff 2 , )p01/03/Q6 : CIAy-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9 CGNFILENTIAIr '/cONTRM . II? S. OFFICIALS ONE CEdM INTF.IALIGEICE AGP 'r ;jute fu. bor and T' a of ,'ars Load A ro . To Remarks 12 y 42 rerri-;orator now Dessau s rbi3t Litovsk cars ,1'O b xcars iii boxezrs 4 gondola cars 26 boxr:ars 4 j:~ };cars 1=o~cars 14 3 boxcars Lf boxcars 2 gondola c.rx'c 14 boxcars potash ulueeckauf Rep); n pro1abricat^cl. : a;debur~s??, 1to open vii; Dorutra huts 1 uestro.v potash Altmuoge1 r i op?on cLay tar paper cal ciura cliori?e .naoiuti chloride electric ariaz tares ur 1etori fined 33 35 boxcar,, potash .TUC cl>au2 , tosclbbe_2 Lootl-min 'ti'E ppo 1 5chkenditz :ZC3j7pon ch,oonebock ippen -lass th :'toppon - P&!riin-- Katttrice Burg, i rfurt :bppon D1 esdan,i 1de?t2au .Piostoritz, I a[;delnrc t peen 25X1 A * Co-i. nt. These sli-ipmants are believed to be dispatchocl to the stee7_ rrFIcs i i liennigsdor;' near ;'erlin. 25X1 A 3t-s? :'o "fluent, There shipnc nt$ wore probably conc_i. ed to the foundry corabiri:7;isrrrrr.;ri:e ,"osSt near Ca].lio (L' 52/D- 77) on the Seale wivcr. Comzwnt. The me or t accounts for the period,,, not incl1ldcad in a 25X1 A --,)6r-t. previ rus reSec 25X1A .altltW ~i `i..1?li.t )~.~ll:l }j'~ Z;i, d,L; :.aL~.L - :31 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000550008-9