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December 14, 2016
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January 4, 2001
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July 20, 1951
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1I TELLOFA 1Rpproved For Release 20, CLASSI F1CAT10 DP82-00457R008100230014 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. I FORMATION REPORT PLACE ACQUIRED COUNTRY Yugoslavia SUBJECT Relations Betwe DATE OF INFO. and Military Leap 25X1A DO ~ Prior to 4 February 1951 25X1X CD NO. DATE DISTR. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. C.",~M-tulyn- -1951 1? Belgrade military circles have been very disquieted by the news from London that during the conversations of General Eisenhower with political and military personages of the Atlantic Pact, the opinion has prevailed that an attack against Yugoslavia should not be unconditionally considered as a "casus bells." Up to now, Tito has succeeded in exercising control over the army by telling them that he has concrete guarantees from the Anglo- Americans that the West would intervene in case of a satellite attack- against Yugoslavia. Consec{uently, the situation in Yugoslavia has been profoundly aggravated by the above-mentioned London news. 2. Once this information had reached Belgrade a group of generals, constituted of violent political elements, submitted a memorandum to Tito9 affirming that Western diplomacy had double-crossed them, and they insisted that the Vilest should be requested to clarify immediately and unequivocally its atti- tude in case of a war against Yugoslavia. 3. On the other hand, the Cominformists, profiting by the new situation, dis- tributed leaflets in garrisons emphasizingtthat the Uestern"Powers had abandoned Tito, and they would not defend him in case of an attack. z A260--q o =5 O -. =r (D zia o ( CJ - in Q ? 0 o (i CD Grp cD C CD 4.7 n Yugoslav military circles, conscious of an ever increasing Cominformist influence in the Yugoslav political and military life, have come to think that Tito could be liquidated even without any foreign intervention. Consequently, they are considering the possibility of provoking a conflict themselves, probably with Albania, in which the 'Western Powers would even- tually also be involved. According to recent, information, relations between the Army Command of Skop1je and the Var rinistry are tense. Because of this when a Bulgarian air force of about 60 planes flew over Macedonia on January 21, 1951, the Yugoslav pilots stationed in that region fly. The Yugoslav government, which at first classified the Bulgarian action as an aerial invasion of Yugoslav national territory, ended by adopting the attitude that it was merely a frontier violation by several Bulgarian aircraft. STATE X NAVY x NSRB DISTRIBUTION ARMY _...,,..,. $ AiR 71701:7--7 - J C PNN0; PAGES uT cue LAT E