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December 19, 2016
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February 2, 2006
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August 28, 1951
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Approved For Relearnipl k~. A-RDP82-00457R008200730005; SUBJECT CENTRAL. INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO.. CLASSIFICA`TJO - b'W.- ' ,i~ la - U.S. O1FICIi.1,S Ui LY INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. Germany (Russian Zone) DATE DISTR. 2t August 1951 lmprovreifent of the Soviet Zone Railroad Net NO. OF PAGES 2 YNHS DOCb SS' ' coperAIH9 II16ORSATIO I AP0ISCTHNeTOR i1Ad1OIJALDE1 140it OP TIM GSUED 8T357w'S t4W7F TSB M MM' OP 5786 ESP3O?RCE ACT OO D. S. C. *1 AMD 22. AS A091T#D. ITS TRAWf32 SSIO12 OS T HR 1KV2LAYIOS OP ITS COH2B2T5 lA ALT DAOWCR TO AN OI3ADYsOS1260 PSI SOS 12 P20- WIDIT6D UT .qty. SEPRODOCTOI or THIS FORM 1s PY,OIIi31HT2D, 25X1 25X1 25X1 In ff YNO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED SEP.AW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION a. On 24 February 19519 the Soviet Control Commission gave the following order to the Directorate Generals The dismantling of rails from double-track rail- road lines ordered in 19L.5 and 1946 by the RBDB is cancelled herewith. The second tracks of all main railroad lines rend of all main feeder lines in the Soviet Zone are to be reconstructed immediately in order to improve the con- ditions of freight and i,assenger traffic. The sequence of the pertinent con- struction work will be laid down by the SCC. (1) All connunication equip- ment9 signal equipment and security installations are to be brought to their prewar status anad are to bo nodernf.z ed where necessary. b. Priority isI to be given to the construction of q double--track railroad line connecting the new Foundry Combine East (Eiaenhttenkmbinat3st) ? and Fuer- stenberg/Oder. (2) c. Adequate shunting and narshaling yards are to he rrovided in order to guaran- tee a smooth flow of traffic to and from Poland via Frankfurt/Oder and Brest Litovsk. (3) d. A new railroad line is to be constructed between Treuenbarietzen and Lucken- walde and run via the Jueterbog troop training grounds. (4) Railroad con- nections are to be established. to the main railroad lines leading to Thurin- gia and Saxony. c. The Rathenow-Nauen railroad line is to be double-tracked. (5) f. A second track on the Saalfeld - Unterwellenborn railroad line is to be con- structed immediately. (6) The Ministry of Labor has been requested to procure the required laborers. Plans for the individual projects are to be prepared and to be forwarded to the requesting office. The most urgent nrojects must be completed by the end of 1951. (7) CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION Sl'A~"ti _=,, RAW IASR13 At~F$'e ~ Alai ~ ~ FB! Approved For Release 2006/03/01 : CIA-RDP82- No Change In Blass. R Declassified Class. Changed To: TS I0>Q01-3Q005-0 Dataes _1_Q AUG_ 1978 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200730005-0 CONF1DENT)AI ' - CENTML INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 Gents. 1l The projected reconstruction of second tracks of main railroad lines pre+iously dismantled in the So'4tiet Zone has been announced in the Soviet Zone press. iowever, with the s1 ortage of rails and other raw m.ateriale it is believed improbable that this project can be carried out. Only short sections of trunk lines have been double tracked. In order to obtain rails for these short sections,, tracks had to be dismantled at other places. Such individuaal projects have been reported previously. The abbreviation RBDB probably stands for Tteichshabn7dlrek- tion Berlin. (2) Fuerstenberg is on the Frankf~ rt/Osier .. Guben railroad line. The planned recon- struction of the dismantled second track of this line was previously reported. The construction of a new railroad line between Fuerstenberg and Gruna was also Planned. 25X1 (3) This project includes the following construction work In FrankThrt/Oder: The enlargement of the marshaling yard, construction of raps and tracks at the freight station, establishment of a new regulating station between the eastern outskirts and the bridge across the Oder river, and the construction of a rail..- road connection between the marshaling yard and passenger station by the recon- 25X1 struction of a bridge destroyed during the war. (4) This project is reported for the first time. The new railroad line would proba- bly pass along the northern border of the troop training grounds. The Jueterbog maneuver area is already connected. ;with the main lines from ,emir tc, Saxony and Thuringia by rail links near Juetes g and near Belzig. (5) The direct railroad connection between Rathenow &'.1d N'auen is a narrow-gau o leading via Kriele and Senzke. The western section of this line between R athenL ' 25X1 a Kriele is being dismantled. Since it seems iripro ble that this line iould be provided with a second track.. it is believed that the section Rathenow 1 'a a' er- rk of the main line Berlin- Stendal and the connecting line W isternark -- :Nauen ika , nt._ (7) It is believed that the target dates for the completion of smaller r onstuction projects will be met. CONFIDENTIAL" Approved For Release 2006/03/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200730005-0