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December 14, 2016
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December 21, 2000
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June 14, 1951
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C ASSIFICKFIC 'L++i roved for Rejease ?001103106 : Cl n ~~r_irc~x, e'r^ani t,oviet ucrcr ??ru.._;'n sc TOPIC. Rolnort on the %~,ran!:. '!lr$ ~C)e~e 1:,: L.7r',a? 'r T.y nvai, ; n1'- rr~ T!i ~? EVAL UATI O K._._ _DATE PREPARED ?-?-,?L ae -2! DATE OF CONTENT 2 DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES- PAGES- ,ENCLOSURES (NO. & 'FYPr)_ ,- (PLACE OBTAINED. REMARKS...,__._ -__ 25X1A 25X1X p .Th- lino section between 'ra.n'= urt/Oder and lilt-Bantschen, iabich_ z long. is double track: from the marshaling yard as. far as the Oder Rive:, bridr;o o The bridge s single track. There are no indicationrs that a second track ixrill be laid on this bridge. Con ,1ruction of a customs inspection point. Bust west of the Oder River bridge has been discontinued, to date, mostly. excavation work has been done. There are, ;:atch.towrrs tiw:ith. spotlights, conned VY Soviet sentries, south of the railroad track on both sides of the railroad bridge across the Oder, Rivero Ti:.e briclge3 which rests inn four concrete piers, has a wooden ff: ? oor an(' is 800 to 900 meters :Len ,.. 0 meters ride, and about 15 meters above grater ?,evolo. (1) The bridge can be crossed at a speed of 50 laA / h? Tho lane from the east bank of the Oder River to Bentschen is double track. It is in food condition, and there are no speed limits. Roppen is the customs control point and passports are checked at Kunersdorf 0 The double track line between Alt-Derltschen and Posen, an 80 tar stretch, is in good condition, Trains can operate at tame mu speedo (2) The bridge across the 's arthe River. about three km from Posen Test, has on:'..y one track, However, the terporazy structure which has been ir. use them since the spring of 1950, will be replaced in about four weeks by a perraano.nt bridge i ith two tracha This will permit operations at maxim mm speed in both directions. (3) 3e The line between Posen rftd Kutno, 176 1 long, is in rood condition and can be negotiated at full speedo Ku construction ~omrk was obdervod there. (4) The double track line between "'tno and '.'Tar, savor, 125 km long;, is in good condition and can be negotiated at m< cimuri speedo From Lowicz to >Tarsaw, the roadbed does not have brok n stone ballast; the track rents on a layer of sand, The South 3ridge betw:en t':arsa.rr Vest and Tarsar-Bast is about 1.,200 raters long, 10 meters and is 15 meters above water level. (5) It rests on six pier.:, ei"rieh are protected against ice, and carries two tracks. Trains can cross tine bridge at full speedo All main through- tracks at the ,Yarsam;-E;ast railroad station ar provided with overhead limes (6) FI E T1AL lio CLASSIFICATION SECRET/COPNTROL/US 0f- C.IALS' OiKLY Document No. ------ ?, "! 0 V In Class. El ``~< A S e #t"i.a 07 -P Date: oil Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000670008- 25X1A Approved For Releas#,k`$7R0 -6 o194i'1/1L 25X1A 5. The double-track section berms=son Warsaw and Siedice is 94 i= long and in - good corditiara so that no speed liin t^, are In force, The line can be orrsratf;A electrically as far as PiinskkNazwiecki . There tare twtc lines from iedlcn to Brest Litovsk,, one double-track via Lukow and Ter?es pol and ors-, single- track le- track via Czererncha. 6r The double-track lire from Sic ,lce to Brest Litovsk via. Lukow is about 125 km lone is provided only with sand ballast1 but can be operated at maximum speeds A single-track branch line running to the north ..;:, being, constructed near Biala- Podla&ca between Lu6kow and Terespol, (7) A Sovi eti gauge track begins in Lalaczewicze, seven logs west Terespbl.q and from her-:= to Brest Litovsk there is bo-:.h a Soviet-gae;e and a standard-auge track. Three ramps with a Soviettgauo track on o ! e- s ide and a standard- gauge track on the other tiidth a capacity of 120 axle trains are available at Malaczewicze. Goods bound for the U.S.S.R. a requiring speedy handling are transferred then,,-,, (8) The bridge across the Due River, about 2 km east of Ter espcl, has th~:-e%e river piers with ice protectors. There are watchtowers and barbed-wire on both sides of the brldge, The Soviet and standard-gauge traeksx ,ccjhich converge oa the Polish side of the mivAra, separate at a point about 300 ix tern oei t of" : he This point is guarded from a Soviet watchtower, 7.. The Brest Litovsk railroad yard is 8 I= frcw-L east . t. , west and 6 kri fr rx north to south, The Soviet and standard-gauge tracks, Which are separate in the yard area, converge at the loading ramps. Switches at the Brest `T,itovsk railroad station are operated manually but thin, are operated electrically at Polish railroad stations, in Brest Litovsk, the empty trains arriving from the direction of FF Oder are dispatched toward the. south, (10) trains were seen in Brest Litovsk, at Brest-,Litovsk-Central railroad stations. (9) Tytenty=sfive e Dty German 8. Eight German brigade locomotives were seen at Brest Litovsk4 or-hl ar. IS 25X1 X ar.tr_fur t/. 9. A Polish labor cam was seen E ust before reaching the Naar ,azrc,Wl?est railroad station., north !if the railroad line. The consisted Oi fight prefabricated hats. of the type used by the former German Reach Labor Service and a three-story brick building 25 x 10 meters. T1,ae camp appeared to be occun3.ed by approximately 800 men, who worked ma. the construction of a new marshaling yard between Golabki and Wars aw.V'1es,,, Comm- nts. ~ 25X1 A (1) This bridge is actually or'ly W0,5 meters long. (2) The double-track status of this line section is ccrrfirn ech In the rot-;uiations conconaing transit traffic the maximum; speed for freight trains was fixed at 30 to 50 hxl/h0 (3) This is reported for the first time and requires confirmation. According to available information, the bridge is ;3L;2 meters long., (4) The line is known to be double--track., (5) According to available information, the South Bridge In Warsaw was 560 meters, The North fridge) is SOCJ? meters long, is about 300 meters from the South Bridge and also connects the two sections of the city p (6) According to available iriformction, only local lines in the Warsaw district are electrified, (7) A narrow-gauge line branches off 'Lyon the line mentioned to Janow---.Podlte . Possibly, sources a statement may actually refer to this ling. NEMARA. O "'ay Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000670008-6 25X1A Approved For Releas =4003 (8) T`, e construction of transfer .'amps at this railroad station was reported 25X1 A in July 1950G , Their completion regnnires confi.haat3 on, 25~C7)A These locomotives are assieneci Soviet trag :sit traffic. to the six locomotive c?,lurnne used for (10) It is believed that t .ese tray rs are a ,.:, the direction of Kowel, Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008000670008-6