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December 14, 2016
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March 3, 2003
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September 5, 1951
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25X1 INTP IMAM 7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY I EPORT NO. NFORMATMFIO REPORT COUNTRY Gemauy ( .an Zone) SUBJECT 11 Traffi i via the eke .at/ eD boxier C ssim point PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 25X1 2611. 27 May 55 52 60 10 FIDE " Approved For Release 2003/08/15: CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740 25X1 - DATE DISTR. G. OF PAGES 25X1 5 Sa ept ber 193. 15 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION I., A.ccord.Ln to the 3oviot Zone D.`zectorate General.,,, Railroads,, I R er1 ..n, the f.o I.orring Soviet t' rains left Franitfurt/Oder during the L> period fror. 26 to 31 ?.i y 11951 28 May 29 m a y 30 11-ay, 25X1 44 56 53 60 59 46 24 57 142 59 56 48 59 56 57 4729 36 59 42 49 to jag 10NFIDEN CLASSEF;C4)117-:._... 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15: (MRTfff 0 9020p ft0 Gi FIT Ni er of Cars Reek refrigerator cars frcim Dessau %1} 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Dscument flee -___-- -_-- D Declassitfed Ctas8. Changed Toi IS Auth.i HR 70.2 Date: 10_6~l!(i-198__,_ Ryi Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 CaH)r CEI RAL I MILIGE NGE AGRt C1 -Z Date a. Hay According to-previous reparations According to records of the 'rankfurt/C er freight station,, the following co ,xerc?9 a]. t ?aff`ic gassed through the Frankfurt/Oder raI road station during the period from 26 May to 3 June 1951 58 344 L2 57 undetermined 56 25X1 observations of source y traintis ar?e "Loaded with go s 26 Nay 18 gondola c 1 gondola car 3 boxcars 3 boxcars 2 boxcars 1 gondola car 2 boxca?s 11. tank cars 4 flatcars 7 boxcw s 4 flatcars 7 gondola. cars 27 ~' ay 26 boxcars 26 t~nk cars 43 boxcars 34 gondola cars 50aais 13 go do a cars 14 flatcars s pig iron Brest Litovsk Chemni.ts Groeditz anthracite Brest Litovsk Telto zinc Brest Litovsk Leip , , welding viiro Brest Litovsk Finsterta .de ( lektro chwejes- clraht anthracite Brest Litovsk Brfz t and Dahme naphthalene Brest Litovsk ,Ierseburi empty Brest Litovsk L rseburg wheel sets Brest Litovsk Atxbendorf ieir ar Dessau pig iron Brest Litovsk Chcmritz and. Groeditz .Pig iron Brest Litovsk Groed-f-tB partly loaded Brest Litovsk Fr nk, urt/Cder partly levied Brest Litovsk i ranlsfurt/Cder soda Poland Bitte_rfold. anthracite ~3rest Li_tot~rsl Soviet, Zone of Ger iany? sheet iron :Bract Litovsk Soviet ?zone of 8 TJJ CONHD 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Data U umber of "'tars 27 May cont Id Approved2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0082007 0009-5 5 flatcars 1 flatcars 2i tank card 18 boxcars 1 boxcar 7 gondola cars 4 gondola cars 28 boxcars 5 gondola cars 3 flatcars 3 tank cars 6 flatcars 34 tank cars 28 , 3 boxcars 6 gondola cars 5 boxcars 15 tank cars 7 boxcars {~ tcLnnk cars 19 flatcars 8 gondola cars 8 boxcars 1 boxcar 9 gondola cars 2 flatcars 39 boxcars 14 gondola cars 8 flatcars 29 I. !ay 2 boxcars . .. flatcars 9 flatcars CMtT OTMMENCE AG ,,CV empty bronze and pi, iron pi iron partly loaded shoot iron empty sectional iron pig iron wool empty bonzol and naphtalene pig iron anthracite partly loaded bronze and pi iron anti wacite CONF 0 From To Lr?eet Litovsk Soviet Zone of Germany Wiest Litovsk Chemnitz- TT lbersdorf (2) Poland Bitterfeld and +olf en Brest Litovsk corseburg (3) ?3rest Litovsk Riesa and Dresden Brest Litovsk Choirrnltz Brest Litovsk Greeditz Brest Litovsk Soviet Zone of Germany Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/ Oder Brest Litovsk Cherrnitz J3rest Litovsk Corbetha (3) Brest Litovsk Zwickau. and Chemnjtz Riesa Leipzig Brest Litovsk Halle and Bohlen. Brest Litovsk Lerseburg Brest Litovsk Soviet, Zone of Germany Brest Litovsk Soviet Zone of Germany Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/Odor Brest Litovsk Chetmnxtz, Riesa., Coswig Brest Litovsk i ov.i t. gone of Germany 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 !~ 25X1 Approved ,,,,~ ~nnsinRi15 ? C:IA-RfPR7-00457RnfR7007 .0009-5 CET AL f Tk1LIGETRE AGE+CX 25X1 25X1 29 Say 3 boxcars cant wd 2 boxcars 2 boxcars 3 boxcars I gondola car .39 tank cars 31 T. Tay 8 flatcars 4 flatcars I boxcar 18 flatcars 7 gondola cars 36 bcm .arc 2 flatcars 16 Gondola cars 50 boxcars :15 boxcars 49 boxcars 58 boxcars 46 boxcars 6 boxcars sectional iron graphite welding wire anthracite empty sheet iron anthracite pig iron pig iron sectional, iron grain grain grain grain e qty sodium hso- sulfite Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Erect Litovsk Nest Litovsk Erect Litovsk Brest Litovsk Dre; t Litovsk Poland Bract Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Leipzig an, Dresden Koenssee Heinsberg Finster walde Nz mburg i3oehlen and Tialle Soviet Zone of Germany ioE:31igssee Eisenach dolfen Chenn tz GI" ooditz :dolfen Frankfurt/ Weimar and Leipzig llwfurt (4) Frankfurt/Oder Harbor (4) 25X1 I erstenberg/ Oder (4) Brest Litovsk Berlin Osthafen Kuestriri.,.bo der Rrfurt raw cotton Brest Litovsk sectional iron Brest Litovsk Chomni.ts Schoonebec!t 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Approved 00740009-5 CETlT L rPT E IG.t ICCE AGEI C! 1 June 7 flatcars vheel sets Brest Litovsk carat Id 2 boxcars naphtalene Brest Litovsk 3 tank cars and empty 25 tank cars empty Brest Litovsk 52 boxcars g rain Brest Litovsk 53 boxcars empty undetermined. 2 June 7 boxcars Lees t Litovsk 14 flatcars 12 gondola car,; 3 June 33 boxcars Crain Brest Litovsk 3 flatcars sectional hest Litovsk 6 Gondola cars iron 29 boxcars { ain Brest Litovsk 9 tank cars empty Brest Litovsk 1 'ondol?a car. sec-ional_ Brest Litovsk iron 27 boxcars zinc and Brest Litovsk alun i num 24 boxcars grain Brest Litovsk h,, Eastbound 26 iay 3 flatcars 25 tank cars ?'. boxcars 44 boxcars 13 Gondola cars 27 23 flatcars 10 Gondola cars 47 boxcars 2s boxcars 21 tank cart. 51 boxcars Approved For Releas626-63/684&- C-IA-R-DP2--2-Q-Q-45-:7RQQ82QQj gas oline T ierseburg potash Soviet Zone of Germany' prefabricated Rizimel9burg houses v heel sets Cottbus partly loader 1-'rani urt/Oder partly loaded undetermined potash Dorndorf Dessau. (1) Tierseburg (3) 25X1 25X1 25X1 Grosskorbetha (3) Erfurt (1,) S8 eelow (4) Soviet Zone Of Germany' Oro sneiiend orf (4) 0ho rul tz 25X1 fludolstadt shuttl e- Mrseburg (3) Leipzig and Hettstedt Orossneuendorf (4) 25X1 Budapest Brest Litovsk (3) 'Reppen 25X1 Brest Litovsk Brost Litovsk ( I Ins terburg Brett Id toirsk Reppon shuttle- 25X1 train Erfurt 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08115 - CIA-RnPR2-OO457R0082007do009-5 25X1 CE MM INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 25X1 25X1 27 I-lay 38 boxcars prefabricated 18 gondola care houses 9 flatcars L.7 boxcars 12 flatcars 29 to k cars I boar 16 boxcars 1; tank oars 7 boxcars 9 gondola cars 28 boxcars to flatcars 4 gondola cars 3 tank cars 46 flatcars 2 gondola cars 3 gondola cars boxcars 3 gondola cars 50 tank cars 20 Say 197 boxcars new tank cats and wheel sets potash wood alcoW (IIoloce st) labels "Igelit" (plastic)and chemicals prefabricated houses loaded pipes emmpt r potash Soviet Zone 3-rest Litovsk of Germany tijein ar Brest Litovsk Soviet Zone I)eppen of Gorrmny IIap deb r Brest Litovsk Grossko betha Brest Litovsk Halle Brest Litovsk :.lersebur '3z est Litovsk Rumielsburg 3rest Litovsk Punmielsburg Poland Cottbus insterburg llaenichen Brest LItovsl;: Soviet Zone Brest Litovslr, of Germany Puzim elsburg Brest Litovsk Soviet Zone Ilopperi of Gernany 25X1 7 flatcars 21 tank cars 10 tank cars 8 tank cars )48 boxcars ;asoline gasoline gasoline potash Jiederitssch Brest Litovsk Boehlen Khabinka (sle)* Grosskorbetha Brest Litovsk ;alereeburg Brest Litovsk Glueckauf floppen 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 CENT M I ' ` LIG ICE AGENCY Date Number of Oars 2 Jay tt boxcars cant vd 22 flatcars 5 gondola cars )9 boxcars I flatcar 2 gondola cars .8 boxcars, 8 gondola: cars 3.5 boxcars 2 flatcars 3 3-ondola cars 29 r,T-*,y 6 boxcars I boxcar 7 flatcars 36 boxcars 2 gondola cars 29 tank cars iG boxcars t4 boxcars 9 gondola cars 14$ boxcars 35 boxcars 2 gondola c 2 1 atcars !tC boxcars Load From loaded undetermined l..; ,ded undetermined Brest Litovsk prefabricated Rumrlel.sburg houses Brest Litovsk loaded. urieterminad Reppen prefabricated Neubrandenlrurg RReppen huts packing material. Katzhuotte Brest Litovsk sectional iron Dessau Brest Litovsk Dessau Reppen gasoline Grosskorbetha Brest Litovsk Neuha?& sen- Brest Litwisk Noust.ad . prefabricated Gerstungen Brest Litovsk houses Kiostefelde Guesten potash undetermined feppen ;loaded undcterm.? ned F nnen pit props ffewlacht aclrroad ;`laren. Budapest prefabricated Erfurt crest Litovs1c houses Ruedersciorf Loock itz Hoyerswerda 8 gondola cars 48 boxcars cellulose i rolfen ?I~ c;rn / Tdiovs 9 express coaches ncr-r vrheel 4 flatcars sets 5 boxcar s boxcars Amiendorf Brest Litovsk (1) packing material Elafeid and Best L1tovsk A"o It, ;nrz KCoenitz feppen 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 CWTTRAL fl' EMIGENcE AG mMY 33 boxcars 25X1 25X1 25X1 Number of Cars I boxcar 3 boxcars 34 boxcars 21 , ondola cars 48 boxcars 29 May cont'd 7 boxcars 5 flatcars 28 gondola cars 2 boxcars 7 flatcars 4 gondola cars 9 gondola, cars 8 tank cars 4 flatcars 15 express coaches 6 flatcars 25X1 4 gondola cars 1 f"latcar" 8 gondola cars 15 tank cars 24 boxcars 52 boxcars 50 boxcars 30 May 50 refrigerator empty cars ,50 boxcars 6 2 boxcars potash loaded ;a soiine Unterbre sbach Reppen undetermined Rol--)pen Grosekorbetha Brest Litovsk (3) rewri. erators Dresden and :'rest Litovsk Dessau terra-cotta pipes gasoline iksparatn 25 meters long loaded bad ;"age; prefabricated houses potash new wheel sets ref'r?i ;eratr,,rs terra-cotta pipe; gasolitne potash F>jtterfeld Drest Litovsk (3) verse; burg rlagd?: burg cau Dorndorf An mdorf Dresden t ickau a'.Tersebur es-t Litovsk (3) ::rest Lf toirsic Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Reppen I ot.ovskt' fire ,t Lltovsk Y3 est Litovsk Brest Li:toirk Ifoeni; strus te:r-, :rest Litovsk hausen Dorndorf Tsernoy-akhovsk (sia)* ' Ro pen Ru .elsburg Drest Litovsk 'U?nt irhrrI z? 7'i"-) 'o back Dorn. orf Reppen 25X1 0 shuttles. train r rfurt shuttle- train Erfurt 0 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Approved For Release 003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740 II rtIIG13CE AGENCY ileppen 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 30 iaay cort 'd 48 boxcars 7 gondola cars 50 boxcars refr-iaowator cars 3 %iatc.ars 31g boxcars 2:t. gondola cars 16 flatcar 12 refrigerator cars J4 flatcars 50 refrigerator cars 1,2 Liatcars 31. May 50 boxcars 29 boxcars . .7- atcars 2 gondola cars 50 flatcars 50 refrigerator cars 37 boxcars 26' boxcar a 7 boxcars 4 flatcars 16 boxcars 2 flatcars 7 boxcars SO boxcars flatcars prefabricated houses potash loaded new wheel sets pr efabrlca trod. houses new w eel sets empty potash 100 new passen- ger cars empty potash load d loaded carbide sectional iron loaded refri_; 'orafi ors Approved For Release q>I Cola flu tr:aeelsburg Brest Litovsk Gluecriau Bcehlon (sic) Brest Litove luaelsbtrg Brest Litovs Rux12mel s burg llutz !telsburg Brest Litovsk rest Litovsk Brest Litavsk (6) Best Litovsk Dorndorf Reppen IKeppen Reppen Rurnmel.sburv Brest Litoov k Dorndorf Dresden and Auma Piesterjtz Frankfurt/ Oder Reppon Brest Litovsk Brest Litovek Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk eta '. Irut k train r GSt L t4 vsk 15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00820074 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Re? 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0082 0740009-5 C&ITRAL I3~tgfIGEIC1 A GMT .10- 25X1 25X1 29(1 Number of Cars Load 3". ;tar Li? boxcars loaded neu Bitterf-ald Brost Litovsk contAd 12 refri-orator cars viheol sets l e i r i a r I e t Litovsk 4 flatcars 0 express coaches neTT 3 flatcars wheel se 4s l1m ,endorf Drest Litovsk ry Y r st Lito ~ .-. ,~. ~ py~'i.c..~ ir ~s'n.~~X 1a~ .i l~`~C~..6.~a~ i$ rP~T1 g~a:' ~~sr L gu.a Cars :l3 flatcars mobile Wlederitzscl-x Brest Litovsk ca eu 50 box cars 10 box-Cars 5 3 l- tears potash Menterals ;Rappen potash Unterbra-j'Z_ .:ep3pen Bach loaded undctornune d Brest Litovsk h6 boxcars :Loaded oa olfcn and most Litovsk 6 gondola cars Leipzig 25 boxcars prefabri:' Erfurt Brest Litovsk 28 gondola cars cated houses 8 gondola cars loaded urnde ter ii ed Brest Litovsk 39 flatcars 6 flatcars e hinery Dresden Brest Litovsk 2 boxcars tra ilers Jessen Brest Litovsk 2 flatcars 19 boxcars pot ash a deter 4 Brest Litovsk 20 gondola cars -mined 45 b .cars emp ty Berlin Brest Litovsl 53 boxcars loa ded u detor iF: d, l rest -Litovsk 2 flatcars 52 boxcars pot ash Glueckauffi flapper! 37 cated bouscs 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Approved For Release 40009-5 1r y ~,ad Date Number Of Cars 1 June 10 flat--ax's Cr'a'g sect;1.oa taai:3e'ns-")a1tere fl cs 'x a! t~'3vsk 1. boxcar loaded 2 ?.r_ g -,sr . 9 .{ -Nadola cad. s 30 bo ice ::J loaded 3 f..:=?tcgru 24 re.-'r': ner?ator 31cw .. 5 -fq UItc.:ir e t,s. 49 bo.,w Trs 'f 'nIdotC.,",?I,I '(od .. Ire s'a'..tov>i 7 gondo.th. ca:.r ; houses 50 boxcars 34 bs c rw, 2 flatcars 57 boxcars 57 boxcars 2 June 33 boxcars 21 gondola cars P r efalxaier-oted Se. 'rne17bu,r"cz ea pty undfete rnjnod Gerdauen i3ltt rielc? end f/olfarr pre: abma&m> i ur met. 3 ~' Yg =ire:st Litovsk t>d houses 6 f1atr ax s machinery 8 boxcars 1 flatcar Pumps, 9 a: press rte? 7 ccache 13 special t',ars 7 fE `,jcars v4leol set's ,ova rest B 'T Schi.aur o'3`?a `. 'Ores lb L:'_`iov& 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 (1) 9 fiatcaxs 38 boxcars 4 gondola cars loaded loaded Dresden undeterr:i !.red Rep en 2 5X1 1.5 flatcars 1)4 Lic ii NIT's lorded C 0 tt?Tar, z V ra_t~c,FztYsl>? 1.8 gondola cars L tank cars 25X1 45 tar oil loaded Troegi 4.t u'ndetox-r I Stet c d : `? tin erb 3 ~1C'rT=!=7 r;C~' i . . , tj or df.cars 7 45 y au COW F "Orlin Brost .ttovsk valves and Qerl:iz. ILepp rn and pref bricabod Ai.t'1sby;ar . t,a~-st iits)vs&. houses potash Dorn, 'f Pap rE n 25X1 'regc t L:': bovsk Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Approved Fo M ' Me 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0082007400 G''k : Th ILLIGENCE ,kGrMI Y 25X1 25X1 25X1 r.r.6 boa cars gondol cars hc. cars gondola . ars "'0 es'+i.I.iL4Y'w is 5/ o loaded I3itter? ol.d and Brest '?.taws Pla rotas i r~ ?? e ka c T'e Ape lor' d'.' Clottbus Litovsk potash d-ntero' . Ro ?`3en ~n ?~~y~ p~~ G. v~t:LA. wi er ~~ i ri.In Brest Tf~j `."fin v k as cn. ,, c r ra ;;fir Erfar t Brest Litovsk hurt ii. r r f tax at ecpt F S rez., '.tCly:.'=k eznars b o boxcars 6 ;can t; ola. c rdxed cargo ux. eterrai ed Iepp?n .38 boxcars ixraniurl ore Iarte:rr tejja best .:tto .n 56 boxcars erip ,y e .cieter mmno %est Lltovalc 22 flatcars refr il?vratox a Dees = 9. i t:''td,o..-a. z; r;3 arr yt,,. ~I 1.w2 oondola cars e pt t?JL"a k 1a Oder" Cottbus x3re;a .?`ra,Yrs sets 6 .L3.a tcars 23 :..- ` i ;er ator nimm wheel weir Treat Li ,ovsk x'resU L .tovz-, ~ 30 boxcars loaded 5 . 'latcars gondola Cal 's L. tank a r& Cottb s ,.3rest i; . to 1. `roxc machine parts lac?pz ^g InsterYb g 1 -ondola car .6 '1a.?tc ars .. 1.9 flatcars it chinery I..a ide G/Y wi y Bres t 1,i i.rov k 5 :`rondo_ .a. r ars Duck= ox a s pit props Tam-C,171 T Hi .F:i` taro :" ach s ?3. parts Perii,n 'i~--ost L jtcVsk 2) boxcars J oodfxi un.{ etc , 7 uppen 1 :a carts ~,?, ''~99 _ 4p` roved For" Release 2003 8/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 CAWS 25X1 ex, 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 IG G1 AQE ! Approved For`Release 2003/08/15-rA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 25X1 25X1 25X1 a :June cone "d 38 449 gondola cars J-9 boxcars 52 boxcars 53 boxcars 11 special cars 11, flatcars 3 flatcars 2)i boxcars ,17 gondola c-ars 2 tank cars 12 flatcars 4 fl_atcara I boxcar 2 flatcars 25 boxcars 3 flatcars empty ernl:,ty loaded new wheal. sets sectional iron sectional ~on trenches.. digging machine 2 cranes sectional iron Rurmelsburg Brest Litovsl' Johannoeorgenn- stadt Ttumnelsburg Soviet Zone of Germany Schlauroth Berl I.Ta e eburg and Cri=mjtschau Soviet Zone of Cemmy 7a~?d i e'~urg Due u Leipzig Soviet Zone of Gernan3r #'s-e st Litovsk Brest Litovsk L'Test Litovsk Pest Litovsk (1) Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk crest Litovsk Brest Litovsk I3rest Litovsk Me foleI.o. n Soviet rdl.itarc= shipments passed through Frankf'urt/Oder 25X1 coming; from Brest Litovskti, Date Number of Load Dispatcher Cars 25X1 2 tank cars military g suds I boxcar pig iron? 24 fl :tear. s steel w-ir e, field rail- road rails June 6 flatcca s sheet iron 12 gondol' and rails cars z:> y.nk, cars miiitai:y, roods 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/15 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008200740009-5 Choi itz- IIi 'j)-rsdorf Volten Cher n ito-.T Ililbersdorf Chemnitz._ THU-,torsdorf Approved For Relea 0 F'x~-I 25X1 25X1 25X1 Data Klumber of 25X1 3 June To I ueUroso To.tmw Koorlige- wusterhausen Dispatcher U boxcars nilit