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December 19, 2016
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February 24, 2006
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July 16, 1951
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ApprOved'`Fo1r 1+ s 25X1,3, , ''Cap ~.r 25X1 Tur r',,.ver of So4,r et- parson vii in 1-M rrop.i nvi"i l rirrA y-ri -....--.--.ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE) 1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Core:aent., The rshipr e!rt of troops which left Dad Fraierwalde, eastbound is the s xt . n a series in four-day inter- *als o It brings up the rimaber of dischargees who left the roces :ing center there, for the U,S ISORO between 5 and 25 Jun 1951 to ab at 7000 four--day intervals betwsen the outgoin shin-aent are used to assemble a trainload of dischargees. I ICor n ent,,, T'-is train from eppen is believed to be the Brest LitovskkFrankfurt, C hL arm oa ve train which is scheduled to arrive at Frankfurt/Odor at 12:i1 pore There is no other train coming in from I3eppjen at that time,, It is known fr+wla previous retorts that F'ra,xkfurt/Odor is a turnover point for p3rsonrrel going on, or re turn1 nL; frnn.~ f arl.ou. h who are - or- ocessed tlrow l the transient u r ,~r~ in the 1lofbauer fasenae &:iozro other in.stall.at 25X1 CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION 1tEM?ROL/US OFFICIALS ONLT 25X1 '`1"%IBUTION Class. Changed Is: TS SfW~ Auth.. MR 1C-2 %ZOF Approved For Release 2006/03/17: CIA-RDP82-004~t11t8 9i7 O.;_ or . 14 Troops who arrived in Toad Freienralde (N 53/V 23) aboard regular trains from the direction of bersvaldo included G0 r..n on 25 June 1951; 190 r .en, including 40 airman, an 26 June; and 300 r n on 27 June. A shipment of 1,200 troops lift Dad Freiorlrralde tavard l ra.'ikfurt/Cdder on 25 June. '?s On the days pa ecoding 26 June, `'oviot officers were repeatedly awnn arriving aboard the -train from ire; pi=n which was due in Frankfurt/Oder at 12:20 pario Or. 26 June,, this train arrived at 1 pm. with officers of various .branches of service who subsequently went to the. waiting rooms of the i'rasnkfurt/Oder railroad statioug while the station was cordoned off by military police and customs police. 1Xhe offi ars went to the llof Bauer Kase pie cn trucks which arrived at about 3 p.m. with Officers and NCOs from the i o.l:bauer KAaserria who subsequently boarded the kteppen-abound train,, .~~ 25X1 10 iit-Vtt - ' DP62==O` #57 O8iM70 Itee:rment lie- - ---------- No Change fa Cass. ri OeaIaitsfte