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November 16, 2016
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April 6, 2000
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July 18, 1951
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25X1 B 25X1 X_ ~ , 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X ~~:~',isdlrS ~, :_'c:;'f ~ ~~ ~Q fA~~v4~~~}~~ ~~se 2000/05/22.~CIA-RD ~0~~~4Nt~ - _,..~.. . .~.~- -~...~,,,._nY..,..-.-..w_..._~..... n, ~~f'~'~~' V I ~herts 2do :~-~ ~ and ~ each contai:ted about ~Q ~uns$ rsostly 702 r~~ field hv.~~~~.tzorsfl '~'hrcQ or i`atu* ,- , _ ~,rs of abaut 2G~- each of them occt~p ~ 'J:l 2~ to,30 r.~n9 proceeded to t'_ie ena~~, ~ __.r..:_ENCLE~SURES Ego. ~ YvP~} t.1~s ti 4'. A;~*r:".~ ~.`?~~-9 a '~ovic~t ordnance depot tiaith an attached repair shop was obsarv~Y r?tear the -:~esvera railroad st~ati.ono ~ Nux~rr~us ;~i3os of a,~~nzriitian boxes about 6~~~3 c~ were seem on the loading; ra:~sa~ of the inutal?atioM? 't'he lar .es~, of the piles was about 2~x2~x2 raet?rs, ~ ~oc~e ovic:,t units viaarin; red-borderccc black epaulets9 a.'u~ sores trith viol~,t (?) e,~u2~~t~;., a total of about 3~J ~:io:~r tiaere stationer a-~ ttiie orcl3zaz~ce de;~at4 ay ~.etac~~hra~er~~ of 1~ nf#icers aF~-i 16~, ~; ~~ seen rettlrniri~ to the dQpot i'ro;~ a :~JJ'~ilyd~._l T;,"~4't'.(!}'il f~YtT+3FaR ~r~~ ~......._~l_~ ____ a .. ='(.)V't3I.'C-r~. L"a:~ tl~ tarpac~11~.215 lf~ere o~iserved~i iQaach of tP e+hl~ r~nodenc~ui].dinsS7r~I ~t ova ~ 7 ~ ~v.,,,ctra +t,..~ , ~ ~_ s , __ , - - --- - ~ --x,. ~...a. ylasa ~herE: rva:, Bauch Ynorlti to be done si:~ce an ord nance de,po Fyn the western bo~?~?.c?pry ~,?F ~he~ znt?~ nac3 'aeon deactivatedw It wa i'urther stated that the saddler f~.rra, "~hr~n~ in Jessen had delivered :avzz:~.e covers for 7~-r~~~ ~i~.~nr~ a.rtd 210~ *uns rerer~'ui.~n ~~?:~t?aer fac~:!d hc~raitzex~s or 76a2~r~xhAA I3 railroad cars with a total of 3r ~~u;-i5' ~,i~ ~ ~ ~,-uns,, arrived at t pie ordt2a!~ce dep.~t or: vr~.l l~`?.,,1~, the unl.oaaio.~; o^ sQVeral carloads of s ~~ barrs is of at~ -~t~x :?s;:~th ~wed~e-ty~ ~ breQCh bl ~ . ocks and pneu+~atic a~^acoil ~ieahatsisra~s .shove 5X1X ~.~cz aelac~ ?,he barrel, cradles and cradle accessories; artd uun carriages fi~tc~d ~~=~ta~~ preur~,-tic, tires on 23 e~pril at ?~34 a Wrap On 2~, A~ari~. ' ~:'~-lo ~c~i'~~ ~f tiro carloads of a~~:nuli.t~.on bogy?s about 1~~ar.~;0 cra? -~:-~;:~ 25X1X ~ ~ :~.~?r? ~. at e~~.~out ~ioon~ one of th4 woaden btaildz.~t,;;, r ~~s ~':ille{~ to ca;aac.a.ty zaith hox~so-dram vel~ic7.cs fi.ttec? :vi t~l Aour rubuer-~,;:.~~edo ~'9 J~.:d-~e.~.s~, Date: [2 ~.~~'~ gy~~ Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CI No Change In Class. 0 Declass@4oed Class. Clbange~l To: TS S Ct.ASS?1=IGr. E If~`+~ S:..C~ ~- _-_, u IA.I~ O~xI~Y Dacament No. ---------~[----------- Approved For Release 2000/05/22 :CIA-RDP82-004578008300160001-6 F~?~~ ` S~C~r~coNrRC~r ?k'~`ICIAIS ot~,Y 25X1 A ,... 2 ~. 25X1A ~~~+aa `1`his refers to a large oa?d~aanae depot ~~.th are ac~i~r shop atncz A d~.atribution ;soint in the area off' the 25X1 B ~or~r F~xh~aaran firne at thQ ~Tesson railroad station, ~}ae :inst~l':a.tie~? has ~ ar sltatch o.~ th4 i..'astal,Iatic~$ see A:ua~g 25X1A Co~~ent, Orie of thcs truclcs belon,,s to the ~GC~ the ot~aer xaotc~~ 25X1A 25X1A ~-`~-~'-Cc~:~~ent, 's'he depot f`req~aers.tly receivas Iar~e s:~si.~:~~t-7 0~' duns S C~~Tf ~OI7T? ~ `~iI~~ {xJ1,Y Approved For Release 2000/05/22 :CIA-RDP82-004578008300160001-6 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 :CIA- ~t-Ot3~ r, rsa . e" s~,c,~.~~,P ~ar;~~o ~ ~LS QI~d7~~ h ~~ ~r~~~ i~~n~a ~ ,Teske s~cx~Jcor~rr~.oL/t~ ~ ~rii.~ 25X1A ~7c>f f~ ~ ~~ fe Approved For Release 2000/05/22 :CIA-RDP82-004578008300160001-6